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Banking royal commission head Kenneth Hayne attacks political slogans that 'sell, not persuade'

Banking royal commission head Kenneth Hayne attacks political slogans that 'sell, not persuade'


Banking royal commission head Kenneth Hayne attacks political slogans that 'sell, not persuade'

The man forced into the painful Government photo opportunity when the banking royal commission concluded isn't holding back.

"Can the individuals or entities who now say that the law is unfair look back and find out why the policy choice was made as it was?" he said.

"And political rhetoric now resorts to the language of war, seeking to portray opposing views as presenting existential threats to society as we now know it," he said in July.

"Identifying and explaining how a measure contributes to achieving an end like 'strong economy', 'supporting the family' or 'keeping the nation safe' is no easy task," Mr Hayne said.

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post royal commission the conduct & back room deals was exposed as criminal & the best the treasurer can come up with is customers should change banks if there not happy with their mortgage interest rate. And this guy gets paid by the generosity of tax payers $400,000+ per year! still crooked government ,crooked 4 major foreign banks ,crooked regular political donations to government ,does anyone expect anything different .

'Complete shock' as aged care royal commission chair dies of cancerThe Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety is told its chair Richard Tracey QC has died, seven weeks after he was diagnosed with cancer. bankingcartels final report out-rather die of cancer then go into aged care

Most Australian aged care facilities would get one-star rating for staffing, royal commission toldMore than half of Australian nursing homes are understaffed, with residents having less access to qualified nurses than ever before, the aged care royal commission hears. Nationalise it. Guarantee it. final report out-rather die of cancer then go into aged care One day I am going to get old and will need care. I'd prefer to carry euthanasia pack/kit on me. If the facility is short staffed, I better do something to ease my pain and not live. It'd be hard to watch nurses working under pressure as well.

Frydenberg 'not always on the side of the customer' | Sky News AustraliaLabor frontbencher Dr Andrew Leigh says Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has “finally yielded to community pressure to do something about big banks not passing on rate cuts”.\n\nDr Leigh told Sky News despite the initiative, Australia should not think of Mr Frydenberg “as somebody who is always on the side of the customer”.\n\n“Frydenberg voted 26 times against the banking royal commission and voted against Labor's abolition of mortgage exit fees - a pro-competitive measure - when we were last in government,” he said. \n\nDr Leigh said as well as this, banks were taking advantage of “behavioural economics” because “people often don't switch to get the best deal because life is busy and switching your mortgage is hard”. It is just a talk nothing else, nobody believes in their talks, because always talks and promises but never for fill. Liberals only kips promises to multinasionals for big donations to Liberals. It shows how much Liberals care about Australia and Australian people future. 0000000 The 🇦🇺 Australian 🇦🇺 ALP has little credibility when it comes to the financial sector. Former PM's Hawke & Keating almost tripped over themselves flogging off the 'People's Bank', the 🏦 Commonwealth Bank 🏦! Govt should take control of interest rates & regulate banks more.

Concerns raised around remuneration post royal commission | Sky News AustraliaAs the finance sector enters the AGM season, concerns have been raised around remuneration strikes following the banking royal commission .\n\nChair of the Australian Shareholders Association, Allan Goldin says, 'the banking royal commission focused everyone's attention. There was a lot last year but I can't see it happening again this year.'\n\nImage: News Corp Australia\n\n

Aged care royal commission expected to hear sector 'needs funding to fix staffing'The aged care royal commission will this week examine workforce issues, including the link between the quality of care and staff numbers. The care industry is about employment first not care!!!!!! I guess there will be millions of people in Australia aware of the aged care RC and hoping their final days won’t be as awful? So this is what they went to war to fight for in their golden years. Wow. Canberra, you should hang your head in shame.

Aged care inquiry chair remembered as 'remarkable' after cancer deathAged care royal commission chair Richard Tracey QC was determined to make a difference for older Australians, even as he was dying. 9News

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