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Australians living in the ‘land of the lockdown’ because of PM’s vaccination failures

29/07/2021 3:08:00 AM

Deputy Labor leader Richard Marles says Australia ns are living in “the land of the lockdown” because Prime Minister Scott Morrison has “completely failed” to get the country vaccinated.

Deputy Labor leader Richard Marles says Australians are living in “the land of the lockdown” because Prime Minister Scott Morrison has “completely failed” to get the country vaccinated.“I think it’s remarkable that it’s taken until the end of July for the penny to drop in the prime minister’s head that vaccination is actually the pathway to getting to the other side of COVID-19,” Mr Marles told Sky News Australia.

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“It is literally what we’ve been saying for a year and here is the prime minister making this point now.“I mean he’s spent the last few months telling Australians this isn’t a race.“Yesterday he was saying that we need to try and win the gold medal when it comes to this which is absolutely laughable in a context where Australia has a vaccination rate of 13 per cent.

“We are at the very bottom of the ladder in the OECD.“This guy has completely failed in terms of getting the country vaccinated which is why we are now living in the land of the lockdown.” Read more: Sky News Australia »

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Im sorry RichardMarlesMP what exactly has your contribution been. Easy pot shotting from the cheap seats. ScottyFromMarketing also refused to implement a federal quarantine program with purpose-built facilities. Pfizer offered plenty of vaccine - he turned them down 🤦‍♂️ Is Richard Marles an Australian or is he working for some foreign government?

ALP have to step up the political spin - with the help of much of the media. Almost 200k doses a day being injected now. Last thing ALP want to see is Aust having everyone (who wants one) vaxed by Xmas. Once again politics trumps the health situation. He is right Has anyone seen this guy? The police don’t seem to be able to find him, he’s very elusive. ParliamentHouseRapist

That is so true! The shallowest PM that make Australia miserable internationally and nationally. No one wants it May have bungled, but not failed. Labor panicking because they know by Feb-March 2022 - all will be forgotten (for those who don’t read Twitter) and LNP March on to another election win. Morrison HAS failed us. And still is. No amount of makeovers an spin will get past those facts.

Is that why we are doing so much better death and cases wise than most other countries.

To imagine a life beyond loneliness, look to When Harry Met SallyWith over 13 million in lockdown and more single Australia ns living alone than at any other time, the romcom offers a comforting sense of hope.

Thank you for surrendering your citizenship and becoming a permanent patient in CovidLand. Please remember to pay your VaxTax. and he’d be right

Bipartisan leadership needed to quell anti-lockdown sentiment, experts warnAcademics say a lack of bipartisan leadership has contributed to anti-lockdown and anti-vaccination sentiment, urging politicians to present a united front and treat protesters with empathy to curb their dissatisfaction. She might try getting some better advisors and forget about the vaccinations...........? It’s the greatest challenge to Australian leadership our democracy and the majority - it’s pure anarchy to challenge not just laws or enforcement- but health in pandemic- crushing them is paramount to continued order - if we see mass gatherings faith will die- use massive force When you have the likes of George Christensen encouraging people to to disobey public health orders, it's little wonder Labor is being called on to fill the leadership void. LNP is a shambles auspol

Our fitness routines are no longer the same – but will they go back?While many people have been itching to return to the gym, for others, the changes introduced to their workout routines in lockdown may mark a permanent shift | sopphie sopphie I don't see why fully vaccinated people can't return to the gyms ! sopphie jogging on busy footpaths should be banned.........its a spreading event

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‘Don’t march, don’t protest’: Alan Jones calls for Australians in lockdown to obey the lawWhen you publically encourage and stoke dissent amongst your viewers, and claim a monopoly on the 'truth', you should be prepared to accept responsibility of the consequences. Here is one example of a consequence. corybernardi 'Illegal Protests' or rather the right to exercise free speech - yes, by all means this should be avoided. Perhaps Australians now have a better understanding of why Americans will never forfeit their II Amendment rights.

Andrews flags full freedoms may not be granted until vaccination rate picks upDanielAndrewsMP “FULL”…we’ll never see full again! Another ✅ for the “conspiracy” theorists! DanielAndrewsMP The other week lockdowns were a last resort DanielAndrewsMP He doesn't get the name Dictator Dan for no reason.