Australian town of Lajamanu forced into lockdown

A town with low vaccination rates has been plunged into lockdown after Covid-19 was detected in its wastewater.

Michael Gunner, Robinson River

29/11/2021 2:00:00 AM

A town with low vaccination rates has been plunged into lockdown after Covid-19 was detected in its wastewater.

Another Northern Territory town has been forced into lockdown as a Rapid Assessment Team rushed to “manage” the response.

It currently has no confirmed cases but NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner said its low vaccination rates were a concern.The move came after Covid-19 was detected in the town’s wastewater.“The remote community of Lajamanu has entered a lockdown after wastewater testing detected Covid-19,” Mr Gunner announced on a

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.In a statement, NT Health said the lockdown is likely to last until 6pm on December 11.“Anyone who has left Lajamanu since the 15th of November is required to isolate, get tested, and stay isolated until you receive a negative result.”Only around 60 per cent of the town’s population of approximately 500 people have had one dose of a coronavirus vaccine.

So far, none of the residents have reported symptoms, and resources have been rushed to the town from health authorities.Testing has begun of residents, and schools and early childhood services will be closed.The road outside Lajamanu. Picture: Supplied

“We have surged our resources to make sure Lajamanu has everything they need,” Mr Gunner said.“You are not alone, we are with you.”He urged residents to stay home, wear a mask, take a Covid-19 test and get vaccinated.Residents must stay at home for the lockdown period and people are only permitted to leave for the following five reasons:

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1. Medical treatment, including COVID testing or vaccination2. For essential goods and services, like groceries and medications. Only one household member should visit the store, once per day.3. For work that is considered essential.4. For one hour of outdoor exercise a day within 5 km from your home with one other person or people from your house.

5. To provide care and support to a family member or person who cannot support themselves. In case of an emergency.Four new Covid casesFour new Covid-19 cases were recorded in the North Territory overnight.None posed a risk to the community, with all in isolation.

Three of the local cases relate to the Katherine cluster, with Mr Gunner confirming all three are household contacts who mingled at the Howard Springs facility.Most of thehas moved out of lockdown and into a lockout after the other locally acquired case — a man already in quarantine — was recorded.

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Earlier in the week,the remote communities of Binjari and Rockhole were sent into a hard lockdownafter nine new positive Covid-19 cases were recorded last Sunday.These are the toughest measures used by the NT government so far, and are expected to remain in place for another week.


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What an absolute joke When is ENOUGH enough? Seriously? I can't believe what I'm reading here... It looks more to me like a new government tactic to get everyone in that town area vaccinated..., no matter if they are willing or not! How are people in Australia still okay with the tyranny?! “The wastewater test”. Biggest scam of all time. You test for HIV and you will get a positive result. Test for ‘cocaine’ you get positive result. Test for absolutely anything and you will get positive in sewerage.These results don’t mean shit.

😂😂 of course that's where it was found. No proof necessary. Time to wake up sleepy sheep Why do we get swabs of our brain to get tested when apparently we only need a spit or piss test? Total bs Move over Dictator Dan. Australia has a new sociopathic, power wielding, tyrant. Wasted millions has a brand new hospital but empty has failed me.

Stop sniffing our shit Oh this is it. We have finally reached peak insanity. This Gunner jerk must go.

Small Northern Territory town Lajamanu sent into lockdownPlease don't tell the kooks what the NT is up to .... we can and will find out elsewhere but you dump this in the middle of antivaxxer central its almost doxxing the territory every time you do calling them all to roll out another flood of fake claims.

This is paranoia This bloke is dead set out of his mind!!

NT COVID outbreak spreads hundreds of kilometres to Lajamanu, community sent into lockdownPositive wastewater results prompt a snap lockdown in the community of Lajamanu , 560 kilometres from the centre of the current outbreak in Katherine. Who the hell went out there. Leave those people alone. They DO NOT HAVE ANY OF YOUR BULLSHIT VIRUS'S. New arrivals in the community must isolate for fourteen days. So Covid just flies to people Kilometers. What evidence exists for Covid possesing such intelligence and mobilty ?

Border barriers still deter Australians from travel next yearTravellers like Caitlin Robson are gearing up to get overseas next year. New research suggests their biggest concern is getting caught up in a lockdown rather than worry about catching COVID-19 Until Omicron came along. Melbourne completely ignoring the 3 week illness from Covid of the vaccinated. You can’t wish it away.

Australia COVID protests LIVE: Demonstrations to take place across Sydney, Melbourne; government tightens travel due to OmicronLIVE: Follow coverage of today's protests against vaccination and pandemic management policies around the country as well as the emergence of a new COVID-19 variant No thanks. I’ve got better things to do. Like living my life. You mean protests about conspiracy theories and right wing nazi white supremacists... Melbourne is the primary source of ongoing virus transmission in Australia, particularly Sydney. We need to reinstate State borders against Victoria so that Victorians can’t leave the State. They’re a danger to everyone else as well as themselves.

Australia COVID protests LIVE: Demonstrations to take place across Sydney, Melbourne; government tightens travel due to OmicronThe NSW government does not plan to make any changes to the post-lockdown reopening roadmap, despite concerns about a new COVID-19 variant. NSW has recorded 235 new cases and zero deaths. Follow our live national news coverage: Good work,big crowd at Sydney What if the new variant was to enter from a non African country. Its already been detected in Europe (belgium). No more travel ban

WA announces tightened border rulesWestern Australian health authorities will force all arrivals from South Australia to isolate for 14 days under tightened border rules. Only a few weeks and they’ll close it completely 😎 How long before WA starts testing ballistic missiles