Australia, UK, Canada rebuke China over Hong Kong intervention

China moved to impose restrictive national security laws on Hong Kong this week, sparking a fierce backlash from fellow ex-British colonies.

23/05/2020 11:30:00 AM

The three countries warned China's planned laws forbidding treason, secession, sedition, and subversion against the Central People's Government in Beijing would 'clearly undermine' Hong Kong's autonomy and its citizens' civil liberties.

China moved to impose restrictive national security laws on Hong Kong this week, sparking a fierce backlash from fellow ex-British colonies.

Very large text sizeAustralia, Canada and the United Kingdom have issued a joint statement criticising the Chinese government's move to impose restrictive national security laws on Hong Kong in response to long-running pro-democracy protests in the territory.

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The three Commonwealth countries warned the Chinese Communist Party's planned laws forbidding treason, secession, sedition, and subversion against the Central People's Government in Beijing would "clearly undermine" Hong Kong's autonomy and its citizens' civil liberties.

Hong Kong police face off against protesters in a shopping centre in April this year.Credit:GettyChinese Premier Li Keqiang announced the planned "enforcement mechanisms" in a speech to the country's ceremonial legislature this week, saying China would respect the "one country, two systems" principle that gives Hong Kongers significant control over their own affairs.

But in a statement on Saturday Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab and Canadian Minister for Foreign Affairs Francois-Philippe Champagne said they were deeply concerned China had decided to legislate overrule the territory's legislature.

Advertisement"Making such a law on Hong Kong’s behalf, without the direct participation of its people, legislature or judiciary, would clearly undermine the principle of ‘One Country, Two Systems’, under which Hong Kong is guaranteed a high degree of autonomy," the statement read.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam, centre, and other officials doubled down at a press conference in Hong Kong after returning from China's National People's Congress (NPC) meeting in Beijing.Credit:APThey pointed to the legally binding joint declaration signed between China and the United Kingdom when the former colonial power handed over the territory in 1997, which gave Hong Kong a "high degree of autonomy" for 50 years.

"It also provides that rights and freedoms, including those of the person, of the press, of assembly, of association and others, will be ensured by law in Hong Kong, and that the provisions of the two United Nations covenants on human rights ... shall remain in force," the foreign ministers said.

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Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Marise Payne and her counterparts in Britain and Canada have protested Beijing's unprecedented intervention in Hong Kong.Credit:AAPLast year pro-democracy legislators and protesters prevented Hong Kong's own legislature from passing other national security laws they believed would have impinged on political freedom.

LoadingLiberal Senator James Paterson, who has been critical of the Chinese government, said the proposed laws would be the end of "one country, two systems" and were a test of whether the Communist Party's word "can ever be trusted again".

The member for Goldstein, Tim Wilson, said Beijing's move was a "page from the highly centralised authoritarian playbook" but that the group of Commonwealth countries had shown courage by speaking out."Now we need other freedom-loving countries to do the same," Mr Wilson said.

Dave Sharma, the Sydney Liberal MP, said the timing of China's move suggested it was using the coronavirus as an opportunity to act while the rest of the world was distracted.On her return from the Communist Party's National People's Congress in Beijing, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam said the Chinese proposal would improve business confidence in the city and would not damage the interests of foreign investors, China's state news agency Xinhua reported.

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The CCP is deploying this nationalsecuritylaw for the sole purpose of party stability. They will use this law to silence anyone who gets in their way. This is the law that put human rights lawyers behind bar! I This is why Hong Kong people fight against it. StandWithHongKong The CCP is about to enact the most evil laws in HK💀 HK’s last democracy, freedom and rule of law will be destroyed. When HK officially enters the 'one country, one system' moment, it will become a hell controlled by the CCP👹

ABC_challenge anywherebutchina What about the Seven Seditious Scribes from Cesarea? Thank you Australia and Canada so much for standing with freedom-loving people in Hong Kong It will absolutely be the end of the OneCountryOneSystem if the law is legislated. SOSHK ChengAhMo1 ccp national security law poses unpredictable risks to all stakeholders, citizens and their property around the world in Hong Kong. Knife on neck

🥴 This was always going to happen A bit like the way Morrison tried to ride roughshod over Victoria isn't it. Me thinks this will not end well HongKongProtests China is harmful to the world. BoycottChina SOSHK Shameless evil CCP Chinazi Totalitarianism is murdering JK’s liberty, justice, HumanRights, autonomy & democracy:( Hongkong is suffering from PoliceBrutality HumanitarianCrisis for long, now is in even bigger crisis.! Sigh.. HongKongNeedsHelp Pls StandWithHK

HongKong is the new Berlin which serves as a buffer between China and the free world. If HongKong falls into Chinese authorotarian rule, the West will lose this buffer. HongKong is also a window to peek into China. I believe the west won't give up on us. StandwithHK THESE HONG KONG PROTESTER THUGS SHOW NO REMORSE TO THIER VICTIMS. THIS IS HOW SICKLY BRAINWASHED THEY ARE


JackGuetta 'if CCP does not trest its people with slightest respect, why should we, in the west, expect to be treated any differently?' The free world shall be united in againsting the tyrannical regime before too late. BoycottChina HongKongProtests won’t succumb to CCP! We must fright till we die!!! Help HongKong

who 他妈 fking care the warn? and precisely it is not 'warn' Don't let Hong Kong be the next Tibet or Xinjiang. Free Hong Kong now. It's time to fight back. StandWithHongKong The law is vague and board, it's like every action can be said to be illegal... nationalsecuritylaw This show the world that China cannot not be trusted. The words 'Subversion' 'secession' 'sedition' are not clear that ccp can put any definitions they like and then accuse anybody. Law is obviously useless if National Security Law passed.

China has had a pretty busy year thus far ey! ..... So when should I start buying more toilet paper ? Asking for a friend ? china scared people say the truth, the truth is illegal in china Because china they use fakes news educate people, so that they s people know the truth The free world assembling, end of CCP

Please StandWithHongKong Hong Kong today The World Tomorrow StandWithHongKong FightForFreedom chinazi CCP Hong Kong is none of our business. Get back to dealing with our position between US and China. SaveHongKong FreeHongKong StandWithHongKong HK CCP BasicLaw AnnexIII NationalSecurityLaw NationalAnthemLaw antichinazi HKgov Tyranny dictatorship HongKongProtests hongkongprotesters HKPoliceState HKPoliceTerrorism HKpolice HKPoliceBrutality Murder

So scared for the people of Hong Kong shinnjannn we need more concrete measure against CCP for HongKong HongKongNeedsHelp And it will extend to other countries because the Western world is having strong connection with Hong Kong. It is not just about Hong Kong imo. Thank you for supporting Hong Kong. This law greatly undermines the autonomy of Hong Kong which allows it to continue to be the financial centre. Without it, I doubt Hong Kong could still act as a window to China properly

China terminates HK autonomy by breaking agreements in Joint Declaration. Article 23 is most likely be legislated directly by CCP Gov. & oppression will be deepened sharply to HK ppl. Real existence of HK is on hanged by a thead now. China is no longer a trustworthy partner to build a reliable, safe, civilized & peaceful world. CCP break promise, brings lies, censorship, torture & virus to the world. Int companies in China should find a new partner now. World is much better w/o CCP.

After the passage of national security laws, crimes considered ordinary will likely be considered subversion of state power / secession and users will be tried by courts in mainland. This is how the CCP plans to silence critics According to the joint declaration, Hong Kong should have its own autonomy, the freedom and rule of law remain in place, and CCP only handles diplomat affairs but not internal affairs of Hong Kong But now intervene by CCP, freedom and justice are disappearing

HongKong is an international city. Many foreign people are working & living in HK. A lot of foreign investment & companies are established in HK. When 1 country 2 systems in HK is destroyed, a lot of interests of many countries will be damaged. Who dares to believe 🇨🇳 & her law? The world should be united towards the tyranny CCP. For the chaos CCPVirus has caused and for its persisting invasions towards the free world.

Canada’s Magnitsky law has allowed Freeland to impose sanctions on notorious human rights abusers with the regimes in Saudi Arabia, Russia, Venezuela and Myanmar, but strangely, not against human rights abusers in China. But no hope with Trudeau's lead. It's encouraging to have UK, Australia and Canada (Key countries of Commonwealth) to officially voice out and StandwithHK

So u mean laws of Australia permit treason, secession, sedition and subversion of your government? Clear double standards. HongKong is part of China &we need this nationalsecuritylaw to ensure the national security& stability. Do not trust China. She broke her promises. One country two systems is dead.

The more CCPChina do, the less HongKongers will have a sense of belonging. You cannot force people to like you. Well technically you can, just point a gun to his/her head, classic communist way. FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong hongkong, international financial center. Police in here will keep people safe.

HKers’ freedom keeps diminishing since 1997. China never honoured its promises in the Joint Declaration, it keeps intervening in HK, the HK gov is just a puppet, it cannot represent HKers and we NEVER give our consent to be ruled by puppet. Please help HKer to get back freedom china and ccp are the threat to the world. Hong Kong is a example. The world should sanction China together.

Did Australia protest lack of free election in HK under 150 year British rule? How is it any of your business? What r u gonna do? Invade China like you did in Iraq or Vietnam? Don't sign the cheque if your hypocritical and self-righteous arse can't cash it. StandwithHK Chinazi ChinaMustPay Hongkong3333333 If you see any whitewash from CCP about national security law, aka Article 23, DON'T FALL FOR IT! When China needs you, you are a friendly western company. If China doesn't want you anymore, you are a spy from western countries subverting China HongKong SOSHK

China has turned it into 1Country, 1System. HKers will fight hard for our freedom, and we hope the World pressure on CCP can help as well. Thanks for everyone standing with China. antiCCP standwithHongKong nationalsecuritylaw CCP is taking advantage of Coronavirus crisis, which originated from China, to break on the pact made with the UK and the international community. It will only go further is this is not stopped switftly and promptly.

That the end of Hong Kong Autonomy. CCP is going to tell the world 'One Country One System' is inoperate in Hong Kong. HongKong CCPChina is blatantly breaking her promises of 1country2systems & HighDegreeOfAutonomy to Hongkong. Intl condemnation & sanctions are called for. HK, a developed economy with high HDI, edu level & common laws system, shouldn't be tred on like this! ChinaLiesPeopleDie

The CCP would sanction countries economically that dare to vow for HK, please arrange plan to start reducing reliance on China Don’t be a bystander! Today’s HK, tomorrow’s the world. StandWithHongKong SOSHK This is the death of Hong Kong autonomy. OneCountryTwoSystemsIsDead Hong Kong is the forefront fighting the CCP_is_terrorist , the world must unite to protect Hong Kong before it destroys your own country

This is the true story that happened in Hong Kong this year ! Is this democracy ? Is this freedom? Now we see the truth about China, the world must stand with Taiwan - the true representative of free honest Chinese people. The PRC is low class. CCP must be sanctioned unless it respects the will of most HKers, although it seems impossible for CCP to change its attitudes.

No more 1C2S. China never keeps her promises. Never trust China. HongKong is a clear example. Three of Five-eyes,big surprise! If some protesters set fire on my shop, hurt normal citizens and destroy city’s public transportation, I m sorry no matter what demands they have, they should be in jail. Do things in right way, it’s very basic rule.

China will say 'if you don't break the law, you don't need to be scared' But remember Dr Li-Wenliang? The whistleblower of COVIDー19 coronavirus ? He did nothing wrong but only telling the truth, then he got smeared &punished What will China do to foreigners in HongKong then? FREE HONG KONG Thank you for standing with HongKong 🇭🇰

Bullshit. China knows exactly what games the west plays. This is their way of protecting their own territory from falling into western hands Thank you for StandWithHongKong. The tyranny is totally unacceptable. Hong Kong people will not be silent. We will act back. I guess China will say none of your business.

China attempts to violate Hong Kong's autonomy. Hong Kong would lose her uniqueness 'freedom' on the world's economy and finance. Thanks Australia for speaking out, otherwise Hong Kong would become an unfavorable place for business, and our living. So in the three countries, there is no law to forbid treason?

FreeHongKong ChinaLiedPeopleDied The one country system policy and Basic law allowed Hong Kong to be so different form totalitarian China. However, now CCP broke the promises and that’s why the world should act. Today’s, CCP can easily broke the promise with us, so next day can be yours Thank you Australia.

I'm pretty sure we have laws forbidding treason, secession, sedition, and subversion... Its hard for some to accept, but HK is part of China. Rioting and vandalism in the name of 'democracy' (which was non existant under British colonial rule) is no longer allowed. Fair enough Do you understand now to whom ComradeDan is selling Victoria?

Australia joins joint declaration rebuking China over Hong KongAustralia, Canada and the United Kingdom have issued a joint statement underlining the importance of law guaranteeing civil liberties for Hong Kong's residents in response to China's moves to impose its own national security laws on the territory Emperor1G While we in the UK are subject to mass house arrest!!! All 3 nations committed genocide on their Indigenous people. Who cares what they say about the law?

China's Hong Kong plans for new security laws sparks fury | Sky News AustraliaPro-democracy activists say they fear the end of Hong Kong after China announced plans for new security laws.\n\nThe Hong Kong government insists the legislation will not affect the freedoms of its people as activists launch a second wave of protests. \n\nImage: Getty Australian Labor MP praises the Chines ‘’leadership‘’ The end of Hong Kong was July 1, 1997, when Britain left. Goebbels News Corp garbage. US UK paid interference against extradition to China has nothing to do with pro democracy... This is the same CIA terrorist activities they used in the Ukraine..

Australia 'deeply concerned' over Hong Kong security lawsAustralia, the UK and Canada say China's proposed security laws for Hong Kong would undermine the legally binding 'One Country, Two Systems' principle. Important issue. Hong Kong ethnic Chinese deserve our support as do all ethnic Chinese around the world being hunted by the CCP. Here we go again. Our favorite trading partner.

Australia ‘deeply concerned’ over Hong Kong security lawAustralia has joined the UK and Canada in expressing “deep concern” over China’s proposed Hong Kong security laws, which they say will undermine the city’s autonomy. Action speaks louder. Let's decouple with china Spot on. little Australia is inevitably running into a recession . Keeping playing political cards against its largest trading partner, little Australia eventually will turn into a middle income country like today's Argentina. white kids in average famillies will enjoy great unemployment

China to impose sweeping national security law in Hong KongChina is set to impose new national security legislation on Hong Kong, provoking fears of further protests as China recovers from the coronavirus pandemic. There're too many innocent hongkonger have lost a massive of their wealth which accumalted through several generations as the endless chaos! But, weather or not new law should be imposed on hongkong is totally up to hongkonger. Hopefully Beijing won't play a too important role. Gonna have another year lost for HK then. Protest, virus and now protest again. No Matter who’s wrong who’s right, HK is losing its economic status and will definitely becomes a normal city enjoying less privilege

China plans to tighten laws for Hong KongIn what may be a response to the protests of the last year China plans an overhaul of Hong Kong's laws that will clamp down on protesters, foreign interference and other anti-government activity. Whatever. I'm done with apologists for China. Same with apologists-lite for them, also. FreeHongKong China owns it about as much as they do Japan or South Korea. Any attempt to control it like the rest of their country is nothing but potential genocide. because lets face it... CCP don't care for human lives. My heart goes out to Hong Kong.