Australia's 'not on its own' in standing up to the Chinese dictatorship | Sky News Australia

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says there is “good news” in that Australia is “not on its own” in standing up to the Chinese dictatorship.

14/06/2021 1:23:00 PM

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says there is “good news” in that Australia is “not on its own” in standing up to the Chinese dictatorship.

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says there is “good news” in that Australia is “not on its own” in standing up to the Chinese dictatorship. \n\n“Help is on its way, this time from Britain of all places,” Mr Bolt said. \n\n“Britain is sending a naval group … to sail around the world and through the South China Sea to our north”. \n\nMr Bolt also assessed the recent G7 Summit and the implications that are set to come from it.

14/06/2021|8minSky News host Andrew Bolt says there is “good news” in that Australia is “not on its own” in standing up to the Chinese dictatorship. “Help is on its way, this time from Britain of all places,” Mr Bolt said. “Britain is sending a naval group … to sail around the world and through the South China Sea to our north”. Mr Bolt also assessed the recent G7 Summit and the implications that are set to come from it.

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Is the objective to stand up to China, or to act in Australia's best interest. These are not the same thing, there is nuance there for a country like Australia. If the government is genuinely concerned about war with china then it should stop selling iron ore to them right now. Send Andy Bolt to war against China!!! And send Dame Pegga Credlin with him.

The UK's got your back Australia 💪🏼 Wow considering it is part of the commonwealth how long did it take this journo to figure that out The key for Australia is to explore more markets for the materials export and financial service. Stand up to what? China is the new world super power. That wasn’t what the west planned - but what did you expect when we handed all our manufacturing assets over to them? Think we can live on services alone?

Right! But it’s the one loosing most. Well the Government could be more tactful dealing with China, so it won’t risk our trades and economy. Thx for the info I was unaware that China had a dictatorship. I do remember those bright golden yrs when China breathed in the clear freedom filled air of democracy. Except that never happened

Before mr biden came to office President Trump always said that it was a Chinese virus & the half baked left wing idiots howled him down. In fact they accused him of that word racist. You know the annoying word that you are called if you cannot differentiate Black from White!

Trilateral talks with Biden and Johnson were ‘really useful’ for Australia | Sky News AustraliaAustralian British Chamber of Commerce CEO David McCredie says it was “really useful” for Australia to be able to get two of its biggest allies - the United Kingdom and the United States - together for trilateral talks.\n\nPrime Minister Scott Morrison met with US President Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson for the unique three-way discussion in Cornwall where leaders have gathered for the G7 plus talks. \n\n“I think it was interesting the way the trilateral talks were framed,” Mr McCredie said. \n\n“I think it is actually probably really useful for Australia to get two of our biggest allies in the room together and have those open discussions in a forum which is just a little bit tighter than perhaps with other G7 nations.\n\n“We know that over the last 100 or so years we’ve fought in a lot of conflicts together. There are a lot of shared values and principles that we have that sit underneath that”. \n ScottyFromPhotoOps Scottythefukwit MurdochGutterMedia You know humanity is unintelligent when allies is a thing and it's a dog eat dog world.

China threatening everyone now. It has gone to this heads. They're fully convinced that US is in decline. Aussies, Canada, now the US movie industry last I heard. They're doing it aggressively and overtly. Wrong approach China. Chinese dictatorship is fking massive What a load of absolute bullshit !! Bit we are when it comes to Chinese embargo on trade so tell the truth 81 billion in iron ore gone , Billions more in coal why because Scott Morrison is so desperate to become Joe Biden personal bitch like little Johnny Howard was bush favourite pet

Definitely not. Countries are finally waking up to the brutality of China's rule Out of interest, what's exactly wrong with sport players kneeling in support of a cause? I know people say sport isn't political, but there HAVE been some incredible moments where politics have crossed over with sport, so why is kneeling such a big deal?

Maybe Australians are not stupid enough to fall for red-baiting anymore Andy Dolt Great news that we have Biden on our side who can’t remember where Australia is! What was it they did again?

PM: Australia has ‘no greater friends’ than the US and the UK | Sky News AustraliaPrime Minister Scott Morrison said Australia has “no greater friends” than the United States and the United Kingdom following a trilateral meeting with President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.\n\nMr Morrison, who is in the UK for the G7 plus talks, said the meeting between the three leaders was a “good opportunity” to discuss the broader situation in Indo-Pacific but did not reveal how much of the discussion focused on China. \n\n“Australia has no greater friends than the United States and the United Kingdom, and we’ve been working together on our respective security issues for a very long time.\n\n“So we had a good opportunity to talk about those today and look to see how we can further cooperate in the future.\n“The situation only reinforces the need for us to have deeper cooperation”. \n\nMr Morrison said the trilateral meeting was a “unique” opportunity that presented because the leaders were all present in Cornwall. \n\n“That is not a usual opportunity that we have had in these meetings in the past and I very much welcome the opportunity to do it here in Carbis Bay,” he said. \n ScottMorrisonMP JoeBiden BorisJohnson Just as well all G7 weren’t present for Morrison’s one-on-one: he’d have to name them all! 😂 ScottMorrisonMP JoeBiden BorisJohnson Bullshit. Speak for yourself Scomo your friends are from U.K and U.S many Aussies have no friends from either country ScottMorrisonMP JoeBiden BorisJohnson FU NZ 😂

Hope not lost if 'rock star' Ron DeSantis runs for Oval Office | Sky News AustraliaSky News host James Morrow says there is still hope for strong leadership in the west and if people are looking for an early prediction of where things are going to land in 2024 'my money is on Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis'.\n\n'He's the one who showed up all the lockdown liberals in California and New York who insisted their entire states go into hibernation,' Mr Morrow said.\n\n'And it's not just Ron DeSantis' handling of coronavirus that makes him a standout leader. He's also fighting the cultural battles where it counts.\n\n'He's banned the teaching of racist claptrap like critical race theory in schools and he has shown plenty of courage in standing up to China even though he's just a state governor in the US.'\n\nMr Morrow said at a recent Florida concert Mr DeSantis was treated like a 'rock star'.\n\n'There's a lot of speculation as to whether Trump will come back for another tilt in 2024. If he does, I reckon Ron DeSantis is the veep pick of choice. \n\n'If Trump doesn't run, even though it's still early days, I suspect Ron DeSantis will be the one to take on whomever is sitting in the Oval Office by then.' God help us if thats true Who the fuck is James Morrow?

G7 leaders did not possess ‘unanimity’ on strong message to China | Sky News AustraliaSky News Political Editor Andrew Clennell says despite some strong words about China in the communique produced out of the G7 summit, it appears there was not always “unanimity” among the leaders regarding the intensity of the message. \n\n“We also got a strongly worded communique out of the G7 leaders this morning with several mentions of China, whether it be about the treatment of the Uighur people, or Hong Kong, also around trade,” he said. \n\n“But it seems there wasn’t unanimity the whole time on the strong message sent to China out of this forum.\n\n“The Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi let that slip in his discussions with Scott Morrison when he met him ahead of their bilateral meeting”. \n\nMr Draghi told Prime Minister Scott Morrison the “only difference of views” among the G7 leaders was the “intensity” of the messaging around China. \n\n Villain1982 aclennell aclennell

'Strong level of support': Scott Morrison says G7 leaders back Australia's stand over ChinaPrime Minister Scott Morrison says the leaders of G7 nations have a 'strong level of support' for the stand Australia has taken against China as the three-day summit wrapped up in Cornwall. Bull shit, no one wants WW3. Morrison is a laughingstock on the world stage ' .. but about everything else i said .. they think i'm a putz' :).

G7 summit may mark a ‘major reset’ of western alliances | Sky News AustraliaThe G7 summit may mark a “major reset” of the western alliances since other world leaders have welcomed the fact US President Joe Biden is “a member of the club”, according to Sky News contributor Michael Ware. \n\n“This is potentially a significant reset of the alliance of leading liberal democracies in the world,” he said.\n\n“Certainly, in terms of America as President Biden put it — America is back.\n\n“That’s certainly been welcomed.\n\n“The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says President Biden is a breath of fresh air. \n\n'The French President Emmanuel Macron says that it’s great to have a US president who’s a member of the club and is very eager to cooperate.\n\n'And Angela Merkel says that President Biden’s election now means that the world can start looking for solutions to its problems with much more zest.'\n Wonder what promoters of US President have exposed that some these alliance might not get people's support as US concept of democracy is premised on suppremacy-an anathema to equality. Top people are corrupted to the lined retirement jobs when others are going to die without jobs JoeBiden asked ScottMorrisonMP what his primary strategy is for addressing global warming. elliemail GideonCRozner cporterwa mattjcan BarnabyJoyceLNP AngusTaylorMP Australia under ScottMorrisonMP stands a a pariah state on the fringes... auspol