Australia's Bushmasters 'performed masterfully' in combat, says Ukraine's Zelenskyy

6/10/2022 1:54:00 PM

Australia's Bushmasters 'performed masterfully' in combat, says Ukraine's Zelenskyy

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Australia's Bushmaster s 'performed masterfully' in combat, says Ukraine 's Zelenskyy

In an address to the Lowy Institute on Thursday evening, Volodymyr Zelenskyy outlines three main ways Australia can continue to support Ukraine as it fights off a Russian invasion.

ShareMr Zelenskyy said Australia could help Ukraine by supporting it at the UN, continuing defence cooperation and joining further tougher sanctions against RussiaIn an address to the Lowy Institute on Thursday evening, he said he was grateful for the Bushmasters Australia had sent to Ukraine after he addressed the parliament in March.

"The aggressor will feel that he has little room for any escalation."Mr Zelenskyy outlined two other ways Australia could continue to support Ukraine, as he warned the war in Ukraine would escalate unless the world responded strongly to Russia's invasion and annexations.

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Oh please… the ABC is more compromised the Zelensky! Ayei_Eloheichem Ukraine is Europe so they are not in our part of the world He should ask wealthy Germans not us Our debt is $1tril We can not afford to keep funding Ukraine's war I bet they do not take a rocket launcher or drone as good as a tank and there are plenty of tanks lying around in the Ukraine. Just metal coffins for the crew . Only suitable for fast speed desert conditions and not suitable for city fighting use at close range . Waste of money

yeh, the Next model be better too. Lotta support for Russian efficiency in this thread. Extra potato for each of em It’s being fought by drones, but keep up the propaganda ABC The ABC should tell its readers who the Lowy Institute is Did your folks put Nazi insignia on them, Vlod?

Ukrainian forces making 'rapid and powerful' gains in the Kherson region, Volodymyr Zelenskyy says Volodymyr Zelenskyy says his forces were making further gains in southern Ukraine . So the moment the world discovers that Ukraine defeated the almighty Russia in a conventional war, is when Russia fires their first tactical nuclear weapon. Will Russia admit it by firing off these spoilsport sore-loser weapons? IS there even one single reporter left on this planet that has the mental ability to realize that Putin could end all of Ukraine before breakfast if he wanted to? They just keep printing this newsfeed garbage. The Ukrainian Nazi gains, is the gains Russia wants them to have. With 370,000 additional Russian troops soon to enter the conflict, Russia is reshaping the battlefield. With NATO entry on Ukraine side, the Russian commitment of ONLY using Soviet built weapons, no longer apply.

They were destroyed And if 🇺🇦 is 'winning' as we are continuously told, why is Zelensky calling for a pre-emptive strike on 🇷🇺 by NATO? That would be snatching defeat from the jaws of victory if the 🇺🇦 is winning narrative was true. The most important comment made by Zelensky in this meeting was the call for NATO to conduct a pre-emptive strike against 🇷🇺! That would likely lead to WW3 yet the ABC doesn't cover this? Which is more important? The performance of our armoured 🚚 or the end of humanity? 🤦‍♂️

Ayei_Eloheichem Shame on ABC for being neo nazis supporter….. StopHazaraGenocide StopHazaraGenocide 💔💔💔 Give Ukraine️ heavy weapons AlboMP. Give them the tanks they need to do the job on Putler. SlavaUkrainii No military back ground , did acting classes in the US , and was funded for politics bye Biden ! Hmmm 🤔

Listening to the Ukrainian PM’s “defacto” speech, I have re- learnt one lesson of this conflict. The art of oration wins wars. Defacto , dejure, nailed it. VZ is using the same skills of leaders like Churchill, Thatcher, Menzies and Hawke; smart and passionate oratory.

Russia-Ukraine war: Australia to deliver ‘significant’ new support for Ukraine,” says ZelenskyZelensky urged nations to ignore Vladimir Putin ’s “nuclear blackmail”, predicting the Russian leader would lose his life if he dares to deploy nuclear weapons. | By Matthew Knott ukraine KnottMatthew KnottMatthew I am predicting that a lot of people will lose their lives if Putin deploys nuclear weapons KnottMatthew Yeah, let's ignore credible threats that would lead to the end of the world as we know it. KnottMatthew Zelenskyy nothing more than a beggar 😂😂😂 And never forget ‘There is no Ukraine, only Russia’

as they do. they are made for combat and protection.. Ah yes, the recipient of billions of dollars of military equipment in the middle of an existential war for his nation is an objective person to assess the quality of a few Australian trucks. Keep up the great work ABC. Anything happened with the British Royals lately?

Isn't it hilarious when so called conservatives jump to Putins defence when putin is clearly a communist and his most powerful allies are communist states. The right are so confused 🤣 Brought to you by Bendigo ingenuity! AussieBushmaster 😂😂😂😂 StopHazarzaGenocide Congratulations Australia you have contributed to death! A big pat on the back guys!!! To bad we can't send peace and love at the moment as it's not the current thing! ✌️🇦🇺✌️🇦🇺😜🇦🇺

Fck it's sad what's going on over there. When's the Russian military going to not do what putin says 🤔 settle afraid interest

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Pretty sure every pic I have seen was them blown to smithereens I hope we don’t miss them anytime soon

FA issues life ban to Australia Cup final spectator filmed performing 'fascist salute'Football Australia issues life ban to spectator who was shown performing a fascist salute at the Australia Cup final. Meanwhile Australia sends military equipment to a quasi-Nazi military force in Ukraine. Was it a 'Heil Dan' ABC? ByeFelicia

‘Shocked and concerned’: Football Australia hits Nazi-saluting fan with lifetime banThe man, caught performing a Nazi salute by broadcast cameras at Saturday night’s Australia Cup final, will be unable to attend any future games sanctioned by the governing body. Is that like the black panther salute from senator Lidia? Clown country

Sydney United 58 fan gets life ban for ‘fascist salute’ at Australia Cup finalFootball Australia has barred the man caught performing a Nazi salute by broadcast cameras from all future games Good. He needs to be named and shamed along with all his family members Name and shame.

Help keep family & friends informed by sharing this article abc.Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy leads a meeting of the National Security and Defence Council in Kyiv, Ukraine, Friday, save articles for save articles for later. Copy link Share Australian-supplied Bushmaster armoured vehicles have "performed masterfully" on the battlefields, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says. Credit: AP Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says his forces were making "rapid and powerful" gains in southern Ukraine and that they had retaken "dozens" of villages from Russia this week. Key points: Mr Zelenskyy said Australia could help Ukraine by supporting it at the UN, continuing defence cooperation and joining further tougher sanctions against Russia He thanked Australia for its actions so far and asked for continued assistance When asked about the progress of his fast-track NATO application, he said "unfortunately it depends not only on Ukraine" In an address to the Lowy Institute on Thursday evening, he said he was grateful for the Bushmasters Australia had sent to Ukraine after he addressed the parliament in March. Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky told the Lowy Institute he was looking forward to more military assistance from Australia Putin would not be able to “preserve his life” if he dared to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine, Zelensky said. "This equipment has performed masterfully in real combat operations," he said. Mr Zelenskyy cited eight settlements in the southern Kherson region, where Moscow's forces have retreated in the face of a sweeping Ukrainian counter-offensive, according to maps presented by the Russian defence ministry on Tuesday. "The more weapons and ammunition we receive … the more Russia would feel the responsibility for violating international law. However, with the official cash rate in Australia sitting at a 9-year high of 2.

"The aggressor will feel that he has little room for any escalation. And it's only a matter of time before we expel the occupier from all of our land," Mr Zelenskyy said.” Loading Asked what Australia could do to help Ukraine, Zelensky said the Albanese government had been preparing a “significant package” of assistance that will be announced soon." While not elaborating on exactly what arms Australia was supplying, he revealed more weapons were on the way to Ukraine. "I don't want to go into details on what weapons … it is not only small arms but some heavy weapons as well," he said. Source: SBS News A Kremlin-installed official Kherson urged residents to remain calm as reports surfaced that Kyiv's forces were making sweeping gains into Russian-controlled territory. Mr Zelenskyy outlined two other ways Australia could continue to support Ukraine, as he warned the war in Ukraine would escalate unless the world responded strongly to Russia's invasion and annexations.” Zelensky said that, for the upcoming round of assistance, Australia had been negotiating with other countries to announce a joint support package for Ukraine. 'Clear and straightforward condemnation of Russia' Loading YouTube content On top of Ukraine's "very meaningful" defence cooperation with Australia, Mr Zelenskyy spoke of the continuing need for diplomatic support at the UN. Kherson was one of the first regions where Kyiv's defences collapsed in February after Russia invaded but Ukrainian forces have recently accelerated a months-long offensive to recapture it..

He asked for Australia to do what it could to convince as many other countries as possible not to remain neutral when the United Nations General Assembly meets next week to discuss a resolution condemning Russia's annexation of four regions of Ukraine . Russia's total claim amounts to around 18 per cent of Ukrainian territory, though the exact borders are still to be clarified. "There is no reason to panic," he told residents of the Black Sea region on social media. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addresses the Lowy Institute. "There is a need for clear and straightforward condemnation of Russia for their attempts to annex Ukrainian territory," he said, via a translator. "We must now direct our joint efforts in a way to make the vote at the General Assembly for this resolution as unanimous as possible. READ MORE From 'sham' referendums to nuclear war: What Russia's Ukraine annexation means for the world The reported gains into Kherson are a threat to the Kremlin's claim to have last week formally annexed the agriculturally rich region with a pre-war population of around one million." Russia vetoed a condemnation in the UN Security Council last week, but in the General Assembly every country has a vote and none can veto resolutions.. “Will this sort of domestic dynamic of stepping down lead other central banks to think about that course of action? I certainly wouldn’t rule it out.

Mr Zelenskyy also called for further and tougher sanctions against Russia, and thanked Australia for being part of the international sanctions applied so far. Some 80 per cent of the region is estimated to be under Russian control. "Now is the time to increase this pressure, when Russia has staged this sham referendum and staged this annexation," he said. "The consequences must be tough. Fresh US aid Mr Stremousov called on Kherson's residents to remain calm after his superior, Vladimir Saldo, conceded in an interview that Ukrainian forces had made a "breakthrough" in the region's northeast, in the village of Dudchany along the Dniepr river.” Beyond providing extra military assistance, Zelensky called for nations such as Australia to use their diplomatic clout to ensure there is a resounding condemnation of Russia at an upcoming vote against recent referendums to annex four Ukrainian regions." Read more on Russia's invasion of Ukraine: .