Australia news LIVE: Medical regulator considers COVID-19 rapid antigen testing in workplaces, homes; ACT lockdown extended as infections rise in NSW, Victoria

15/09/2021 1:25:00 AM

Breaking: Major healthcare provider St Vincent’s will introduce a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy for its workers. Follow our live coverage | @MWhitbourn

Breaking: Major healthcare provider St Vincent’s will introduce a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy for its workers. Follow our live coverage | MWhitbourn

Health Minister Greg Hunt has asked the medical regulator to expedite its consideration of rapid antigen testing in workplaces and homes, while the ACT has extended its lockdown as COVID-19 cases grow in NSW and Victoria.

St Vincent’s announce mandatory COVID jab policy for hospital workers By Tammy Mills Major healthcare provider St Vincent’s will introduce a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy for its workers.The seven people who died include two men in their 90s, a woman in her 90s, three men in his 80s and a woman in her 60s.4 min read September 13, 2021 - 10:30AM Premier Gladys Berejiklian held a coronavirus press conference on Monday due to the achievement of"key milestones" after announcing her daily briefings would be scrapped, as New South Wales recorded 1,257 local cases and seven deaths.learn more here.

While the policy, announced on Wednesday morning, won’t impact employees in NSW and Queensland who are already subject to vaccine mandates from their state health departments, Victoria was yet to announce a compulsory scheme.St Vincent’s has made the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for staff.There are currently 1,189 coronavirus patients in the state’s hospitals.Credit: Scott McNaughton St Vincent’s, which operates 16 public and private hospitals across Victoria, NSW and Queensland, said it will require all staff, volunteers and contractors to be vaccinated.5 per cent have received one dose of a vaccine.“The health and safety of every member of our team is as important as the health and safety of our patients and residents,” chief executive Toby Hall said.'Slight slowdown' in vaccination rate Ms Berejiklian said she was concerned there has been a "slight" slowdown in the state's vaccination rate, following impressive turn outs at GP clinics and vaccination hubs in previous weeks.Mr Hall said the outbreaks in Victoria and NSW confirmed that introducing a mandatory policy was the right move.Credit: Nick Moir Liberal MPs have been urging Premier Gladys Berejiklian to rethink the boundaries dividing Sydney and release suburbs with low case numbers from harsher settings.

Vaccine uptake was already high among the workforce, Mr Hall said, with 70 per cent of St Vincent’s Health staff already fully vaccinated.2 per cent of people over the age of 16 are fully vaccinated, while 78.For those who live in COVID-19 hotspots, a household with all adults vaccinated can engage in outdoor recreation for up to two hours.NSW Health recently announced all healthcare workers, including paramedics, must receive at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by September 30 in order to work, and two doses by November 30.Vaccine mandates for the sector have also been announced by Western Australia and Queensland.The Premier warned unvaccinated residents would not necessarily be included in further easing of restrictions when the state reaches the 80 per cent double-dose mark.The new policy from St Vincent’s will mean its Victorian staff who have not yet been vaccinated will be forced to get the jab if they want to keep working.Premier Gladys Berejiklian is seen during a coronavirus update.“St Vincent’s Health’s vaccination policy will apply to all staff who fall outside these existing mandates."That's not the right message..

We see it as a complementary and logical step in the process of keeping our sites as safe as possible as Australia learns to live with COVID-19 long-term,” Mr Hall said.Mr Hall said only a “very small” number of employees may be resistant or have “specific sensitivities” to the mandate." Read More Australia secures extra Moderna vaccine doses from Europe Ms Berejiklian said the 12 local government areas (LGAs) of concern were some of the areas with the highest vaccination rates across the state, whilst the City of Sydney and some regional pockets of the state were lagging behind."Don't assume that at 80 per cent double-dose vaccination that unvaccinated people are are going to have all those freedoms.The Australian Medical Association has been pushing for a nationally consistent compulsory vaccination for all frontline medical staff.“We’ve said plans to reopen Australia will be a disaster unless our health sector is ready and that will mean having a fully protected medical workforce,” AMA president Dr Omar Khorshid has said previously."For people who got over their fear of getting vaccinated, over their hesitancy, and now they're leading the state, I just say a huge thank you.Aged care workers are already subjected to a vaccine mandate."And our key message is - come forward and get vaccinated.Advertisement The analysis was not commissioned by the NSW government.

Advertisement Melbourne teachers push for mandatory jabs ahead of return to class By and Madeleine Heffernan State school teachers in inner Melbourne are pushing for mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for school staff and jabs for almost all eligible children before face-to-face learning resumes, arguing Victorian schools are not yet safe enough for the return of a million students.Groups of five fully vaccinated adults who live outside the 12 LGAs concern can now gather outside, as long as they are all within five kilometres of their home.The push comes as some schools receive legal threats for promoting vaccines to their school communities from parents and anti-vax groups who incorrectly claim the jabs are “highly experimental” and “proven to be neither safe nor effective”.Princes Hill Secondary School staff members (left to right): Felicity Marlowe, Jamiel Sabbagh, Jessica Little, Lou D’Adam and Bernie Dineen have joined a push for mandatory vaccinations for school staff before children resume face-to-face lessons.Members of the public exercise along Manly Beach in Sydney."I don't know how this will be received, but the 11am information will be done by health staff through video link," she said on Friday.Credit:.

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MWhitbourn Nothing in that roundup on covid case numbers in NSW. Interesting. MWhitbourn Too little too late. Hospitals are already spreading Covid from infected staff and poorly skilled staff.

NSW records 1,257 new local COVID-19 cases and seven more deathsBREAKING NSW recorded 1,257 new local COVID-19 cases and seven deaths, as Gladys Berejiklian flagged a ‘slight’ slowing in vaccinations. Let it Rip Gladys is not the right policy setting resigngladys Australia 'Slight Slowing' Still fastest in the nation - but the 7 Day Average has been dropping for 6 days now. By default, people don't want vaccination. They are only taking it to 'get done with it' and because there are threats about not allowed on work sites etc. If you drop these threats, people will choose vaccines based on their health; not coercion.

WATCH LIVE: Premier Gladys Berejiklian provides NSW COVID-19 cases updatePremier Gladys Berejiklian held a coronavirus press conference on Monday due to the achievement of 'key milestones' after announcing her daily briefings would be scrapped, as New South Wales recorded 1,257 local cases and seven deaths. imagine our surprise How fucking supprrised am I considering the opposition is giving a presser also. Disgraceful from the binchicken Please Know?

NSW to review COVID-19 hotspot boundaries across Sydney suburbsThe NSW government is reviewing hotspot boundaries, with pressure mounting to free suburbs from harsher restrictions as vaccination rates in some areas rise as much as 66 per cent in less than two months. LucyCormack marywardy GladysB GladysInHiding auspol Resign now Gladys and save some innocent lives COVID19nsw LucyCormack marywardy The conclusion that it’s restraints & not vaccination that has helped stemmed the spread is little short of anti vax propoganda. No one can differentiate between the bundle of measures to say which ‘worked’. It’s time more vaxed LGAs are allowed the freedom of non LGAs on concern LucyCormack marywardy The Irish-American migrant Keanilly will defend the migrant suburbs who are being unfairly targetted than the descendants of migrants in the Northern beaches!

Yass Valley to plunge back into lockdown as NSW records 1,257 new local COVID-19 casesPremier Gladys Berejiklian on Monday said she was concerned about a 'slight' slowdown in the state's vaccination rate, following impressive turnouts at GP clinics and vaccination hubs in previous weeks. Well that didn’t last long 😔 poor buggers 🥲 SBS oh fuck, put a viewer discretion warning up before you terrorize us with images of the snout SBS Jumping the gun a bit?

NSW records lowest number of new local COVID-19 cases in almost two weeks

Sydney removalists plead guilty after sparking COVID-19 scare in regional NSWMaryo Shanki, 21, and twins Ramsin Adil and Roni Shawka, 27, travelled from a south-west Sydney hotspot to regional NSW despite one of them testing positive. No regard for anyone else . . What the hell is wrong with people? We will see more people showing no concern for others when GB opens up; infected persons getting around amongst everyone thinking it is ok because the pop. is 'X' % vaxxed.