Australia 'deeply concerned' over Hong Kong security laws

Australia, the UK and Canada say China's proposed security laws for Hong Kong would undermine the legally binding 'One Country, Two Systems' principle.

23/05/2020 1:27:00 AM

Australia, the UK and Canada say China's proposed security laws for Hong Kong would undermine the legally binding 'One Country, Two Systems' principle.

Australia, the UK and Canada say China's proposed security laws for Hong Kong would undermine the legally binding 'One Country, Two Systems' principle.

Share on TwitterAustralia has joined the UK and Canada in expressing"deep concern" over China's proposed Hong Kong security laws, which they say will undermine the city's autonomy.The Chinese Communist Party unveiled the details of the legislation on Friday, which critics say will affect rights, freedoms and judicial independence for the 7.5 million people who live there.

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Foreign Minister Marise Payne joined her counterpart in the UK Dominic Raab, and in Canada Francois-Philippe Champagne, in saying the laws would be contrary to the legally binding Sino-British Joint Declaration of 1984.Under that pact China agreed to allow Hong Kong to continue as a capitalist economy after the 1997 handover, with its people extended the same democratic rights and freedoms enjoyed under the British for 50 years.

Pan-democrat lawmakers and activists make their way to Chinas Liaison Office during a rally against a security law in Hong Kong, China.EPA"We are deeply concerned at proposals for introducing legislation related to national security in Hong Kong," the foreign ministers' statement said.

"The legally binding Joint Declaration, signed by China and the United Kingdom, sets out that Hong Kong will have a high degree of autonomy."The ministers said the joint declaration provides that rights and freedoms, including freedoms of the press and of people to assemble and associate, be ensured in Hong Kong law.

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Did you think that China 🇨🇳 was going to continue the “One country, two systems” policy in the long term? I am really surprised it’s lasted this long. HKMerryGoRound It might be a bad news for the global economy. It's still lots of capital locking inside the China. If Hong Kong no longer remained its own autonomy, the capital from the world would be at risk. The downturn of China economy might further deteriorate the weak world economy.

Let this be a lesson to the world that China can’t keep their word on treaties either. It has never been so evident that the world, and its businesses, can’t trust a genocidal regime that lies, steals,Threatens, coerces, bullies, infiltrates,… China is an Evil remember simoncheng? a staff of the UK consulate who was transported to china and was charged with prostitution in china. he lost connection after being brought to shenzhen and jailed for something he didn’t do! serious infringement of basic law StandWithHongKong

Australia need to pass MagnitskyAct We need to sanction those people to save HongKong 721HK CCPChina Thanks for Australia, UK and Canada to standwithHK officially. Obviously CCP China want to rule HongKong in Xinjiang way. CCP is destroying Hong Kong international Financial Center status. Hong Kong crisis = The world crisis. StandWithHongKong Chinazi nationalsecuritylaw

The one party rule of CCPChina doesn't seem like to keep promises of 1country2systems & HighDegreeOfAutonomy. I wonder how you'd gain from trade & sharing with such bully. BoycottChina MakeChinaPay Thank you for concerning:) Now we can declare 'One country One system' for HK officially . So many things in HK have changed in a fundamental way . It is surely a mortal wound to the legal systems of HK . HK is no longer s safe place to live or for foreign investment ! We need international support !!

2019 protest in HK is a sign of HK people throwing shit on one country, two system. Now it’s CCP’s turn to dump it. Australia... so what if you’re deeply concerned? It’s all talk. alltalknoaction Today’s Hong Kong tomorrow will be the world Never trust CCP baycottchina StandwithHK China's introduced national security laws is a strong evidence telling to the World : China Communist government never keeps its promises in any international agreement / statement. Should the liberated World still trust China?

Stop challenging China . That is US’s business . Not we should concern it! We must unite together to protect Hong Kong. China is already doing whatever it wants to do in hongkong openly & covertly but the laws will make them all legal with sweeping powers. The statement is welcomed but real actions are needed or else it's a resounding win for tyranny that the world can't afford StandWithHongKong

CCPChina lied everything about 1country2systems under BasicLaw, its sidekicks take order to suppress HK ProDemocracyMovt HK needs MagnitskyAct passed in every democratic country to Sanction HKGovt & China SanctionChina HelpHongKong HongKongSecurityLaw Classic case of pursuing an agenda while attention is elsewhere, i.e. on COVID-19. This is a pretty big deal, especially should the US pull out the HK preferential economic treatment.

So Twitter. Are you all going to go crazy about this too?!?! This will have consequences!!!! BE READY! Not only undermine, but that law means “one country two system” is officially dead Bypassing the LegCo in Hong Kong to impose the so-called security law is like officially telling the world that one country two systems is dead. China would love to breach the Joint Declaration ‘cause there is no consequences even though it has breached the agreement.

HCYHK China Seeks India's Support for its New Draconian Law to Crackdown on HongKong Protestors Never trust China. MakeChinaPay ChinaLiedPeopleDied Welcome to 1984 if we don't act now. Join together to fight against china bully. We have enough, the COVIDー19 thing is a big blow. china is no longer a threat. It is real, livelihoods have been lost!

If the law is implemented, we can't fight for democracy ,we can't use twitter and ig. HongKongers china StandWithHongKong Everyone in the free World should be aware. Otherwise you may be next. Pls StandwithHK China violated the Sino-British Joint Declaration HongKong is no longer suitable for investment, all your assets will belong to the CCP Speech ❌Religion ❌Publishing ❌PressFreedom❌Rally❌Internet ❌ Academic ❌Education❌ StandWithHongKong

It starts from Tibet, now Hong Kong, then tomorrow Taiwan, and will be to the world 🌎 Do you know those words/names that you can NEVER say it out? Censorship via closely monitoring of the network, CCTV on the street..CCP is coming to the world Destroying HK not only damages the interests of US, HK and rest of the world, but also shows the minds of CCP Terrorism and anti-universal value. CCP_is_terrorist Please exterminate CCP asap to save HKers and for the safety of whole world!

HK Parliament in discussion If the law is implemented, everything may be 'illegal' in HK We will not have freedom of everything! Therefore, Hong Kong people will never accept it. SaveHK StandwithHK HK is goose that still lays golden eggs. 🇭🇰 stock market has been protected by BasicLaw thus foreigners have confidence to invest in 🇭🇰. China imposes nationalsecuritylaw on 🇭🇰 directly by bypassing BL is collapse of 1country2systems. Foreign capital will be confiscated soon

We now all know CCP's wild ambitions towards controlling the world. The evil national security law to be enforced in HongKong means a complete end of autonomy, so as its freedom. Please StandwithHongKong people in the frontline of defending CCP's invasion. China is imposing its one-sided will of national security legislation upon Hongkongers. And this action leads Hong Kong ’s high degree of autonomy is completely undermined. One country, one system being achieved.

Please sanction CCP as soon as possible. SOSHK StandWithHongKong ChinaMustPay Mind your own business! Hong Kong is an internal affair of China. The law of national security for those who have no trouble is only a law, and I hope they are not the backstage of those who have trouble. None of your business, the West! China has full jurisdiction over HK! You guys better take all those pro-breakaway terrorists as your refugees!

It’s not simply undermining the “one country, two system” but closing the gate which the world could see what’s going on in China! This national security law is going to stop press and democrat in HK to showcase the truth in China. The introduction of national security laws violated provisions of Basic Law that ensure Hong Kong’s liberties and autonomy. Hope the world could take action to save HK

Dutton is like ccp. Here we go again. Our favorite trading partner. Important issue. Hong Kong ethnic Chinese deserve our support as do all ethnic Chinese around the world being hunted by the CCP.

China's Hong Kong plans for new security laws sparks fury | Sky News AustraliaPro-democracy activists say they fear the end of Hong Kong after China announced plans for new security laws.\n\nThe Hong Kong government insists the legislation will not affect the freedoms of its people as activists launch a second wave of protests. \n\nImage: Getty Australian Labor MP praises the Chines ‘’leadership‘’ The end of Hong Kong was July 1, 1997, when Britain left. Goebbels News Corp garbage. US UK paid interference against extradition to China has nothing to do with pro democracy... This is the same CIA terrorist activities they used in the Ukraine..

Gyms in Hong Kong have introduced perspex divides – will we get them too?With lockdown measures being slowly lifted as coronavirus cases in Australia decline it seems that life is slowly returning to normal. So every time you go to a workout station you get a free germ sauna Absolute crazy . It’s not even that bad in Australia Lol, it won’t be happening here, won’t stop a media desperate to fill content quotas and keep hype levels up though.

China pledges to 'ensure national security' in Hong Kong and MacauIn his opening address to the National People's Congress, Premier Li Keqiang says China will establish 'enforcement mechanisms' in Hong Kong and Macau that will give Hong Kong's chief executive responsibility for preventing acts that endanger national security. More Chinese Communist propaganda spread by the TheirABC. The criminal dictatorship rolls on ! RIP Hong Kong More trouble to come.

China considering new security law for Hong Kong after protestsChina’s ceremonial parliament will consider a bill that could limit opposition activity in Hong Kong, a spokesperson said on Thursday, appearing to confirm speculation that China will sidestep the territory’s own lawmaking body in enacting legislation to crack down on activity Beijing considers subversive. At what point will investments in Honkers from Australia, become illogical. Money invested in a territory, covered by a iron veil fan, delays the civil ambitions of ordinary people. Controversial? Haha you don't even know it's content... ChinaLiedPeopleDied FreeHongKong

This is the end of Hong Kong': China pushes security law after unrestPro-democracy activists say they fear 'the end of Hong Kong', as China's proposed new security law could spell the end of the 'One Country, Two Systems' policy. 2019 Protest in HK made CCP rlose confidence in one country, two systems. Now they decide to go head with one system now. The National Security legislation definitely means the complete end of 1 country 2 system that claimed to support HongKong's autonomy over the past 22 years. The introduction of national security law brings an end to Hong Kong where ppl are supposedly allowed to enjoy freedoms under Basic Law.

China to impose sweeping national security law in Hong KongChina is set to impose new national security legislation on Hong Kong, provoking fears of further protests as China recovers from the coronavirus pandemic. There're too many innocent hongkonger have lost a massive of their wealth which accumalted through several generations as the endless chaos! But, weather or not new law should be imposed on hongkong is totally up to hongkonger. Hopefully Beijing won't play a too important role. Gonna have another year lost for HK then. Protest, virus and now protest again. No Matter who’s wrong who’s right, HK is losing its economic status and will definitely becomes a normal city enjoying less privilege