Australia and the world right to be worried about democracy after Trump: Bob Woodward

Australia and the world right to be worried about democracy after Trump: Bob Woodward

22/10/2021 5:19:00 AM

Australia and the world right to be worried about democracy after Trump: Bob Woodward

The Washington Post journalist best known for his coverage of the Watergate scandal says tens of thousands of Americans still support Donald Trump and the media is not paying them enough attention.

After 'living' Trump since 2016 Woodward believes there is a "high likelihood" he will run again for President and get the Republican Nomination — despite many wanting to take the party back to its roots."Lots of leading Republicans in the Congress … if you talk to them off the record, privately, they have immense disdain for Trump," he said.

"They see what he is but they realize he has this grip, this hold, on these tens of millions of Republican and other voters."On the question as to whether Trump will be re-elected, Woodward says many people think it is unlikely but he is keeping an open mind.

"We have before us the history of the last five years, when so many unlikely things have happened in this country," he said.Bob Woodward says it is "highly likely" Trump will run for the US presidency next election.()'We must listen to Trump supporters'

From when Trump first announced he was running for office until today, there has been a strained relationship between his supporters and the media.Many mainstream commentators dismissed that it would ever be possible for Trump to make it to the oval office, and they failed to listen to the concerns of his supporter base.

Woodward believes the American and international media are once again making the same mistake."You have to listen," he said. Read more: ABC News »

Morrison calls on states to allow Australians 'to have their lives back'

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has urged state and territory leaders to step back and let Australians have their lives back as debate rages over COVID-19 vaccinate mandates.

No worries about Biden. He can. There’s No Democracy in Victoria, not because of Trump but because of Dan Andrews we should always have been worried about democracy: the only group more corrupt than the politicians are the media and the plebs can only make good decisions at election time with good information: we make crap decisions because we are fed fantasy by the media!

MOST election winning parties elected because they have the most money for electoral propaganda the elections in most democracies are won by the highest bidder all winning parties elected have to start comprising with their parties ideas all being implemented it so unbalanced Women have a natural instinct to care and nurture a safe environment less likely to use fear AGRESSION and warfare Men have failed peace over N over for millennia. It's time to hand the reigns over to young women accommodation of successfully accomplished comprise !!only peace✌️

All political parties elected in any gov' party work together as single United teams No more opposition parties left, right must work together with party elect in the middle 90% 10% =s 100% there's never been a majority leadership in any modern democracy Government has to stop opposition and start working on comprising with legislation factored together with all elected parties. Stop the infighting towing the party line. The only parties that have a majority are dictators and self appointed leaders Majority rules is wrong

Democracy in the world will continue despite what has occurred in the US. America must cease believing that it is the leader in all things political. After all democracy was founded and developed in countries outside the USA. ‘We must listen to trump supporters’ - no we don’t. Giving this man any legitimacy is a joke

He was taken down by a vote fraud coup that is now rolling out the tyranny that goes with it. Yeah, I'd say so. No such thing as democracy, freedom, individual rights, beliefs anymore.

realBobWoodward If Trump is allowed to go free, and his fascists minions in our government aren’t removed, I hope Sweden, Norway or Finland will be accepting American refugees. Bob can get in the bin. Withholding crucial info about Drumpf for the sake of future book sales is a threat to democracy After Trump, but still during Murdoch!

Its more Central bank policy & gov policies like letting in 2mill skilled immigrants over 4 years to pump house prices, so good luck to university students trying to get a job, not only will they not be able to afford a house they wont have a job. People will vote for Pauline. What democracy? It is only called democracy when Democrats get everything they want including seizing the power by stealing US presidential election by deception and fraud.

Australia is on the verge of letting the politicians abolish our democracy and it will soon be a dictatorship. Australia has been sold to the highest bidder. I look at Trump and his supporters and I think, these guys are absolutely insane, and then I laugh, but then I think these people actually believe this stuff, and that scares me a lot

in Oz it's the loony Left ... over there it's the ridiculous redneck rooted Right

Very true, biased media like the ABC, and radical extremists pulled down an elected official. Not the ballot box. Social Media and MSM are undermining good government. We need to let the people vote & the majority select the government. If the government is bad vote it out. Don't worry about Trump we have a govt absolutely defecating all over our democracy.

I think the worries started long before Trump It could happen here you say? An incompetent, dangerous far right populist coercing an uninformed public into electing him by riding wedge issues and a propaganda campaign in his favour? You're saying this is possible in Australia? Arguably our Constitution needs tightening up. When was the last time we did that? Counted aborigines like they didn't exist before; whose bloody country was it?

When you have no accountability you have no democracy. Why isn't the media crucifying ScottMorrisonMP over the rorts. Australia is presently jabbing kids with vaccines the US makers say are not for children, while States force it willy nilly ignoring all the gathering evidence. So much easer to toss red meat to the MSM left. Their ABC.

The Democrats were so concerned with democracy they never accepted the 2016 election. Australia's hardly a bona fide democracy, as we've seen in the last 20 months. ajEdenvalley1 I wouldn’t be surprised if the LNP contest a close election. They know their only chance for some of them to avoid corruption charges is to stay in power in perpetuity.

More worried about Biden actions The anti-democratic super packs lead by industry (Koch bros etc.) were fuck all compared to tech influence now. Zuck /FB / Cambridge analytics going to put whoever they like in there as these morons still crying about Trump. It’s a well thought out sideshow Radicalism is deteriorating the democracy.

The world needs Trump more than ever. Lol the U.S a democracy. When did congress ever carry out the will of the people? Pretty frightening that our own PM would have preferred Trump over Joe Biden. It seems this very dangerous and toxic right wing movement has spilled over to other countries as well. I'm afraid there's nothing to worry about...