Ausgrid calls out customers for abusing workers during COVID-19 lockdown

5/05/2020 3:06:00 AM

Ausgrid calls out customers for abusing workers during COVID-19 lockdown | @AnnaPattySMH

Ausgrid calls out customers for abusing workers during COVID-19 lockdown | AnnaPattySMH

Electricity distribution company Ausgrid will on Tuesday launch a public campaign to discourage people from abusing its workers.

Play video Ausgrid chief executive officer Richard Gross said he was disappointed that workers were being threatened doing network maintenance.Australia pledges $350 million toward global COVID-19 vaccine fund 05/05/2020 | 1min The federal government has announced it will contribute $350 million toward COVID-19 vaccine research and development as part of a $12 billion pledge to the cause.Uber said its new Hourly Driver option was meant to help people who still needed to undertake essential travel or to get all of their errands done in one go., forecasts that the US will be recording 200,000 new cases each day by the end of May - a massive increase from 25,000 cases currently.

“We’ve seen cases where crews had been physically blocked from doing their work by members of the public during the COVID-19 pandemic, while others have been threatened with spitting and coughing," he said.Advertisement "Call centre staff have been bullied and verbally harassed, even examples of some callers threatening harm against their families.Image: Getty Favourite." District operator for Ausgrid Gavin Johns who works in the Newcastle area said he and his co-workers have been yelled at, intimidated and threatened with a gun.(Getty) After the minimum initial hour, a fare will be charged on a prorated basis per minute.He said one customer said she hoped his co-worker contracted coronavirus and died."It's really ramped up in the last few months since this pandemic spread started happening," he said.” “This data is not reflective of any of the modeling done by the task force or data that the task force has analyse.

"Someone unloaded every swear word under the sun at me and was aggressive towards me trying to get the point across that we shouldn't be turning their power off when everyone is in isolation and working from home.Continue reading.You get multiple people coming out of their houses to abuse you."It's really stressful.No one deserves to be yelled at for going to work." Ausgrid district operator Gavin Johns has been abused for doing his job." Public health experts have expressed growing disappointment that the number of new cases and deaths in the US has not declined as quickly as they had hoped.

Mr Gross said non-essential work was being avoided but critical work could not be delayed."If we did that, it would put future power supply at risk.That’s a risk we’re not willing to take during the pandemic," he said.“Just like every Australian, our staff are people with families and loved ones who are going through all the changes that this pandemic is bringing with it.“We are all in this together.Texas reported 50 deaths last Thursday (Friday AEST), its highest daily number of COVID-19 deaths since the pandemic began.

If you see our workers in the field, give them a wave and say G’day.” Loading Electrical Trades Union (ETU) NSW secretary Justin Page said an increased number of people working from home were getting angry about their power being turned off.He said the union had received complaints of verbal abuse from workers at Ausgrid, Essential Energy and Endeavour Energy."We are asking the public to understand these workers have a job to do to ensure they have safe reliable power even in this pandemic," he said."These workers do a fantastic job in all sorts of conditions, fires, floods and storms, but even in these times the work needs to be done to ensure people have safe quality power supply."I think we saved millions of lives, but now we have to get it back open, and we have to get it back open safely but as quickly as possible," he said.

They can't stop work for six months during the pandemic.It is imperative these workers be allowed to do their job without being abused." Endeavour Energy said it was concerned after receiving reports of threatening behaviour towards field workers and call centre staff when the COVID-19 lockdown began."This quickly stopped as we explained the need for critical maintenance to keep the lights on and protect lives," an Endeavour Energy spokeswoman said.Essential Energy said: "Despite more customers being at home and potentially being inconvenienced, the community has been supportive and understanding when planned or unplanned power outages occur".

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AnnaPattySMH Straya has gone to the dogs AnnaPattySMH Disgusting. Embarrassed as an Aussie. Thought that kind of behaviour only happened in Trumplandia 🤡

Australia pledges $350 million toward global COVID-19 vaccine fund | Sky News AustraliaThe federal government has announced it will contribute $350 million toward COVID-19 vaccine research and development as part of a $12 billion pledge to the cause.\n\nAustralia has joined a number of other countries – including Japan, Italy and Canada – in the move, while the United States has refused to contribute. \n\nImage: Getty I won't take a vaccine!! I hope it wont be mandatory What so they can put more animal tissue in it? To see how much gain of function and more lethal they can make it? We are proud Aus govt but it is peanuts 🥜 - Wipro founder Premji donated 150M and that is a single company.

Uber launches new ride-share option during COVID-19 lockdownRide-share giant Uber has launched an option on its app that allows people to book a driver for a period of at least one hour. 9News

Leaked Trump administration figures project 3000 COVID-19 deaths a day in the USThe Trump administration is privately projecting that up to 3000 people will soon die each day from COVID-19 - a significant increase on current figures - even as the US President urges states to quickly re-open their economies. 6 AM May 5, Deaths per million population % USA 209 Spain 544 Italy 481 UK 423 Fake news as usual why don’t you report positive projections? When one leaks (pisses) into the wind it comes back and hits you in the face. Just like the left wing media printing so called leaked information

After retesting samples, French hospital discovers COVID-19 case from DecemberA hospital in Paris has discovered that it treated a man who had COVID-19 as early as December 27, nearly a month before the French government confirmed its first cases. Tons of stories like that are coming soon Australia should call for an investigation of France. Why limit the request to China only? Nothing about the thousands of refugees living in tents without any protection, you would think they would be dropping like flies, only if covid was highly contagious as they claim!

COVID-19 in graphs: Compare each country's coronavirus curveAustralia and New Zealand have dramatically reduced their newly confirmed cases of COVID-19. The below interactive shows how other countries with more than 50 reported cases are managing the pandemic. Telling half the story. How does Lithuania have MINUS 4 cases a day? Every responsible journalist should be asking govt now, if restrictions are lifted and school returns, -What is the level of spike (because we know it will come) that will trigger another shut down? - What level of deaths are we prepared to tolerate? Ask those questions now

WA woman becomes latest COVID-19 victim | Sky News AustraliaAn 83-year-old WA woman has become the latest Australian to die of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, bringing the national death toll to 95.\n\n Give us the FLU numbers ... Give us the ROAD TOLL . 95 deaths are very sad for the families and close ones involved but this hysteria that will put us 500 billion dollars in the hole is absolutely horrendous and we know it , you know it and the whole world knows it . 83? Wasn't the flu? Wasn't pneumonia? How do we know it was Covid-19 when the numbers have been manipulated to suit their narrative? It seem as though everyone that is dying is only dying of ChinaVirus🤔 ThinkForYourself