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'By world standards Australia does pretty well in terms of our recycling and recovery rates” but there are some 'very big challenges across the board in our recycling and waste management industries” says Liberal MP Trevor Evans.

"By world standards Australia does pretty well in terms of our recycling and recovery rates” but there are some "very big challenges across the board in our recycling and waste management industries” says Liberal MP Trevor Evans. The government issued a pledge to ramp up recycling, in part because of China import bans set to start in the middle of this year, however a number of recycling plants have shut down as a result of the ban.

Mr Evans told Sky News “there is an opportunity here which is to bring a level of national leadership and coordination of the states and other players in this space to try to make sure industry locally is more sustainable and strong”. “We want people to have more confidence in the fact that when they do put something in the right bin it actually gets recycled and turned into other products” he said.


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What a joke you can't be serious Australia pretty good at recycling more Fake News.

Nobody is interested in Sky News or their advertisers until Bolt and Henderson are removed

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Australia Latest News, Australia Headlines

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