AUKUS alliance will open ‘a new chapter’ in ties between Australia, UK and US

16/09/2021 1:07:00 AM

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced he is “delighted” the UK, the US and Australia will be working in joint partnership, known as AUKUS, to strengthen stability in the Indo-Pacific.

AUKUS alliance will open ‘a new chapter’ in ties between Australia, UK and US 32 minutes ago UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced he is “delighted” the UK, the US and Australia will be working in joint partnership, known as AUKUS, to strengthen stability in the save articles for later.3 minutes ago Nation leaders Scott Morrison, Joe Biden and Boris Johnson have released a joint national security statement announcing a new trilateral partnership for the Indo-Pacific save articles for later.

“The United Kingdom, Australia and the United States are creating a new trilateral defence partnership, known as AUKUS, with the aim of working hand-in-glove to preserve security and stability in the Indo-Pacific,” Mr Johnson said.“We’re opening a new chapter in our friendship, and the first task of this partnership will be to help Australia acquire a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines.The ambitious AUKUS alliance is being hailed as Australia’s most significant strategic move in decades.” He said the submarines – powered by nuclear reactors – will be one of the “most complex and technically demanding projects in the world”, requiring “the most advanced technology” and lasting for decades.We have always seen the world through a similar lens.“It will draw on the expertise that the UK has acquired over generations, dating back to the launch of the Royal Navy’s first nuclear submarine, over 60 years ago,” he said.The partnership will be launched by the leaders of the United States, Australia and Britain in a joint virtual news conference early on Thursday morning (AEST) and will be signed by the trio in Washington DC next week.Read More.Morrison said the partnership would take the long-standing relationship between the three allies to a “new level” and help ensure stability in the Indo-Pacific.

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Looks like Scott Morrison is not a priority for the US, Biden even forgot his name in the announcement. Is this actually going to go anywhere apart from another media distraction? Lol..two vassals and a fading empire. Way to provoke the rest of the world ya dingbats. Now we're on everyone elses radar...

The biggest question is! Will BIDEN keep his word, or will he pullout leaving everyone stranded while MILLEY informed CHINA of every move First,withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan,and now 3 major countries are joining hands to defend only themselves. Sadly,it is the most defensive step these countries have ever taken in all history. In reality, it is motivating hostile forces and demotivating peace. 😒

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Australia, US and Britain unveil new AUKUS defence pact to counter ChinaAustralia is set to acquire its first fleet of highly prized nuclear-powered submarines as part of the historic defence pact, hailed as the country’s most significant strategic move in decades. KnottMatthew latikambourke Warmongers KnottMatthew latikambourke Go to any coastal town in southern Australia (eg Portland) and you'll probably see a preserved 19th century gun battery, still standing guard against a Russian invasion...... Here we go again. KnottMatthew latikambourke ScoMo was so smug at the end of his announcement, a global embarrassment

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Oh no, that is a disaster didn’t we learn from Afghanistan. The US meddles and destroys many countries then they get enemies let’s not be like them. More like open your arse and make a meat puppets of 'formerly free people' in UK USA and AUS, where covil liberties don't exist. It’s AUUKUS Biden: “Thank you Boris. And I want to thank that fella down under. Thank you pal. Appreciate it Mr Prime Minister.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Who is the fellow Down Under ? Thank goodness we now have an updated alliance against the aggressive CCP. Wonderful news that Australia is finally going nuclear power. Brilliant. Continuing a century plus long policy of dependence......

IN FULL: US, UK, Australian leaders establish AUKUS partnershipOnce you've cleaned the ejaculate off the inside of your pants, spare a moment for the purified stupidity of the idea of the UK in the the indo Pacific. Canada left out! Trudeau has made us sitting ducks!

Australia to acquire nuclear submarines as part of new AUKUS defence pactBREAKING Australia is set to acquire its first fleet of highly prized nuclear-powered submarines as part of a historic new defence pact proposed by Scott Morrison to Joe Biden and Boris Johnson. KnottMatthew and latikambourke report

Australia, US and UK to make joint national security statementYawn TheLastRefuge2 Let me guess 'Build Back Better' The US will love this one, they are going to massive amount of money at taxpayers expense. Arms sales are a huge US industry.

Australia, the US and UK to announce landmark new defence pactAustralia, the United States and Britain will unveil a landmark new security pact to share advanced technologies, including nuclear submarine technology, in a major international announcement on Thursday morning. I wonder how neighboring countries like nz Indonesia Phillipines etc feel about having a nuclear submarine fleet based in perth and were they consulted. I suspect this won't go down well o/seas as well as on the austn mainland especially in perth This is proven the virus is just a Scamdemic as the warmongers continue to keep the war racket going to protect the US$ dominant as China global success is a dead nail to the US Empire coffin 😛😛 When do we get to start laughing out loud?. Larry Curley & Mo, had nothing on these 3 political clowns.

Australia to acquire nuclear-powered submarines in historic security pact with US ​and UKBREAKING: Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced a landmark trilateral defence agreement with the US and UK, called AUKUS. The first major initiative of AUKUS will be to deliver a nuclear-powered submarine fleet for Australia. STORY: 9News Great news Combating China and Russia about time to Australia becomes Poland, this is going to hurt.