Attorney-General demands answers from Bill Shorten about Huang Xiangmo dealings

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Christian Porter has accused the Opposition Leader of not being transparent and open about all his dealings with the billionaire Chinese political donor.

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Christian Porter's call for Mr Shorten to account for his dealings with Mr Huang came after images emerged of a previously reported incident allegedly showing Mr Shorten attending Mr Huang's daughter's wedding.

"And as these photographs now demonstrate, he, Bill Shorten, is the guest of honour at Huang Xiangmo's daughter's wedding."An investigation by the ABC's Four Corners, The Age and Sydney Morning Herald this week revealed the Chinese Communist Party-aligned billionaire paid tens of thousands of dollars to former Liberal minister Santo Santoro while mounting a back-room campaign to secure Australian citizenship.

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What a corrupt mess, where does it end?

Hypocrisy at its best. They are all tainted by this issue. Selling themselves to the highest bidder.

Now that's interesting................ Sneaky Shorten kept this all quite to himself

Ask them ALL Dutton Abbott Slomo etc

Dealing with any Chinese Australian resident can be cause for the Chinese to have that person interrogated as to the details of what important information can be added to their files.

Better check if any LNP stalwarts also attended before condemning Bill Shorten.

ALL politicians - on both side of politics - who shook hands with Huang should explain their dealings

Is this like a Huang Parliament?

'Requests answers' would be more appropriate tweet from a highly respected media organisation.

Suppose Attorney-General knows everything about dealings between Peter Dutton and Huang Xiangmo...

When will Porter investigate his own tainted colleagues? Hypocrite. No wonder the Libs felt it safer to remove his visa and deny him media access.

Was Mr Shorten in a position to approve citizenship at the time?

How about answers to where the bunch of Rolex watches disappeared too after the Liberals got caught accepting them out of a paper bag....they thought they were fake!!!! Where did they dissapear too...Give the Attorney General something to do for his last days in ofice!!!!

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