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Covid-19, Professer Sarah Gilbert

AstraZeneca developer says mixed messaging on vaccine rollout in Australia could result in 'lives lost'

AstraZeneca developer says mixed messaging on vaccine rollout in Australia could result in 'lives lost'

30/07/2021 1:05:00 AM

AstraZeneca developer says mixed messaging on vaccine rollout in Australia could result in 'lives lost'

The architect behind the Oxford /AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine warns of dire long-term effects if Australians are too worried about getting the jab due to changing advice from government.

Print text onlyPrintCancelProfessor Sarah Gilbert, the architect behind the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, has said the messaging around vaccine rollout in Australia could result in "lives lost”.Key points:The Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine was one of the first COVID-19 vaccines to be developed and approved for use

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But a link to rare blood-clotting events saw it temporarily suspended for use in some European countriesSydneysiders are being urged to 'strongly consider' getting the vaccine during the latest COVID outbreakIt follows months of changing guidance and restrictions in Australia around who should receive the British-developed vaccine amid surging case numbers in NSW.

The vaccine developer has distributed one billion doses of the vaccine in 170 countries around the world.One of the earliest vaccines to be developed, and used as the backbone of the UK's ambitious vaccination program, the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine was hailed a COVID world-beater.

But issues with supply andled authorities to temporarily suspend the vaccine in some European countries, before restricting it to certain age groups.Professor Sarah Gilbert helped develop the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine.(ABC News)Australia followed suit, limiting its distribution to those over 60 years old before expanding the age bracket to those over 50.

"This has been an absolute nightmare," Professor Andrew Pollard, director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, told the ABC."With changing of age, recommendations, over the course of the last six months, that's really, I think, left some people without vaccine when they could have been vaccinated... and that's a huge risk to our populations around the world if we get that wrong."

In Australia, where until recently cases numbers had been low, the return of rolling lockdowns and a spreading Delta variant has changed the calculus.But the developers worry that mixed messaging could impact a successful vaccine take-up."I think the problem with that is the messaging that people receive around the vaccination," Professor Gilbert said.

"Because if you're telling people at some stage, 'oh, you shouldn't have this vaccine, it's probably not the best thing for you,' and then you want to change that message and say, 'no, we changed our mind, it is good,' I think it makes it difficult for people who are considering whether to get vaccinated and when to get vaccinated.

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"It complicates the situation."Peopleunder the age of 40 in Sydney are now being encouraged to get the vaccine– and no longer must see a GP before doing so."If it's now possible to accelerate vaccination in Australia and save lives by getting people vaccinated quickly then it won't be the greatest public health disaster the country has ever seen," Professor Gilbert said.

"But the concern is that if people have received the wrong message and are just too worried about going to get vaccine now, that really could have very long-term effects and we could see a lot of lives lost because of it."Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume.

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Construction workers are planning another protest in Melbourne today following yesterday's violent demonstration against the Victorian government's vaccine mandate.

Atagi just published the facts. Politicians made it seem worse than it is but it's still not as effective as Pfizer. If scomo had ordered enough Pfizer in Dec we wouldn't have any issues. Significant elements in Australia media appeared to be running an anti Astra Zeneca campaign. Numerous scare stories pushed by Aussie media definitely undermining confidence in Covid vaccines. Will Aussie media be held accountable?

Very true This is insane and no considetatios for people lives, just to their business and image. Why AZ do not spend considerable profits they had on identifying the people of blood clots risks? Could?😎 Hey PM Morrison! let us elderly (not in aged care) have access to $22 Pfizer jabs, like you had, and not the el cheapo $4 AZ which you are foisting on us. Australia’s % jabs will surely be increased significantly as a result.

I am 62. I have had both shots of AstraZeneca without experiencing any side effects on both occasions. The undeserved bad wrap that AstraZeneca has been given by anti-vaxers, and the mainstream and social media could very well cost lives. It has already, due to blood clots. Maybe AZ could turn their attention on getting the blood clots issue fixed.

My husband and I have had 1 AZ at 66 & 73 (we tried to get Pfizer) but yesterday found out my nephew's father-in-law died of clots and stroke immediately after his AZ. So it is real.

Melbourne grandmother suffers blood clots after COVID-19 jabA Melbourne grandmother in intensive care for blood clots after getting the AstraZeneca vaccine still thinks the best way out of the COVID-19 pandemic is to get a jab. 9News Shes not the only one in hospital with this “rare blood clot” So are you actively trying to prevent people from getting the vaccine now This is unfortunate yes, and I do hope this lady recovers quickly, but we should still be encouraging people to vax with the actual stats instead of fearmongering. What's interesting is that blood clots are part of dying covid Hmmmmm

Yes, never tell the target audience that the product is actually shit. Right Maybe ask Albo, Rudd and Palascak to stop publicly trying to point score off AZ, it's bloody disgusting, when I had my first shot, the place was dead, me and oly a few others. Could also result in loss of sales? LOL It 'is' resulting in lives lost.

Somebody accidently put 'lives' where 'money' goes in the title. ‘Scott Morrison and Greg Hunt bungling have left people dead, and more likely to follow’ - there, I fixed it for you. ScottMorrisonMP should have left the job of encouraging vaccination to the medical profession & kept politicians out of it but instead his ego, election ambitions and politics won the day and he delivered a sorry mess.

Really the media done a top job in that and the doctors with their own spin has put confusion amongst the public . It wasn't the messaging. It was the numbers.

Number of unused AstraZeneca vaccines in Australia tops 3 millionThe World Health Organisation says Australia should give unwanted vaccines to countries that could use them. latikambourke Emperor1G latikambourke Or people could just take them, and stop listening to the disgraceful scare campaigners - whose actions have been a large part of getting us in the sh1t latikambourke Everyone who has spread disinformation or publicly uttered the words 'I'm waiting for Pfizer' should hang your heads in shame.

Number of unused AstraZeneca vaccines in Australia tops 3 millionThe number of unused AstraZeneca vaccine doses has increased to three million, despite repeated claims that Australia’s vaccine rollout is being hampered by a lack of supply. | latikambourke latikambourke Thank the media. Well done guys latikambourke You the media have demonised AZ and scared people off take some responsibility latikambourke How about using the surplus for some good old vaccine diplomacy with our neighbors? I think they would prefer it to the SinoVac

‘We can’t have vaccines and vaccination dividing the country’: Chris KennyWell, some of your hosts on Sky News are inflaming the situation and creating this polarization by validating the anti-vax/anti-lockdown rhetoric, to the detriment of peoples’ health. But that's the whole idea. Worried about it taking his job?

Victoria ramps up vaccine rollout after reporting one mystery infectionVictoria’s locally acquired cases reported on Thursday have fallen to seven with one mystery infection yet to be linked back to the state’s outbreak as the vaccine rollout picks up speed.

Our anger is focused on vaccination, but is it fed by a dangerous mythology?OPINION | The palpable anger over the speed of the vaccine rollout raises an important question: what happens if the rollout is done but our COVID-19 problems are not?, writes Waleed Aly While this might have some truth, this is not the time to be publishing articles like this. Timing is terrible. At least wait until we get to 70%+ vaccination first.