As Snowy Hydro ramps up production amid power crisis, nearby farmers fear discharge flooding

28/06/2022 1:25:00 AM

As Snowy Hydro ramps up production amid power crisis, nearby farmers fear discharge flooding

As Snowy Hydro ramps up production amid power crisis, nearby farmers fear discharge flooding

Further water releases from the Snowy Hydro and the Tumut River channel already at capacity have farmers downstream concerned, one saying there should have been better planning before now.

Kevin Malone's family has farmed on the verdant banks of the Tumut River in southern New South Wales for 170 years, but he is deeply concerned that legacy is at risk due to the current management of the waterway.Sun 26 Jun 2022 11.New South Wales beekeepers and industry groups say emergency measures imposed to stop the spread of a deadly parasite will devastate the industry and have potentially significant knock-on effects on honey production and save article Share Listed salmon farmer Tassal Group has found itself in the crosshairs of Canada’s Cooke Inc.

Key points: Snowy Hydro has indicated the potential for the Tumut River to flood due to increased demand for electricity Landholders are worried about the financial and environmental impacts that could have Water managers say they are trying the balance the need for power with managing flood risks In recent weeks electricity provider Snowy Hydro has been called on to increase production from its Tumut 3 Power Station , about 40 kilometres from Mr Malone's dairy farm on the Tumut Plains.Snowy Hydro has said on its website it is "significantly constrained" due to current water levels in Blowering Dam — the Water NSW-managed dam from which the Tumut River flows, and the final storage in the company's Tumut section of the Snowy scheme.44 BST Boris Johnson is facing possible legal action over a delay to the start of the Covid-19 public inquiry, which campaigners fear could lead to evidence being destroyed.Blowering has almost reached full capacity due to recent heavy rain, but in order for Snowy Hydro to make power out of Tumut 3 Power Station it has to pump water that ends up in the reservoir.It was also discovered in the hives of a nearby commercial beekeeper."It is possible Blowering Reservoir will fill and spill, potentially exceeding the Tumut River channel capacity," Snowy Hydro said.But Downing Street has yet to finalise the terms of reference.Blowering Dam interacts closely with the storages in the Snowy Hydro scheme.Cooke was advised by Melbourne dealmaker David Williams on the Huon takeover battle.

( Supplied: Snowy Hydro ) "There is potential for the inundation of low-level causeways and water breaking out of the river channel onto agricultural land adjacent to the river.The inquiry is to examine everything from the devastating impact of the virus in care homes to the government’s application of lockdowns."I've got about 150 beehives on my property at Williamtown and by the looks of it all my hives will be eradicated," he said." Mr Malone said he was worried.Kevin Malone believes flooding along the Tumut River is inevitable.The hearings are expected to be politically embarrassing for the government and likely to renew debate about lockdown breaking in Downing Street and drill into policies such as infection control in care homes, which the high court has already.( ) "The river is currently running at channel capacity," he said.( ) Mr Vial said the financial impact would be huge for his business."If they're going to increase the flows out of Blowering Dam we're going to get flooded.” In December 2021 he appointed Lady Hallett to chair the inquiry.He has 10 years' experience as a business journalist and worked at PwC, auditing and advising financial services companies.

" There was minor spill out of the dam last year following months of rain in the region but in 2010 there was extensive flooding following dam releases, which is what Mr Malone fears will happen again.The Tumut Plains were flooded extensively in 2010 when Blowering Dam spilled.It is an offence under the act to destroy or tamper with evidence, but only after the inquiry’s setting up date." Measures vital for control New South Wales Farmers Association president James Jackson said he welcomed the emergency measures put in place.( ABC Riverina: Emily Doak ) "We'll be severely impacted trying to run our dairy cows to pasture and to try and access feed that we have located on our flats.There's going to be huge pasture derogation, fencing issues," he said.” Jo Goodman, co-founder of Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice said: “These delays slow down how quickly we can learn lessons from the pandemic and could cost lives, so why is the prime minister endlessly wasting time? He could set the inquiry up and get the process moving with the stroke of a pen.The forecast fluctuations in the river's levels coincides with the imminent start of the new irrigation season — when water is released from the dam to help water crops in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area in the state's south-west." Mr Jackson said while the measures were necessary, he agreed they would have a big impact on apiarists and beyond.

.Six weeks ago, Hallett called for its scope to be widened to consider the pandemic’s unequal impact on minority ethnic people, on children and on mental health.

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BS story Snowy Hydro 2.0 is a stored hydro system and generates no new power, it uses power to pay back power and add to the cost to consumer. Proven fact. And this to smooth an erratic grid management Water is life. ABC love their fear porn. Thanks to no dams Greens MelindaHayter romysteph ABC should show the public the real power generation data of Snowy auspol Matt_KeanMP

In 2021, Australia produced 74,679 gigawatt-hours of renewable energy, which accounted for 32.5% of electricity production. Australia produced 378.7 PJ of overall renewable energy (including renewable electricity) in 2018, which accounted for 6.2% of Australia's total energy use Farmers fear everything

Who can blame them with the poor management over the years. Have those responsible been stood down, or still running the show? It's frightening that no matter what damage government workers do they never lose their job. In the private sector you'd lose your job immediately.

Johnson faces possible legal action over delay to Covid public inquiryCampaigners say they will seek judicial review amid fears delay could lead to loss of evidence

'All my hives will be eradicated': Beekeeper heartbreak as NSW imposes emergency biosecurity measuresThere are fears measures in place to stop the spread of a destructive parasite could devastate the bee industry and threaten honey and agriculture production. Planned food shortages are being enacted by Western govs that are under Globalist control. Logically & figuratively, it's time our cosy political class took one for 'Team Australia', based on this measure for the greater good. Longevity wasp genes in us How about putting in? Longevity wasps are strong Weighing with excellent seed

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