Artificial intelligence technology to review Disney scripts for gender bias

New artificial intelligence (AI) technology will now review Disney scripts for gender bias.

10/10/2019 6:40:00 AM

New artificial intelligence (AI) technology will now review Disney scripts for gender bias. 9News

New artificial intelligence (AI) technology will now review Disney scripts for gender bias.

Oscar-winning actress Geena Davis formulated the concept through her research-based organisation, the Davis Institute on Gender in Media, with hopes to combat what she describes as "unconscious bias" in Hollywood.Wonder what changes would need to be made to Beauty and the Beast?

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(Supplied)Leveraging patented machine learning technology from the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering, the tool also evaluates the number of LGBTQI characters, people of colour and people with disabilities.The technology will also assess the number of speaking lines the various groups have, along with the level of sophistication of the vocabulary used and the social status of characters.

Speaking at the Power of Inclusion Summit in New Zealand, Davis announced the partnership with Disney. Read more: Nine News Australia »

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goldilocks will now be a transgender eco warrior How many genders are there when you commit a crime and they check your DNA 🧬 Disney another woke company Urgent! Unload, sell all DIS Disney shares now! Let’s take the Mickey out of Disney! Soon all we will able to say is they, them, or it ! Utter nonsense how far to the extreme gender neutral language had gone. The genetic code for sex of all humans is either XX or XY (with a few very rare variations). It would follow that there is genetic male or female. No it !!

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Disney have been weaving cocks and things into their cartoons for years... Disney Belle is the Beast now? What rubbish. Thought this was a satire article at first. 🙄 Just FRO with this bullshit Bye Disney, nice knowing you, but you have become stupid! The once great Disney corporation. so, we can all be robots?

LOL wot Identity politics kills everything it touches...

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Transgender activist lashes Scott Morrison over 'gender whisperers' commentTransgender activist Georgie Stone has called on the PM to change his tone on LGBTIQ issues, saying his reference to 'gender whisperers' in schools and dismissal of efforts at trans inclusion are damaging his plan to reduce the nation's suicide rate. Reality - there are two genetic genders defined in chromosomes ( except a genetic flaw of hermaphroditism) - XX and XY!! State of mind for anything else ? Sweetheart, he just doesn't care, he is so busy with his church matters and pretending to be our PM he has no time for gender issues. Remember he slashed the Health Budget down to practically nothing, must get and maintain that surplus. Who she?