Are there bigger issues than changing the date?

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Life-and-death issues dominate debate and discussion on #changethedate for those in the Kimberley.

"I wish I could celebrate with these people the beauty of this country, the magic that lies on this land, not just on a different day, but in a different way," Mr Taylor said.

Originally from Geraldton in WA's mid-west, Mr Taylor said the things that make Australia great could easily be celebrated on a different date. "When it's done under [the guise of] celebrating a nation that has committed atrocious acts to certain people, that's when it becomes bad."


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Life and Death issues - rather than urban concerns about a date


Left wing bias of the ABC giving this nonsense air *again*

Certainly bigger issues, but changing the date is not an issue it’s a step in the right direction.

You bet! It's just a day in 365 days of any year.


Many many bigger issues. Changing the date is a non issue, although the media fan the flames every January when news is hard to come by. auspol

A culture of victimhood is the big issue

Treaty, redress for stolen generation

As far as aboriginal people sorting out the problems with child abuse and domestic violence in their communities would be far more beneficial than changing the date that would have no effect on these issues

What’s so hard about dealing with several issues at the same time? auspol changethedate ScottyfromMarketing AustralianBushfiresDisaster ClimateCrisis


“Invasion Day” absolute rubbish. There would have been something to complain about had the Japanese invaded. Kevin Rudd apologised for all wrong doings. Let that be it.

January 26th is 'Sydney was set up as a penal colony day'....Nothing to do with the rest of us.

If the indigenous want payment for the land ,because they refuse to share it , maybe they should pay back the dole money they happily take off the white government each week.

Even if nothing had happened on 26 January, I can’t think of a better time to celebrate a national day and have a public holiday than late January.

The bigger issue is why does the ABC push this story every year despite there been little public support for it and offering no alternative date.

The Kimberley needs more Bart Pigrim's, but it's not an easy job to stay positive up there about what's going on

It’s at the heart of all the issues. Acknowledging that what happened matters. And it is such an easy thing to do- i cannot understand the pure stubbornness to persist with a date that marks such tragedy and loss for so many people.

Anti-Australian as ever.


Of course there are, does anyone really think that changing the date is the most important issue for this country?

Changing the date issue is smokescreen to avoid talking about the real reasons why life can be harder for indigenous. The reasons clash with other ideologies so we are not allowed to discuss the truth. Instead we only talk about symbolism instead. Head of state & date change. Lol

This is such a lazy analysis. The issues that First Nations people face stem from the complete ignorance of the history of colonialism in Australia — Australia Day is emblematic of that ignorance and it excludes First Nations people’s experiences.

Defunding the ABC for this sort of dribble is a bigger issue, yep

This is ridiculous and divisive !! Since when do we have to rank national issues of importance? Who the eff are you to say that people have to be unanimous in this! 😠😠😠


Of course, but having a more unified day to celebrate Australia could be a step towards improving things.

Obviously there are bigger issues than changing the date. But that’s not the point. The point is this governments clear lack of leadership and willingness to do anything other than serve themselves and their ‘investors’.

Too many to list

Today’s quota article

If you live in Australia Every day is Australia Day. Changing the date is pointless. Have a meat pie and a lamington. Next

We could change the date and take care of the bigger issues, if we wanted to.

Maybe defunding the professional activists at the ABC? 🤔

I agree with Ethan Taylor’s comment re a ‘different way’. I hate all the nationalistic stuff, always have. I’d prefer something more meaningful eg a special project, using the money spent on celebrations to build or fund something important for all of us, available to all.

There are always more pressing and important issues. However, even issues, which may not be important to some or many, require addressing and acknowledgement.

It depends who you ask really.... and given it is a day that celebrates a period of sanctioned land theft, murder akin to genocide, whitewashed/denialist history & the forcedremoval of children - I'd say it's a pretty important issue

australia day also gives the media something to clickbait over the slower news Australia Day weekend

coronavirus is a good start

Yes, defunding the ABC.

Yes, plenty

What’s the matter can’t you walk and chew gum?

What a joke. AUSTRALIAN Aboriginals are immensely better off that we came here and started Australia. Tell me a country that was sailing around 230-250 years ago in this area that would have treaded the Aborigines better or even a near neighbour in Asia.

I'm open to changing the date if it is painful to segments of the population, but with the hope that we can collectively move forward to address more significant issues around closing the gap.

God I hate that as a notion for not doing or considering a thing .. any thing. Brings to mind, can you walk and chew gum at the same time. There may well be bigger issues, but as a nation we can in fact deal with a multitude of issues at once.

Odd that the ABC gets attacked over this article saying indigenous people think there are more pressing issues than changing the date. The Guardian has a similar article.

Wait... that article title is not rhetorical is it?

Much bigger issues like LNPCrimeFamily But you guys do not seem interested

Of course there are much bigger issues, but this is a really easy one to fix. Let's do it and quickly move on.

Doesn’t matter what date is chosen. The date isn’t the problem or the issue. Let’s celebrate as ‘one’ people, one nation, each accepting the others history and present. Changing a date won’t make that happen.

The new spin is first European arrivals in Australia were scientists and enlightened souls such as Banks, but still transporting convicts (probably to cover costs), truth is the system was harsh to everyone not only first people, except for the privileged.

Honestly it's becoming a tradition for the media to hold this issue for us to needlessly fight over while nobody in Parliament actually does anything about.. anything.


Well the ABC always likes to take the minority view.

Not to the people who want to change the date... Laughable.

Yes, far bigger issues. Changing the date will not remove what happened

If there are bigger issues then report on them. Ask the hard questions. sportsrorts Watergate adani bushfirecrisis Just to name a few. Get off your arse

The first Australia Day was in 1915 on the 30 July to raise money for world war 1

Get over it. Together we stand, divided we all. So lets stand together and make Australia strong.

The date's fine. The violence & disadvantage is not.

Staff having a day off? Junior temp running the show? There are times when I wonder about our ABC, just what is happening?

If you answer 'No' to that question then there is something seriously wrong with you

Only in the ABC bubble

YES (Derr)

Um is that a real question It suggests that everything will be fixed if we change the date.

Travoltas gayness?

To numerous to mention.

26 January was chosen by than independent states as the day when Australia became as one. Later, during celebrations Aborigines start protests because they did want to be included as Australians and not as day change.

You are anti-Australian and a disgrace

Federation Day didn't include indigenous people either.

Article claimed oppression yet fails to identify one single piece of evidence of oppression. God bless this beautiful country with its world class health care and one of the most generous welfare systems. Don't forget to have a Happy Australia Day ABC!

It's a marginal issue for half-wits and sad losers to complain about. It's a non-issue if there ever was one.

Addressing the underlying issues is probably more to the point

Change the date to what? James Cooks initial land fall was April 29 1770 Botany Bay but that was only for a few days to allow Joseph Banks collect flora and fauna. I think an appropriate indigenous significant date should be used. A date everyone can celebrate in modern Aust 🇦🇺

And then what? Come to Alice Springs. Changing the date wouldn't change a thing

No group in Australia is being oppressed! Full stop! Billions of dollars is directed at indigenous health, education and communities! The whinging needs to stop.

What does Australia Day really mean A public holiday, long weekend & BBQ is lots of beer drinking? for many that means nothing.

Automatically implying that the date change is a 'big issue'. Never change ABC.

There certainly are bigger issues. Until someone can convince me that changing the date will have any affect on abuse of children in indigenous communities, domestic violence against indigenous women, closing the life expectancy gap to name a few issues, I see no reason to change

What a stupid statement

Yes and we should address those too

Nope that’s it. *Said no one ever. [hire a headline writer]

Are there ever!!! Such a stupid bloody question!

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