Alleged Islamic State terror plotter says 'we are terrorists': court docs

4/07/2019 5:49:00 AM

Isaak el Matari, 20, charged with planning a terror attack once proclaimed himself the 'General Commander of Islamic State Australia', court documents allege.

Isaak el Matari, 20, charged with planning a terror attack once proclaimed himself the 'General Commander of Islamic State Australia', court documents allege | sallyrawsthorne

Isaak el Matari, 20, charged with planning a terror attack once proclaimed himself the 'General Commander of Islamic State Australia', court documents allege.

Larger text size Very large text size A 20-year-old man charged with planning a terror attack in the Sydney CBD proclaimed himself the "General Commander of Islamic State Australia" and created a stronghold in the Blue Mountains from which to conduct "guerilla-style" attacks, court documents allege.A man charged with terror offences planned to create an Islamic State base in the Blue Mountains and encourage fighters to launch"guerrilla-stye" attacks in Sydney, court documents allege.Federal and NSW counter-terrorism police raided six properties in Sydney's west on Tuesday morning and arrested three Sydney men aged 20, 23 and 30.Man’s ear severed during alleged domestic incident The 23-year-old from Toongabbie was allegedly "prominent in the global online extremist community".

"We are terrorists", Greenacre man Isaak el Matari allegedly told other "persons of interest" in the six months to his arrest on Tuesday.Isaak el Matari posted this photo of himself next to a slaughtered sheep.He was arrested during sweeping counterterrorism raids in western Sydney on Tuesday.Credit: Facebook Mr el Matari also sent money offshore to import firearms, firearm parts and TNT (explosives) into Australia, the court documents allege, and operated a contingent of IS fighters for an alleged terrorist attack.An AFP spokesman said the 23-year-old was due in court on Wednesday after he was charged with being a member of a terrorist organisation.He also allegedly amassed "American army clothes" for the Blue Mountains stronghold and bought a ticket to Islamabad via China from a Flight Centre branch in Penrith.The plans allegedly included creating a stronghold in the Blue Mountains, overseeing a contingent of IS fighters and identifying locations across Sydney to conduct a terror attacks.Advertisement From there, police allege, he planned to sneak himself across the border into Afghanistan's Khorasan province described as an "ISIS enclave".” NSW Police at a home in Greenacre today as they executed a warrant.

Loading He "answered the call of war", the documents continue, and was "talking about sacrificing himself for the IS cause".He also"amassed American army clothes" in preparation for the attacks and went to the Pakistani consulate in Australia to obtain a visa for travel, police allege.The third man is expected to be charged with being a member of a terrorist organisation, preparing for a terrorist act and preparing to enter a foreign country for the purpose of engaging in hostile activities.The 20-year-old remained in the cells during a brief mention of his case at Parramatta Local Court on Thursday morning.Isaac el Matari’s matter was mentioned before Magistrate Peter Feather, 48 hours after his dramatic arrest.During a press conference on Tuesday, the AFP said they had been monitoring Mr el Matari since he returned from Lebanon last year.He did not appear in court, with criminal lawyer Alistair Sinclair appearing on behalf of Mr el Matari’s solicitor Robert Stary.Mr el Matari is charged with knowingly being a member of IS, doing an act in preparation for a terror attack and making plans contrary to the so-called Foreign Fighter legislation.Two other men also arrested in yesterday's raids were charged yesterday.The 20-year-old is expected to be charged with preparing for a terrorist act and preparing to enter a foreign country for the purpose of engaging in hostile activities.

Police say that he planned to orchestrate terror attacks on central Sydney locations including churches, courts and police stations, allegedly reaching out to contacts overseas for weapons.This is not the first time Mr el Matari has come to authorities’ attention.A 30-year-old man, who police alleged was an associate of Mr Dakkak and Mr el Matari, was charged with fraud offences and granted bail.In 2017, he was arrested by Lebanese police after he tried to get to Syria and fight for IS after communicating with a number of recruiters for the Caliphate.Police raid Isaak el Matari's Greenacre home on Tuesday.Credit: James Brickwood He then spent nine months behind bars in Lebanon’s notorious and overcrowded Roumieh prison before returning to Australia.He too faces 10 years behind bars.

Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton on Tuesday said Mr el Matari’s alleged plan showed why the Morrison government must pass the proposed Temporary Exclusion Bill, which would give him wide-ranging powers to refuse any Australian citizen from returning for up to two years.It would also require a return permit, on which the Minister could impose conditions that must be adhered to for up to 12 months."[Terrorism] is not going away and it ­remains current, particularly when we’ve got Australians overseas in a theatre of war being trained by IS or ­inspired online and we want to deal with those people as best we can," Mr Dutton said.Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton.Credit: Alex Ellinghausen Mr el Matari underwent a government deradicalisation program when he was returned from Lebanon last year.Anyone with information about extremist activity or possible threats to the community is asked to call 1800 123 400.

Since then, police have continued to monitor his activities both in person and online.Investigators allege they came across online threats to commit a terror attack, including on social media and encrypted apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.Mr el Matari was arrested on Tuesday morning by officers from the Joint Counter Terrorism Taskforce at his Greenacre home.At the same time, investigators arrested alleged IS member Radwan Dakkak and alleged Centrelink defrauder Ahmed Tebya as they raided homes in Canada Bay, Green Valley, Toongabbie and Chester Hill.Police say that they don’t expect to make any further arrests.


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sallyrawsthorne 'Violent extremism does not represent followers of Islam.' You have to be blind and severely ignorant to think this is true. Islam is a uniquely dangerous ideology that has been responsible for countless terror attacks around the world recently. Ignoring this fact is harmful. sallyrawsthorne This man is 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

sallyrawsthorne Well, he is now a jail bird, bit of a come down for him. sallyrawsthorne I wouldn’t be surprised if more were around and locals joined or supported them - a lot goes on in the background. It doesn’t help that specific government related services are trying to manipulate & break people, turning them against humanity


Terror accused wanted Islamic Sate bush camp near Sydney, court hearsIsaak el Matari appointed himself the general of Islamic State in Australia and planned to encourage fighters to launch guerrilla-stye attacks in Sydney, court documents allege. How ever much we try to include muslims, its hopeless. A religion built on anti-west believes. And we must stop further immigration from them.. ISIS = Israeli Security Intelligence Service. Wake up people!! 😉

Sydney man charged after counter-terror raidsA man has been charged after police uncovered an alleged Islamic State-inspired plot to attack several targets including police stations, consulates and churches in Sydney's CBD.

Alleged IS supporters arrested in counter terror raidsPolice allege the younger men were members of Islamic State was to target police stations, defence establishments, embassies, councils, courts and churches. 9News

Two men charged after Sydney counter-terror raidsTwo men have been charged after counter-terrorism raids in Sydney, with police alleging one of them was a member of Islamic State. About time we revisited our immigration laws Let them come back to Australia they said.... they have rights they said....we are sorry they said.....we will work to deradicilise they said... 🤦🏼‍♂️ Once a Muslim terrorist always 🖕🏼 Practise of Activist want them to feel no Fear to harm others Here. Change Law and Stop listening to these idiots that want them to be given chances

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Locked and loaded ISIS ready to pounce again, bleak report claimsIslamic State is far from defeated and an anticipated "devastating" comeback could be worse than the violent insurgency that launched its so-called caliphate I wish Mohammed wasn’t violent towards the Kaffir-then they might not be either. Start the deportations try the 'clean slate' policy for the region