Charles Taylor, Crown Casino, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Joseph Wong Kiia Tai

Charles Taylor, Crown Casino

Alleged former arms dealer linked to war criminal flouted UN sanctions to gamble at Crown casinos

Alleged former arms dealer linked to war criminal flouted UN sanctions to gamble at Crown casinos


Alleged former arms dealer linked to war criminal flouted UN sanctions to gamble at Crown casinos

A former arms dealer linked to Liberia n war criminal Charles Taylor was able to gamble at Crown casinos as a high roller despite having his assets frozen and being banned from travel under UN sanctions.

The UN sanction listing states Mr Wong was an arms dealer and supported the former president's regime

He lost more than $6 million in the high-roller rooms for junket operators

Taylor, who was sentenced to 50 years for war atrocities during the Sierra Leone civil war

The UN sanction listing states Mr Wong was an arms dealer in contravention of a UN resolution and that he"supported former president Taylor's regime in an effort to destabilise Sierra Leone and gain illicit access to diamonds."

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Crown whistleblower warns cooler bags of cash 'tip of the iceberg' for casino money-laundering concernsForeign high-rollers can take bags full of cash to the gambling floor at Crown casino. But a whistleblower says it could be a sign of much bigger problems at Crown Casino .

Caught on film: Bags of cash at CrownThe suspicious cooler bag transaction occurred in a gaming room at Crown where controversial high roller company Suncity operates, bringing high rollers from China into the casino to gamble.

UN to tackle global food wastage | Sky News AustraliaDisease and infrastructure issues are being blamed for fueling massive food losses around the world.\n\nThe United Nations published a new report stressing the need to reduce food waste to defend the environment, with more than a third of all food produced globally thrown out, spoiled, or lost. \n\nCentral and Southern Asia recorded the highest food losses each year at 20 per cent with Europe and North America a close second at 15 per cent. Perhaps start with Turkey? Dont worry about food loses-How many people World Wide are getting ILL or DYING from the Insecticides that are used on Strawberries - Berries - Spinach -Tomatoes etc Put everyone on the aged pension rate of pay, then there won' be any food wastage, I guarantee you!

Turkey could be held responsible for war crimes, UN warns | Sky News AustraliaThe United Nations warns Turkey could be held responsible for executions of captured Kurdish fighters and a politician, saying the acts could amount to war crimes. \n\nThe Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces accused Turkish-backed fighters of the killings.\n\nThe UN said video footage appears to show executions of the Kurdish captives carried out by a Turkish rebel group on the side of a road in northern Syria. \n\nThe UN human rights office has documented civilian casualties, caused by air strikes and sniper fire since the Turkish offensive began in northern Syria. \n\n40 tonnes of medical supplies have been dispatched to assist those who have been forced to flee. \n\nImage: AP Could? Just do it. Absolutely useless UN. Yes and what are the United Nation’s going todo sit on the fence as usual and cry, because that’s about all they are good for. Wacky doo

'Maximum propaganda effect': Kim Jong-un rides a white horse on a sacred mountainNewly released images of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have supporters speculating that a great operation is planned. He's probably only riding it to the BBQ 💜🎠🦄🎠💜 If there's one FakeNews service that can analyse propaganda successfully, it's TheirABC.

Accused North Korean missile broker boasted he held 'favour' with Kim Jong-un, police allegeChan Han Choi, a Sydney cleaner accused of being an 'economic agent' for North Korea, allegedly referred to missiles as 'pine trees' in coded messages. AngusGthompson arms dealer become rich Why is he a cleaner here? How did he slip ASIO checks on his murky past?

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