‘All power to her’: Labor MP applauds Grace Tame

26/01/2022 12:30:00 PM

NSW Labor MP Tania Mihailuk says former Australian of the Year Grace Tame has “made her mark this year”.

NSW Labor MP Tania Mihailuk says former Australian of the Year Grace Tame has “made her mark this year”.Ms Tame has been criticised for remaining unsmiling, along with partner Max Heeley, when photographed with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and wife Jenny at a pre-Australia Day morning tea on Tuesday.

“She’s a young modern advocate, all power to her, she was making a point there’s no doubt about that,” Ms Mihailuk said.“She’s not a mannequin, just because she was Australian of the Year doesn’t preclude you from having a point of view, or from making a statement and that’s the choice that she’s made.

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Typical leftist comment, what’s new? Of course they do Just media tripe to generate a story ? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. The electorate will 'tame' Morrison soon enough! The rape apologists queue up to cry about a rape victim that didn't smile next to a man who suppressed the rape investigations of at least two men in his own party ...

Yes, as a very choice. Rubbish Mmm…interesting strategy to further your cause…..piss off the highest office in the land rather than working with the Office of Prime Minister that has the power to really make a change….not the sharpest tool….. All she’s done is continue to be a divisive influence, has contributed zilch to further her cause. In fact she has damaged it!

News Corp and others attempt to discredit Grace Tame has certainly back fired internationally. The overseas media have picked up on this story and its not a good look for Scott Morrison.

Her mark - a smelly bit of vomit on the footpath in kingscross Not true at all Skid mark Based on nothing more than what I’ve observed of the reactions to Tame’s behaviour: - Labor/left leaning applaud it. - Lib/right of centre denounce it. (And Tame appears to loathe Morrison so heavily her reaction was entirely expected.)

Public oblivion awaits. Yes, a mark similar to a shit stain on underpants. TaniaMihailukMP. Just keep your grubby hands off, Dylan, like you brainwashed Tame for your dirty politics. Far from. A political hack that just proved a victim doesn’t make you an authority No class …… no manners and immature ….. so she’d make a good labor MP