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All adults in Sydney urged by ATAGI to 'strongly consider' taking AstraZeneca

All adults in Sydney urged by ATAGI to 'strongly consider' taking AstraZeneca

24/07/2021 9:02:00 AM

All adults in Sydney urged by ATAGI to 'strongly consider' taking AstraZeneca

All adults in Greater Sydney should “strongly consider” getting vaccinated with any available vaccine, including AstraZeneca, Australia’s expert vaccines body says.

Print text onlyPrintCancelAll adults in Greater Sydney should “strongly consider” getting vaccinated with any available vaccine, including AstraZeneca, Australia's expert vaccines body says.Key points:ATAGI says it updated the advice to reflect the worsening COVID situation in Sydney

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Deputy Chief Medical Officer Michael Kidd says there is evidence the Delta strain has a more serious impact on younger peopleThe vaccine advice for people outside Greater Sydney remains the sameThe Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) said the new advice was being issued because of the increasing risk of COVID-19 in the city, and emerging data on the severity of the Delta strain.

The group urged all adults in Greater Sydney to consider the benefits of being vaccinated sooner, rather than waiting for alternative vaccines to be made available.It said the benefits of any available vaccine outweighed any risk of rare side effects associated with AstraZeneca.

The New South Wales COVID crisis deepened on Saturday, with a record 163 new infections, as Health Minister Brad Hazzard.There are currently 139 people in hospital, with 37 of them in intensive care.For those outside Sydney, ATAGI is still advising that Pfizer is the preferred vaccine for people under the age of 60.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Michael Kidd said the worsening situation in Sydney had brought on the change."The advice from ATAGI is all individuals aged 18 years and above in Greater Sydney, including adults under 60 years of age, should strongly consider getting vaccinated with any available vaccine, including AstraZeneca," he said.

"This is on the basis of the increasing risk of COVID-19, and ongoing constraints of supply of the Pfizer vaccine."Professor Kidd said there was evidence the Delta strain was having a more serious impact on younger people than previous variants.

"It is becoming apparent that the Delta variant may be more severe than the original strain of the virus," he said. Read more: ABC News »

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Whi is Atagi why is a Japanese person suggesting anything to Australians Oh suddenly now that covid is in our backdoors rather than oversees its now okay for the AstraZeneca. This will be a long slog for Australia, longer than the rest of the world I already have. Errr, no! ATAGI have proved themselves as bad as the WHO. Ridiculous to assess the risk of Covid as low in the early autumn when conditions were favourable. The rollout was always going to take months at best and they have at least doubled this significantly increasing the risk of Covid

After you inject hydrochloride acid I will ALL adults now, a few weeks ago it wasn't recommended for under 40's. A bit like Fauci's advice to not wear masks ... Atagi has clearly been overtaken by the Morrison governments politicking. AstraZeneca is a good vaccine. Pfizer is shiite. Poor T cell response. New studies coming out that AZ confers immunity for life even with new variants because humoral response is so good. Israel used Pfizer. Cases surging as B A/B wanes. UK used AZ. Cases dropping already.

Has ATAGI rolled over to the coercion of our lame duck leader? We both have our 2nd AZ on Monday, felt off for a couple of days after the 1st, but have had worse with the Flu years gone by.

ATAGI urges all Sydney adults to strongly consider AstraZeneca in updated adviceAll adults in Greater Sydney should now strongly consider taking ‘any available vaccine’ as soon as possible. I'm 55 had my 1st shot 3 weeks ago. No problems with it. Missus and I had our first AZ shots a while ago and we aren’t dead. After hearing the PM brag about 'constantly appealing' to ATAGI to change their advice, it's no wonder that people are hesitant! If politicians meddle with scientific advice, it completely erodes public trust.

I've had my first dose of AZ and can't wait until I am fully vaccinated. I used to smoke, I used to take birth control pills and I eat hot dogs - so I have survived all of that. I am 24 and got my first dose of AZ last week. The choice should be up to the individual but it is important to put the magnitude of the risk into perspective - I was more likely to die in a car accident on my way to my appointment than I was to experience a clot.

desperation now ... when the virus is too widespread and out of control ... look to the vaccine for answer How can people take any vaccines when they are unclean, non kosher and haram? Anyone? Why religious people are left with no choice? Why can't TGA approve antibody treatments and other alternatives to vaccination? I'm willing to do what I can to stop the spread, but I need options

Bender1Benda hahahaha! within the context of the Drum episode. You first Confusing again by ATAGI, the advice should be the same across the country ffs Seriously ATAGI you have done so much damage. How come we don’t apply the same risk response model to childhood vaccines.- Because it sends the wrong message. We vaccinate all children regardless of the risk not change it when the risk changes. Well done 👏👏👏

Just get it. Any risk is so low. Absolutely take AZ and get on with it. Check if you can get the second dose much sooner too.

Outrage at fake supermarket advice in Sydney lockdownThe fake message appears to be a knock-off of a NSW Health media release, wrongly warning residents of a new Covid-19 lockdown restriction. This is not appropriate. Do we expect essential supermarket workers to work during lockdowns? They CANNOT get COVID vaccines unless they’re under some other priority. The government expects them to work but won't protect them! Is this fair to them or their family?MarkMcGowanMP 欢迎您加入GETTR,这里有您需要的真相,有您需要的言论自由!

I took my first jab of AstraZeneca this Wednesday only side effects for me is a little of bit of sore until now. My next jab is in 4 weeks. My wife booked her first jab of AstraZeneca next Monday. No dramas. Stop offering a choice of Pfizer to all priority workers who are over 60 and their entire house holds regardless of their ages. Then some 60+ gloat how they were entitled to Pfizer. Should be same rules for everyone now. Anyone else over 60 gets AZ - no choice.

Exactly! Any port in a storm. Don’t chance getting it or long COVID. What’s interesting is that most whinges actually haven’t booked either vaccines. They just want us to stay home ScottMorrisonMP Must have picked up the phone!!! No Thanks!!! Did you have AZ or Pfizer ScottMorrisonMP Asking for a friend ;)

Really? And when Morrison suggested this 3 weeks ago ABCthedrum panel gave branded him an idiot and now it’s ok.... Can this change in advice be attributed to Morrison's 'constant appeals' to ATAGI? Going by the vaccination numbers over the last week they already are. 👍 I'm 55 and had my 1st shot 3 weeks ago. No problems with it.

Ok ABC I'll take it. Thank you for this sound advice.

Map shows major threat for SydneyA large area in Sydney’s southwest has been singled out as “particularly concerning” as NSW health officials scramble to contain the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Remove the Central Coast from the “Greater Sydney” gulag One of the most infuriating things I have seen are the pictures of Sydney siders congregating in groups and many still not wearing masks. While we in southern NSW suffer restrictions and cannot travel to see our loved ones. The selfishness is beyond belief and is maddening. Lock the whole state down fools, geeees. Otherwise NSW will be chasing this for months. Seriously GladysB your making Dan Andrews look good. GladysB 2GB873 7NewsSydney 9NewsSyd smh NSWHealth ScottMorrisonMP GregHuntMP

Comparing vaccines: country of origin, safety, doses, price, efficacy, and approval. Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Sputnik V, Sinopharm, Bharat Biotech (COVAXIN), Medicago (CoVLP) The reasons why you should worry about AstraZeneca This article leaves out this important point from the statement: 'In addition, people in areas where outbreaks are occurring can receive the second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine 4 to 8 weeks after the first dose, rather than the usual 12 weeks.' That's a huge step forward.

Take the jab hit the slab Because what are their options? Morrison’s failed them by not having a contingency plan, nor a coherent rollout strategy.

South-west Sydney could face tighter restrictionsNSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian is considering tightening restrictions in local government areas of concern and relaxing parts of Sydney where there have been less cases as she looks to ease the state out of lockdown. Strap in for the virus roller coaster! She should have done this 4 weeks ago.

Victorian Premier’s massive call to cut off SydneyVictorian Premier Daniel Andrews has sensationally called for a “ring of steel” around Sydney in a bid to stop the deadly Covid-19 Delta strain seeping out of the locked down city. Agreed as I’m sick of these lockdown, one more lockdown and I’ll spew up 803 deaths for dictator Dan You mean 'called for the thing that Melbourne voluntarily imposed last year to keep the rest of the country sage'?

Fake collar bomber apologises to Sydney school girl he terrorisedFake collar bomber Paul Douglas Peters has delivered a "deep founded apology" to the schoolgirl he terrorised as he fights for parole. The terror that he inflicted on that poor girl should be enough to keep him in jail . . You know where you can shove that 欢迎您加入GETTR,这里有您需要的真相,有您需要的言论自由!