Alan Jones off the air indefinitely, taken to hospital for back pain

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Shock jock Alan Jones is in hospital with severe back pain, and will remain off air until the problem is resolved


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Eat an onion. As your best mate said...'shit happens.'

Given the problem is he's Alan Jones, it might be some time.

Leave him there


I thought having his back up about something was his natural state?

Great news that the airwaves will be rid of his verbal diarrhea!!

'Oh dear how sad never mind'

His spine dropped out?

I wonder if the cash for comments is a continuous payment cycle, or the money stops while he is off-air?

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving person

LadyPoop2 At the very least whilst he is hospital we dont suffer.

Was hopeing the pain might have been a bit lower Down🤔😐

A pleasant break for Australia.

Back pain can be ever so debilitating and often inescapable. As you get older it’s hard to escape from without physio, medication and in my case, pool work. In the water is where there’s no pain. That and the steroid injection. That helps 90/100% healthtips

Did Morrison pull his tounge out of Jones arse to quick

Which problem ? Racism, misogyny, regilious mania, climate denial, coal fetishism?

Take a good long recuperation Jones

If only there was a quality radio show out there


Or until the batteries finally run low.

He's a pain in my neck. Not wishing him suffering, but karma

We went to see the Queen movie on the weekend and I told him not to dance in the aisle during the Live Aid scenes but he wouldn't listen.

I’m wondering if I should start believing in miracles.

You cannot express that much vitriol for so long and not expect it to manifest in your body.

The problem will be solved when the take the “Macquarie managements” knife out. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

He's moving up in the world, he's normally just a huge pain in the ass

Karma 🚎

That's odd. Wherever I hear him I get a pain in the neck .... or a more southerly region 🍑

Was he shafted?

moir_alan He pulled himself off

He’s in the right place, getting care and treatment. Perhaps retirement would be the best option for all concerned.

remain off air, miracles do happen

Back pain? Pain in the arse pain I could understand...but back pain, he hasn't been a brickie all his life!

Peter Dutton will give him a Nauru massage and he will be fine.

dazza_double_u Best news I've heard in a long time. Whatever the reason.

Ironic it's back pain.. He's usually just a pain in the arse.

Voodoo dolls?

And his ratings are the higest they have ever been.

Is back pain ever fatal?

Kidney tumour ...

And yet he's been a pain in our necks for decades...

Fair's fair - Alan Jones gives me a pain in the neck.

JaniceKPetersen ❄️

Good. Go away, stay away. You poison the minds of people every single day.

Ahh, the old back pain off work excuse... Hope it's a slow recovery...

So that's where Turnbull's spine went😂😂😂

That's a shame. LOL

Hope you make a fast recovery AlanJones get well soon 👍

Funny he is normally the pain in the back.

Yes I’m in camp happy he is off the airwaves.

The backbone’s connected to the knock bone so....? He’s been a pain in the knock for years so not surprising.

Don’t come back at all. No decent person will miss AlanJones’ absence.

$uck off who cares

Too much rodgering.

Chickens and roosts come to mind.

OccupiedOutback Poor chap! Back pain horrible. Wouldn't inflict it on anybody!

LennaLeprena Most likely heart related that sook has one the size of a pea


it must be that yellow stripe down his back his mouth is only open when he is denigrating a woman ,no get well from me Alan.

dazza_double_u Yes, they get sick and retreat from the public when there is a police investigation into some rapey things he was supposed to have done in the 80s. You can't stay in hospital forever Alan, but you can stay off the air for good.

I so want to say what I want to say but I can't say it because I am not Alan!

LennaLeprena Travesty!

LennaLeprena at least while jones is off air he wont be a pain in the arse

Absurd_Penguin Maybe he should take up yoga...or a hobby like painting... Stay away from the news and interfering in politics... That much Anger anxiety and fear cant be good for a person

Absurd_Penguin Who cares ! He’s a pain in the arse !

Slipped in the toilet

Carrying the weight of the 1% on his shoulders?

I'm surprised to hear it was his spine. I thought that cold, black heart of his would have finally disintegrated.


WhosFibbing Seems there’s a lot of haters that listen to him... change the station & save yourself all that anguish

Hope he is forced to retire. auspol jones

Fingers crossed it's terminal

How will we cope?

Quick JoshFrydenberg, this is your chance to say what you really want to say

moir_alan Must be all the pins I’m putting into the voodoo doll 🙄😈


moir_alan What a shame! Let's hope some of that physical pain equates to some of the emotional pain he's inflicted on others with his words and actions!

Off air? Never listen to him

Could be referred pain from having his head stuck up his own arse.

Hope he's gone for good!

FoodCornish How sad, trust they under utilise the pain relief!

I thought worms were invertebrates

moir_alan what''he's not doing his show from his hospital bed. Will Australia survive?

moir_alan Sydney newsagents have been inundated with requests for “Don’t get well soon” cards

moir_alan Wow, my voodoo doll worked!

Will Scomo cry and pray for him ?!

moir_alan Hopefully never.

Qldaah Never come back

moir_alan And the gracious classy hypocrites come out and celebrate his pain. Ignorant people are very predictable.

moir_alan Carrying the Liberals?

He's been a pain in the neck for most of us for years.....keep him off air I say!

That he is off the air is great news. I am sick and tired of his bullying and non objective ranting.

Best news of the day

His back pain could be because he's spineless.


And that is news.. come on you're better than that. CrapNews

The weight of hate?

Its his second strike for cocaine use.

Wish him the best...hope he is on the mend soon.

Didn't he have bowel cancer or something? AlanJones

Any time Alan Jones is off the air is a good time. Not hoping for a fast recovery.

Federal election must be around the corner.

More like back passage pain

And the world is a better place immediately


Not sure how you can have back pain when you don't have a spine.

Once the pull the knives out he’ll probably be ok.

Needs to have a long rest down in the BroadwickSt toilet in SoHo!

Thank goodness for this

no offence but may you have a long and arduous recovery Al

Oh the blessed silence

I can’t help myself, I have to assume he’s a pain in the arse even to himself. I hope whatever it is forces his retirement.

If he wants sympathy - it is in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.

Finally realised he is spineless

I wondered why that pain in my neck had suddenly ceased.

Hmmm and I thought his knees must be caving in Hard floors in public toilets


I could tell he was crook.

Sitting behind a mic & spewing venom is the worst for a bad back. You need to be put out to pasture...

Now he can feel what we have been putting up with all these years with his Stupid Comments!

Cant be spinal issues; he does not have one....or a heart. perhaps he swallowed some of his own bile?

He needs to take his own advice that he dished out to female MP's and 'toughen up'.

He needs to get out more, to stop sitting in a studio chair hunched over a microphone and wrench his back from sticking a knife in people's backs. Yoga Alan, it's good for us oldies.

broomstick33 Hopefully he shortly suffers from extreme heart pain.

Wishing him a very very slow recovery

May his back never recover

Couldn't of happened to a better person.

MSMWatchdog2013 Don’t tell us he’s lost his backbone?

Oh No! Not the public prostate! The public prostate is prostrate.

By cripes!..there was something in that curry!!

I would have thought that the pain was a bit lower is when he's on-air!🤨

Being spineless causes intractable pain.

lets hope it's nothing minor. sorry I'll go to hell I know, not that I believe in that rubbish anyways.

MSMWatchdog2013 😏🤞🏻

Have they found a spine?

Must have got rogered a bit harder than usual

Parliament suspended, all legislation put on hold...

advertise that on the opera house , pathetic shock jock is ailing

Good thing you told us, otherwise no one would have noticed

since he does not believe in experts maybe he can get a taxidriver to fix his back

PCKJ3627 Hope he is off air off air off air for ever

PCKJ3627 I thought he was spineless

I can’t help thinking what a lot of nasty people on here. They should be ashamed of themselves- don’t like Jones messages & the way he talks to others but ok for you all to talk like that

NEWSFLASH: Shock Jock MRI reveals no spine

PCKJ3627 Thoughts and prayers... auspol

MSMWatchdog2013 Retire now Alan. You’ll feel more relaxed & the public will be greatly relieved. AlanJones

As a result of the reaming he got from the Macquarie Media board, you mean?

Did 2GB 'suspend' him ?

He'll surprise us all by coming out as a really nasty woman.

MSMWatchdog2013 Retire


Did 2GB kick in the arse put his back out?


They can't find a spine

AlanJones take all the time you need in hospital and AWAY FROM A MICROPHONE!

Some good news for once.

Karma? My nurse partner who works with cancer patients suggests anecdotally anyway that there appears to be a link between anger and negative health outcomes. I do wonder if all those years of anger are catching up with Mr Jones.

LyndsayFarlow Sounds like a massive sulk to me...

Good for Australia


Many would say he is a pain!

Had to happen sooner or later, seeing he has been doing all the heavy lifting for the LNP

Nothing like a subdued jones jockstrapped

Ding dong the witch is (almost) dead

I thought he was spineless... how can he have back pain? 🤪

Bending over too much Alan?

About bloody time

Thoughts and prayers 😈

Alan took Newspoll pretty hard

Finally proven he has no spine

Qldaah Is that what going on strike is called for those who hate unions?


The broom handle has moved north

I looked but couldn't find any fucks to give...

Who's Allan Jones?

He is obviously a non-indigenous paper Australian who thinks he is a natvist 'Australian' despite looking foreign white on naturally sunburnt black land!But is he really an immigrant or immigrant descendant of blood Welsh with roots in his Native Wales as per his foreign name?

Qldaah You can’t spew hate and bile for sooo long and not expect it to have an effect on your body.

The back problem or him.

Pity, one would hope he would get throat cancer...

When you have pain ...particular back pain ...anger can really tense up your body . Alan Jones is an angry man ...retirement will definitely help Jones and be a welcome relief for the rest of Australia.

Been a pain in our collective botty for long enough......

He's always been a pain in the backside.


Finally, a good news story in 2018.

I'm sorry he's in pain but I'm cool with him being off air.

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