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BREAKING: The Australian Federal Police will not proceed with an investigation into Energy Minister Angus Taylor and allegations his office used doctored documents in a political attack on City of Sydney Mayor Clover Moore.

The Australian Federal Police will not proceed with an investigation into Energy Minister Angus Taylor and allegations his office used doctored documents in a political attack on City of Sydney Mayor Clover Moore.

Sky News Political Editor Andrew Clennell said the AFP found “no grounds” to proceed with an inquiry. Labor referred the investigation to the New South Wales Police last year before the matter was referred to the AFP. Mr Taylor has maintained the document – which contained incorrect travel figures – was downloaded from the City of Sydney website.


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Who did it? Did anyone ask? Who put the Fail into AFP?

Wow shock horror!!!

How typical

Straight up, the AFP will investigate the unions on a whim but Angusgate, serial rorter extraordinaire, is off the hook. Because the AFP has been politicised - more blatant corruption going viral.

Just BS. FederalICAC

Honestly they even didn't look at the original documents but drop all charges amazing

Re branding needed! Australian LNP Police!

So can the NSW police investigate or can CloverMoore sue Angus nswpolice somebody altered the document !

Another Dreyfus Failure?

Most Australians know that Angus Taylor is guilty ....enough evidence has been presented,but Morrison calls the shots,the investigation is compromised AFP expediently drop the case!

angus and cash committing crimes while being protected by the police

Wooh! Didn’t see this going!

Is the head of the AFP blindfolded and bound with a gun to his head in a dark room? That’s the only way they could not proceed here. rescuehim

AFP Australian Feral Pigs

So document forgery to destroy a fellow political rival isn’t a crime anymore? And we can just apologise & the AusFedPolice will drop any investigation into us? The AFP is as corrupt as AngusTaylorMP & the entire LNP. Our democracy is dying


Apologies markdreyfusQCMP ?

10 out of 10 markdreyfusQCMP

Labor's leading lawyer Dreyfus comes up empty handed again. When will he stop wasting the time of our essential services in the pursuit of political points?


Well I never!!!😲

others have been charged for less!!! Must be that they pay the bill so they will not be charged. Just look at ex PM advisor who did DUI but got no conviction.

Is this after the phone call from ScottyfromMarketing to one of his copper mates?

Change the name to LFP...Liberals Fed Police. NO TRUST/RESPECT ANYMORE

The majority knew that would be the outcome when it was reported that Morrison made the call.

RosemaryDiaz13 Did they check his undies drawer though?

The AFP proven to be another tool of LiberalAus growing authoritarianism.

So corrupt

What bout the state police

Unbelievable? No, par for the course. Just another arm of the Govt! 😡

Not good

This is a good example of why we a falling quickly down the world corruption index.

Yawn. Everyone expected the AFP to drop it. They always do. auspol AuspolSoCorrupt corruption

Liberal Party Gestapo ? ...damn LPG might confuse about LSP ? or CSP ....Coalition secret Police may work 😏😏😏

The AFP has become a corrupt organisation. Now everyone can use the “not much harm” defence when using fake documents. AngusTaylorMP was attempting to do maximum harm when going to the Murdoch Media and tabling a fake document tin Parliament. auspol

Huh what do you know

The LNP dictatorship just keeps on giving.


Why not?

Hey Angus...have you seen a suitcase around here? It had $80 million bucks in it. Where is it?

Up the leftist nose. They will claim corruption and conspiracy.

Surprise surprise... Every police officer should be investigated.

and predictably the losers go feral on Twitter-

Tim_jbo A few apologies are required I think

AFP might drop this AngusTaylorMP , but we voters won't. You're labelled, sunshine, and you'll wear the label for the rest of your public life. auspol

And you guys talk about the Mafia!

nytimes washingtonpost corruption Australian style

CrimeMinisterMorrison and his mates

Of course not.....grooooaaaaannnnn!

Well, what a surprise. Albo, I know you will have a lot of priorities when you take government but right up there at the top of the list needs to be a night of long knives in the AFP. They are now shamelessly a tool of the LNP/IPA

I’m SO shocked. It’s great that the AFP are in LNP’s pocket. Nothing to see, no corruption to mention, please continue unabated. F*** this system..... riotsoon

Please elaborate as to what grounds it was dropped.

Why not?

When is corruption and forgery by a Govt. minister and/or his office ever not important enough to investigate?Unbelievable but exactly what I expected when the PMs friend passed the responsibility on to the Feds.Wait a little bit ,then dismiss it as unimportant. RIP transparency.

Australian Futile Police.

Glad I wasn’t sipping water when I got that news.

The comment sections are pure gold 😁

These crooks and charlatans can do no wrong in the eyes of the AFP. Forgery, corruption, fraud - no worries!

Not a lot of support for this outcome, only from the rupertmurdoch muck hole media auspol lnp_corruption

Once again AFP in cahoots with LNP

As if that was going to turn out any different. The AFP have shown their colours to corruption and law breaking by the current government.

What fucking use is having a federal police force if they cannot hold people to account for clear federal crimes? Have we become such a fascist state that corruption is now an acceptable form of governing. LNP governments have ruined Australia.

aclennell AFP common sense

Angus Taylor used a clearly fraudulent document...but not fraud in AFP's eyes. I see. auspol

Colour me shocked. The AFP seem to have become highly partisan since Dutton got hold of them. Where did the documents come from?

Now that comes as a complete surprise.

Corruption Dutton’s SS

What, a whitewash? Who would've guessed? (May contain traces of irony)

Show me the money

NSW police hand the case over to AFP the same mob raiding journalists at the bidding of the LNP. No surprises and nothing to see here ffs!


The AFP... 'Australia's F'N Prostitutes'... Parking officers have 100 times the integrity & backbone of those knobshites.

Great result for a hard working minister.

it Not what you know it’s who you know. How true are those words. if our democracy is to remain in tact we need an independent ICAC now

The Country has been badly managed for decades, we need a Trump

This is ridiculous. Does anyone know the AFP appointee on this case? The AFP complaints page requests a specific officer for a complaint.

SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE AusFedPolice the STRONG ARM of the CorruptCoalition , Talk about being A mob of SOFTCOCKS MorrisonsBitches AustraliaLast qt senateqt theprojecttv auspol

Duttons police force protecting LNP again. Is the AFP corrupt

Dutton you old bugger. You still have it!

Well blow me down. The old Soviet Union is the template.

Corrupt bastards

Nothing to see here move on

What do you expect when politicians own police I see the corruption all the time


DebCansdell Demonstrates the AusFedPolice are corrupt! They deserve no support from the community.

Well knock me over with a feather

FlatEarthGang Sadly as predicted another AFP cover up. The AFP have now been converted to become The Palace Guard.

😱 the The shocks just keep coming with this government. Why do they even pretend anymore? Just move the army in, put us all in shackles & get everyone digging the coal out with shovels. Facist bastards.

The phone call worked, this is on Morrison now.

Really ?.... Quelle Surprise!

Of course not...apparently the LNP have immunity from ANY legalities!

ICAC federal needed now

Somebody forged a document. Do the AFP not care?

Well the AFP dropped an investigation into Bruce Pascoe.


'it's clear the document was forged but Angus isn't talking to us so we have nothing else to do'

so wrong

Who will this Creep markdreyfusQCMP report next to the police?

become a politician, you can get away with anything

FederalICAC now gatesgalore.


This really isn’t news. It was expected from the moment it was handed to the AFP. The $60K scholarship bribe set the tone for dereliction of duty.

FlatEarthGang Why?!!!!

aclennell The $1.01 favourite has lobbed....

Wow AusFedPolice LNP till the end.

Unbelievable. Liberals are a protected species.

If an LNP member is suspected of wrongdoing, the AFP always seem to drop the investigation or not even begin one. So different to how they act when someone from Labor or a union member is involved.

Good news, first Trump acquitted, now this. What a day

How convenient.

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