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Adelaide Oval puppy was mauled by Staffy, local council says

Adelaide Oval puppy was mauled by Staffy, local council says

29/10/2020 7:37:00 AM

Adelaide Oval puppy was mauled by Staffy, local council says

An Adelaide council says it had identified the type of dog responsible for the mauling death of a popular puppy, but has not tracked down the owners.

Print text onlyPrintCancelAn Adelaide council has revealed details surrounding the death of a popular puppy that welcomed guests to the new Adelaide Oval hotel, saying staff had identified the type of dog responsible but not the owners.Key points:The Adelaide Oval hotel opened last month

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A puppy that welcomed guests there was allegedly killed by another dog while walkingThe local council has released details of the dog involved but has not found itCharli, a 20-week-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,was killed by another dog last Wednesday

after featuring prominently during the hotel's official opening celebrations in September.The hotel said the incident had been reported to the local council but declined to say where the attack occurred or give other details.Today, the City of Port Adelaide Enfield said an "off-leash dark-coloured Staffordshire bull terrier-type dog with white markings" is believed to have killed the spaniel in Hampstead Gardens, in Adelaide's north-east.

The attack dog was walking with a man, a woman and a girl on Falcon Avenue, near the corner of Gambia Avenue, when the attack occurred, a statement from the council said.The council said its community safety team had undertaken a "comprehensive investigation of this terrible incident" including taking statements and doorknocking properties.

"However to date we have not been able to confirm the identity of the dog and owner responsible for this incident," the statement said.Charli featured prominently at the official opening of the Adelaide Ovel hotel.()The council said it was now turning to the public for assistance.

"If you have any information, dashcam footage, or were in the area on October 21 between the hours of 8:00pm and 8:20pm, please contact our community safety team on 8405 6600 or send us a private message," it said.A post on the hotel's Facebook page on Friday stated that Charli had "quickly become part of the fabric of the hotel and was loved by all".

"To lose her in such a way is heartbreaking. We will miss her so much," it said.The Adelaide Oval hotel officially opened on September 25, but the project has been beset by controversy and financial concerns.Last month, an SA Auditor-General's report found the

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Adelaide Oval Stadium Management Authority (SMA) had lost significant income due to the coronavirus pandemic.A $42 million taxpayer-funded loan was provided to the authority to build the 138-room hotel at the oval.In February, the City of Port Adelaide Enfield successful prosecuted the owner of an off-leash Staffordshire bull terrier that killed a poodle in Oakden in March 2019.

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Owners need to keep better tabs on their dogs. I was witness to a large dog tearing a small dog to bits out the front of our school, it’s stayed with me my whole life. I like dogs but don’t trust them, especially when they run at you outside with no owner to be seen This is a Staffy Frankston dog of choice.

This is the level of journalism Australian taxpayers are funding. Not just PC, Woke, feminist, BLM, Trotskyist - but trivia too. The ABC & SBS both need reform. This and human attacks are still happening too often This is so terribly sad. I had a dog who was attacked by a staffy, thankfully she survived but was very badly injured. They are disgusting dogs, and should be banned IMO.


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