James Cook, New Zealand, Colonialism

James Cook, New Zealand

'Acknowledge the pain': Controversy as New Zealand marks 250 years since Cook's arrival

'Acknowledge the pain': Controversy as New Zealand marks 250 years since Cook's arrival

8/10/2019 1:09:00 PM

'Acknowledge the pain': Controversy as New Zealand marks 250 years since Cook's arrival

Dozens of protesters meet the Endeavour as it arrives in Gisborne, claiming that marking the beginning of British colonisation of New Zealand is offensive.

Demonstrators flew the red and black Maori Tino Rangatiratanga flag and claimed to have burned nine Union Jacks, representing the murders of nine Maori people at the hands of the Endeavour's crew shortly after their arrival in 1769."We're aiming to get people talking about the experiences of their ancestors, and particularly elevate the stories from the Maori perspective, which have been overshadowed by the European perspective to date," Tamsin Evans, deputy chief executive of Tuia 250, told the ABC.

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"Really it's a conversation starter for the nation."During a visit to Gisborne over the weekend, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said New Zealand needed to"talk about our history much more openly"."We were only really telling, I believe, 50 per cent of the story, and not always telling it well," Ms Ardern said, as quoted by TVNZ.

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Acknowledge that someone from some empire would have turned up eventually, then tried to turn it into motherland. Life was very different back then...nothing woke walked around. Naturally TheirABC would only report on things that divide, not unite. It's the Leftard way. Acknowledge the joy. No need to acknowledge anything, Maori and British are the same, savage invaders raping a once beautiful country.

Nice looking ship. Cook didn’t “discover” ANYTHING. He VISITED (aka Gatecrashed) an existing ancient culture that was happily living its life. Then he caused disruption.

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