Academy Awards proved public has 'no appetite for lectures from Leftist hypocrites' | Sky News Australia

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Outsiders host Rita Panahi says the Academy Awards earlier this week “proved that the public has no appetite for lectures from pampered, fringe-dwelling Leftist hypocrites”.


Ms Panahi said “the Oscars recorded the lowest ratings ever for the event” and “Hollywood can't say they weren't warned”. “The celebrity class gave us more empty virtue signaling and incoherent grandstanding starting on the red carpet where Natalie Portman took a brave stand against misogyny,” she said. “Her Christian Dior cape was embroidered with the names of eight female directors who were not nominated for an Oscar.

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Academy Awards proved public has 'no appetite for lectures from Leftist ... via YouTube

Great, Rita!!! So true!!!

Academy Awards proved public has 'no appetite for lectures from Leftist ... via YouTube

Academy Awards proved public has 'no appetite for lectures from Leftist ... via YouTube

What about your Murdoch Redneck right wing rhetoric.

Did they just now figure this out 🤷‍♀️

Says the Iranian American

Who is Rita Panahi?

Sky commentators blowing the lies trumpet

I don't even look at the back-patting, self-adoration that occurs annually.

EthicalJewellery 🙄


Says the channel full of pampered, fringe dwelling rightist hypocrites

Where’s the proof

Funny how Natalie Portman is thrown up as an example. She has a production company and, to my knowledge, has not produced anything with a female director. hypocrite

Who is Rita Panahi?

Yep. 👍👍👍

TreforJones2 Don’t watch them haven’t for years self entitled wankers

Oh... the Left will start screaming soon if not started already... First thing they don’t seem to like is to be called ‘Left’ since they are supposed to be correct on anything. Also, their hypocrisy is upsetting some real socialists so they find themselves unliked by everyone.

... says a pampered fringe dweller. Not news. Just opinion in the best interests of News Corp.

As opposed to lectures from some totally unknown little jumped-up arch-reactionary harpy to the smallest audience in broadcasting history🤣

Can’t even see the names. As if she gave a ..... only interested in self promotion. Looks like an own goal anyway

The permanently outraged have to reply to this to justify their existence

Proving again how out of touch Sky is with regular Australians. How're your subscriptions going these days BoycottMurdoch

rita really should heed her own words

That was proven in 2016 when Hillary swanned around w/ Hollyweird & not grass roots voters & people voted for the least hated.

Open and shut case rita. Wtf

Nope, the public has no appetite for lectures from pampered, fringe-dwelling Right Wing media commentators.

I have been a great admirer of the work on the screen & stage of Robert De Niro & Barbara Streisand but I don’t appreciate the ridicule bad mannered uneducated stand they feel they need to take on President Trump. They have lost my respect includes Di Caprio & friends

RitaPanahi why do you classify everyone either left, right or something else. I for one don’t even really know what it means but it’s automatically decisive? Can you have a view on particular topics without having to be classified.

Ritas ratings on skynews is appalling. It's why she lives on Twitter because it makes her feel wanted. Bin reporting.

Who's Rita Panahi and what qualifications does she have other than being a Murdoch propagandist?

Who is Rita Panahi again?

Sky News viewing numbers prove that the public has no appetite for lectures from pampered, fridge-dewelling hypocrites like Rita Panahi

If you made that right wing I think she just wrote her own LinkedIn profile.

Fringe-dwelling hypocrite Rita 'I hate free speech' Pahani lectures us about lecturing lecturers.

Well said

We’ve got no appetite for you

Normal trite rubbish from ritapanahi

Says a pampered Right Wing fringe dwelling fruit loop ! Go and get back under that rock you crawled out from ya grub .


The general public is not interested in them, their movies or anything about them,

WTFC's what rita panicky has to say about anything?

One of society's great filters ... '[Insert RWFW name here] says...'

Pretty similar to the public appetite for commentary from RWNJs posing as journalists on sky , judging by your ratings ?

Do people who continually use the word “leftist” actually know what it means? the buzzwords become very boring.

Skynews ratings prove the public has no appetite for lectures from pampered, fringe-dwelling 'conservative' hypocrites screeched from their sheltered workshops. auspol

No, it doesn't.

So says a pampered, fringe-dwelling Rightist hypocrite... auspol

The RWNJ industry that Rita belongs to is purely a for profit scheme aimed at the gullible, anything to make a buck I guess.

Good to know that if you say, subscribe to ‘animal rights’, you’re simply “Leftist”. It’s so simple, neat and convenient.

If that is the case...why do they usually have tenfold + followers on Twitter as opposed to people like this Rita that most people have never heard of...

As usual Rita, on the money on all points. Hollywood needs shutting down. Pure and simple.

Yes Panahi is correct.

So ale wore a tastefully embroidered coat while Phoenix made a bigger ass of himself yet you chose the woman to skewer?

We want lectures from extreme right wing loonies.

Panini is a rabid dog

Rita's ratings suggest the same feeling for RWNJs

I didn’t watch a minute at all

Oh, well then. The oracle has spoken. No need for the rest of us to think or speak.

I haven’t watched them for years and that’s exactly why

Hypocrisy at its best

Do as we say, not as we do woke

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