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ABC chair Ita Buttrose lashes PC culture, saying 'we're too sensitive'

ABC chair Ita Buttrose lashes PC culture, saying 'we're too sensitive'

8/10/2019 6:07:00 AM

ABC chair Ita Buttrose lashes PC culture, saying 'we're too sensitive'

Australians used to be able to joke with each other in the workplace, but a PC culture has stifled that spontaneity and our larrikin spirit, Ms Buttrose says.

"There are very few larrikins … we've sort of suppressed that side of our character," she said."I think we need to bring back the larrikin element of Australia and be very proud of it because it's very unique to us."Our larrikins are pretty special."

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The comments have sparked a passionate response from viewers.Some have backed Ms Buttrose:"Well said. Finally someone with some sense at the helm of the ABC." —Steve"I agree, Ita! We have lost our freedom of speech." —Mares"Agreed Ita. It's the elephant in the room with many issues." —

StevenOthers have strongly disagreed:"It's called manners, Ita. Calling it PC is just an excuse for sustaining bad manners. You should be above the use of empty and dismissive jargon." —Tony"I think that people have become even colder than before, and the fact that people are now called on their poor behaviour is not PC gone mad." —

Llywi"I don't miss the bullying and innuendo that went under the 'I'm just having a joke' nonsense, or 'can't you take a joke?'" —WendyMs Buttrose was named the new ABC chair in February this yearafter six decades in the media industry.

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You can’t joke with anyone anymore. If you’re offended by something that’s intentionally delivered as a joke then you’re the problem. If you make a joke about me or to me, I don’t care. If it’s designed as a joke it should be taken as a joke, like this comment section. True. Everybody’s friend is nobody’s friend. We often start by pleasing everyone but always end up pleasing no one.

Ita Rosebutt tightens her grip on the ABC. CLENCH Is it ok if we make “funny” comments about people with speech impediments then? haha, 'butt rose' Something wrong with sensitivity? Go back to your knitting buttrose. A classic old rich white person thing to say Buttrose is a fool. It's fake sensitivity as well. Most people aren't, but there is a small group of people with an agenda to make noise about everything. Gotta love Ita, right on the money!

Isn't this the network that cancelled therealroseanne immrdiately after a silly tweet? Uh, no. Go away. Well she now runs the show at the abc. Will the nutters there listen to her, probably not So what do we (represented by you Ita) do about that? Cleo was garbage and the ABC is losing it's appeal like Ita 😂

Especially the bloody ABC. What a joke! I can’t bear it so watch anything but What is it you want to say, but feel you can’t? Be specific. What EXACTLY is it that she wants to be able to say? Spoken like a true Tory Lnpfail Ita’s tired of professionalism in the workplace. Wants to go back to a bit of slap n tickle & making racist & sexist aspersions behind the craven passive-aggressiveness of “just jokes”.

The word political does not qualify the word correctness There is joking around with people you know, and then there is making remarks that you may not see as offensive, to a mere acquaintance, and they have to cop it, because 'cameras' or 😮 good manners. Is it so damn difficult to be sensitive? Would it kill you not to be a bigot?

nonstoptom so then...that poster didn't come from her office? :-) Yet the ABC takes PC to a new level in not addressing Aboriginal Health, the Muslim invasion and the non-existent Climate Crisis. take this heroin - it will make you feel better I joke a lot, but people think I'm serious which I am most of the time. It's just that I'm talking to some people that just don't understand that the world is a joke thats sometimes serious sometimes bland sometimes boring, it's how you look at life ear today dunked tomorrow.

Australia is going to shit. Can't have a good joke without some one having a cry about it. Too much respect these days. What happened to making people uncomfortable and a little bit of healthy bullying? 🙄 Ita channeling her inner Bolt. i kind of agree Could Ita give a list of things that we should be able to do that we are not due to ‘PC culture’?

💯✅ Political Correctness is Orwellian propaganda that was made up by RWNJs to attack the Left.. It doesn't exist... auspol PoliticalCorrectness FakeNews Whose we ... and does that we, mean she will freely allow us to tell her what we think of what’s being done to OurABC by the interference of the Board and the malign influence of the IPA controlled Government auspol

I can only imagine how politically incorrect her conversations with Packer used to be. When I started working it was considered ok for the men in the office to call women mindless bimbos and harass them both physically and verbally. I was absolute shite! i agree with Ita it's the truth jonocoleman All respect to you ItaButtrose but I don’t agree with you. politicalcorrectness (for the most part) protects me and my husband from being called fags, pooftas, pillow-biters, fudge-fuckers, and plenty of others. Not to mention any manner of homophobic jokes!

Perhaps Ita survived Kerry Packer’s well known sensitivity, did well, and now suggests we all suck it up? Oh please ItaButtrose, what is it that people are being overly sensitive about? To be 'politically correct', is to be respectful of others. It's not that difficult to understand. You're weaponising the statement and your sounding like someone on Sky's After Dark program, 1/2

Indeed the right is far too sensitive, they just need to let others live their lives in peace Sorry ItaButtrose I don’t agree As a 66 year old white male much communication I’ve experienced was bullying and derogatory FreedomOfSpeech is very OneEyed We need political correctness Less bias on all ABC programs would be a start, you don't have like President Trump but you don't have demean him either.

Ita Buttrose - we need more brown people in media. Also Ita Buttrose - as long as we can make jokes at their expense and they don’t get too upset. Is this what balance means? I think it's time for the ABC to stop taking money from tax payers and drum up money from public donations and ratings. If the majority of the public like the woke content dished out then it should boom on it's own. Everyone has a say when we all pay.

“ABC chair Ita Buttrose lashes the simple concept of not being an asshole, saying ‘we’re too sensitive’” Sounds pretty bloody stupid doesn’t it? Ita’s just a RW Tory. She’ll fit in perfectly with all the RW talking heads who’ve already taken over the State media channel. No wonder the government appointed her Chair.

We ? I’m offended at being labelled too sensitive 😀😀😀 Respect is never too much The only people to complain about political correctness are white males who are rascist, sexist and homophobic. Oh, and Ita It's bloody ridiculous. Not just in workplace. I am, afraid to have a normal conversation with anyone lest I accidentally trigger them for something... Bloody hell..Australia was never like this... I read on a job website that you can't ask people their age in an interview?!?!?

Old white woman who had never been subjected to a racist tirade tells black/brown/ yellow people not to be sensitive Ita Butthurt. Who is 'we're'. I presume she is referring to boltreport credlin kenny pmlive's Murray, panahi jones. They all screech as though Count Dracula has has been reborn and sat each one of them on a sharp pole.

then do something about the ABC please Ita... hear hear Agree. She’s Blardy right... oh wait did I just offend someone 🤔 It’s only uncomfortable to those who don’t understand the nature of covert discrimination....DoBetter Well said Ita, we need to be able to laugh at each and our differences. JazzaBazza_ She has lost the plot. Here she is playing right into the hands of the extreme left. Fancy stating that 'maybe' we need more Asian representation and Middle Eastern on the ABC board. Does she suggest they should be 'handpicked' also. She was and she ain't doing so great for Aus.

Ugh Aunty used to have credibility. Then then LNP installed their sycophantic snobs and we all suffer as it turns into another propaganda wing. removeIta and return to your policy of non bias ItaButtrose is 100% correct and i hope its reflected within the QandA abc730 auspol Political correctness is the technical term for being kind.

Too sensitive? People saying that the (nonsense) mainstream Aussie media is ‘too white’ are too sensitive and too politically correct. It’s a farce! Please point me to one properly documented social, economic, health or environmental problem that was ever caused by political correctness .... then we can have a conversation

Another old person craving the good old days? The good old days weren't that flash Ita. Her magazine ITA failed because it was all gloss and floss and way too expensive. Her marketing and research skills for her own magazine appear lacking. Well said Ita 👍 - while I acknowledge bullies can stand behind the 'can't U take a joke?' mantra - it is equally true bland superior types have a tendency to stand behind 'PC censorship' when they just don't get the joke (and never will!)

Now there's some 'great and unmatched wisdom'. Cue drips wailing that the ABC is insufficiently left wing in three, two, one... PC culture must die. Nothing about the lack of diversity of views on theirabc Only racists say that Too sensitive...yeah. A footy player tweets 'Homosexuals repent or risk hell fire' and he looses his career and $millions. And don't sing the national anthem because it offends some Muslims.

We are too sensitive. Just look what happened to Yasmin when she refered to Anzac Day. She was just being a larrikin. Y'know Or if someone says marriage isn't just between a man and a woman Or Australia Day was moved to a different date Waaay too sensitive. Auspol Sounds like she's the sensitive one.

Too PC my ass, just turn the radio and TV on listen to the mongrels from Fox, 2UE and the like and read what the right wing papers by Murdock say everyday with impunity about migrants, POC, women and recently Greta Thumberg. Bring bag sexism in the work place? It never left. 'Political correctness is facism disguised as manners' - George Carlin

Maybe it’s one of Ita’s key performance indicators for the job PM Morrison allowed Ita to have due to her knowledge & ability! Take the PC pulse of the ABC audience! Hey look, a wealthy white person saying that they're sick of 'PC culture'. That's interesting, I've not seen that before. The people who are the butt of the politically incorrect speech have always been hurt by it, they just didn't complain loudly enough or often enough that people heard them. Now caring people are getting the message and the others don't like it.

This is how we know that when your panel hosts go out and spruik how we all need to listen to each other, what they mean is: a diversity of views including hateful ones. Because we don't want to be too PC, do we now? The 'larrikin' has been branded a racist, sexist woman hater by the PC brigade! Speaking will be outlawed in the work place and public all communication will be documented so it can be used against you in a court of law! Welcome to the brave new world! Defund the sponging ABC!

What about the ABC bias against the right and why are we the taxpayer paying for the sometimes ridiculous 'opinion pieces' you promote. Ya gotta be kidding Ita. ABCthedrum & QandA buses in truckloads of easily-offended leftards to populate it's game show panels. Are you now suggesting these shows have rational, diverse opinion, credible, qualified commentary? Bloody hell!!

Agree , I know. We're crazy right? To not love child-abuse defenders (Pell), to think racism is not okay (AdamGoodes), to expect our journalists to bring up facts (ClimateChange), to not like RapeJokes or think that the comments on GretaThunberg by Australian media is... stupid. PC to me is being aware of what you say, write or do, having possible negative effect on others. It's about caring and common decency.

Unfortunately there is usually a power imbalance and intent to demean in the workplace, but in principle all employees should be able to tell their wanker bosses to sod off with a smile. Still living in the 70s, noticed all the ocker programming being shown lately. Has Australia lost its Mojo ? Pools ? Paul Hogan? Bit of a theme happening. LOLs 😆 has Scott Morrison taken over programming? Spare me. 🤮

a bloo bloo bloo we're not allowed to shit on minorities any more without incredibly mild consequences Did smirkoff write the answers out for ya ita? Is this idiot auditioning to be the next editor of Quillette? Thank God someone has spoken up about this. Well said Ita. 👍 Ita buttforpurpose is just postulating her and the ipa position of getting the abc ready for one of the Murdoch’s ....

That's grand, just follow rda please. She omits to tell us what these conversations with frank packer consisted of..probably sexist jokes.... Well lucky her protected by her white middle class security and incredible wealth ... the rest of us have to live in the real world. She has NFI what she is talking about

I wonder if she thinks that the increasing attacks on Jewish people esp. by fellow school students reflect a culture that is 'too sensitive'. DIDN'T HEAR HER GIVE ONE EXAMPLE OF WHAT SHE MEANT. As far as I can see, the more sensitive one is, the better. I'm sorry that we don't appreciate slurs and having out very fucking humanity/identity denied in public broadcasts

She's such a peach, where would we be without her womanly inights eh? And her thighs! Now onto more important things, did you bring the biscuits Ita? /sarcasm in case some people don't get it. 'we're too sensitive'? I definitely am 'too sensitive'. Sorry, ' was born with it. PC - Political Correctness: I feel is a term used by right-wing propaganda outlets, to brand or belittle anyone with a conscience or ability of thought processing. Bullies use name calling.

Amazing well said. I 100% agree with you, Ita. 👍💗 Pffftt!!! ... why pay attention to the privileged talking about the experiences of those on the pointy end of bigotry and ignorance. Because she’s tucked away in wealthy Harbourside Sydney away from real life, and does not come into contact with anyone she chooses not to.

Out of touch Ita fails to recognise the power plays that are often behind the so-called joking behaviour. WHAT THE FUCK IS PC? PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME! Then do something about it. Most of that shit is perpetuated by the ABC. I've NEVER seen more of an ABC boss that Ita. Everyday she is offering opinion to save her corrupt appointment. No one believes her

Put on the hobnail boots and start kicking these sissies into line! And you're too biased What is it that Ita wants to say that she can't say now?

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