A test for people of faith: Faith leaders ‘appalled’ by treatment of Thorburn

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The Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne is no longer an Essendon supporter as he and other faith groups see a growing intolerance for religion in public life. Thorburn afl

delivered by a City on the Hill pastor which likened abortion rates to the Holocaust and urged same-sex attracted people to remain celibate.Although the theological underpinnings of the sermons – that human life begins at conception, marriage is between a man and a woman and sex should be confined to marriage – are Catholic orthodoxy, Barham said the values espoused by the church contradicted those of the club.

Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne Phil Freier said his church rejected homophobia and he saw nothing in Thorburn’s reported comments which contradicted that. Bornstein said the Essendon episode underscored the tension between shifting community and corporate attitudes towards diversity and inclusion and the legal protections for religious beliefs in Victoria. “Company values and inclusion policies cannot override a statute,” he said.He added that balancing freedom from homophobic vilification and freedom of religion was best done by the parliament; not by football club boards or within the colosseum-like atmosphere of a social media storm.

Source: Healthcare Press (healthcarepress.net)


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Well done Essendon- the bigots have come to the surface

I think any Catholic Archbishop should keep quiet.

Great stuff.

Many are appalled at the bigotry & treatment dished out by so called 'Christian's' towards other humans just because they are different from the narrow minded concepts of these religious groups.

Pay taxes or STFU. You have no right to an opinion until you do what everyone else does.

hahaha tell ya story walking, pal.

I don’t remember this big on Bernie Finn vs Matt Guy.

People who believe in an invisible person who lives everywhere (!) with no evidence of his existence are getting upset at Essendon……

Homophobia is not acceptable.

cope. if you think people are being intolerant of you because they refuse to tolerate your intolerance then you don’t seem to understand how consequences work.

Intolerance for an organisation of groomers shouldn’t be accepted in public life, no.

Please stay away from RFC

sigh it's not that they are religious that is the issue. It's that they are being homophobic jerks and trying to use their religion to defend it.

Maybe these religious guys can start their own footy club! The God Botherers?

Oh puhlease… Intolerance of homophobia does not equal intolerance of religion. Unless of course, Archbishop, your religion is homophobic…

who cares. just means he's a bigot as well

using christianity as a front for naked bigotry is what people don’t like. everyone involved knows this is true, but some just have to play the victim

The government must loving the diversity in all this

honestly. why are they surprised? they dont tolerate others. the hypocrisy abounds

and let's have a word from the state LNP Matthew Matthew? michaelobrienmp CindyMcLeishMP LiberalVictoria senbmckenzie PeterWalshMP StephRyanNats TheNationalsVic TimSmithMP SenSHenderson jeffkennett MatthewGuyMP RitaPanahi rowandean pwafork PMOnAir

It is clearly not about intolerance to *religion*, it is, at long last, refusal to accept religious bigotry and exceptionalism. Demeaning a person for their inherent characteristics is not even a bit like refusing to accept religion as an excuse to demean. Not rocket science.

It’s a growing intolerance for intolerance, not religion per se but it does seem like religion and intolerance go hand in hand

Keep your religious beliefs in your own house. Yes, I will judge you for worshiping the imaginary sky fairy.


Intolerance?!?!? Like saying that gay people will go to hell and abortion is like the holocaust? Is that the kind of intolerance he’s talking about?

Is a real pity he didn't find that same contempt for his brother rapists! His 'high on the horse' stance is absolutely pitifully in relation to child molestation within the Victorian Catholic Church auspol CatholicAbused Christianity

🙏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 finally some guts amongst religious leaders of all faiths.

Excellent, it’s finally getting through their thick heads… there is NO room for religion in public life. 50% of the population are non-religious according to the census… We are intolerant to your intolerance 🖕

There is no room for hate in sport, equality in sport. Always. Perhaps the archbishop needs to do some reflection inside his own Catholic Church, still, even post the Royal Commission his faith community will never heal from.

there wasnt enough pedos at the club for him to feel welcome

Ahh well

Says alot about the Catholic church then

Arguing that being homophobic is a non-negotiable and indivisible part of being religious is not the winning argument you think it is

The irony is too much

Woke sporting clubs are insufferable.

thoughts & prayers

Don't switch to Hawthorn mate.

If only they gave up religion this easily.

Andrew should run for Parliament now and he should also sue the club and donate the funds to a charity to feed the homeless in Essendon and the West. He should also speak to the two Archbishops of Melbourne and the senior Rabbi and Imam and issue a joint statement.

Haters gunna hate

This was the straw that broke the camels back but rampant pedophilia wasn't enough to stop working for his employer. Fine margins I guess.

I also find it HILARIOUS that ‘these people’ have the GALL to speak about intolerance 🤣 WHAT A JOKE

Great timing!

Awwww… booo… SEE YA, take the rest with you!!

Meanwhile he's happy to sack gay teachers. Hypocrite

When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality can seem like oppression

Yeah… don’t touch the kiddies on ya way out!

Not so fun when the shoe's on the other foot hey?

I knew this would be chipper special. Just his vibe

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