‘A historic third term’: 7NEWS projects Labor win, Albanese sends Andrews message

26/11/2022 1:12:00 PM

One key question still remains as Daniel Andrews looks likely to retain power as premier. Follow along live here.

‘It's not been a good night for our side of politics’ – Former Liberal Premier Jeff Kennett. Live coverage: VicVotes 7NEWS

One key question still remains as Daniel Andrews looks likely to retain power as premier. Follow along live here.

Share to Twitter Email Us 7NEWS projects Labor will win the state election - though it is too early to tell whether it will form a majority government.More than a million people are expected to vote before 6pm across 1700 election-day sites on Saturday to decide who will govern Victoria for the next four years...

Daniel Andrews is yet to accept victory and Matthew Guy is yet to concede defeat.But with early voting going strongly against the Coalition, 7NEWS Political Editor Mark Riley said Labor will win the election.“The election results will be known later this evening, I am not going to try to predict those,” he told ABC TV.Watch the latest news on Channel 7 or stream for free on >>“I thought it would be a reduced majority,” former Labor Premier Steve Bracks told Seven’s election panel.“It looks closer to 50 seats for me.Loading “No deal will be offered and no deal will be done,” he said.It is even worse for the Liberals because the seats Labor have lost have largely been to the Greens and so they haven’t gone to the Liberals.

” A total of 45 seats is required to form government.“Everywhere I have been, on pre-polling booths, early voting booths, all the places I have been around the state this week, people are pretty clear they want a fresh start,” he told Seven’s Sunrise program.Andrews has run on a platform of promising to ease the cost of living while delivering infrastructure projects.Opposition Leader Matthew Guy, casting his vote on Saturday, said the state was ready for a “fresh start” under his party.” Loading Almost half of the 4.Follow all the updates in 7NEWS.com.Andrews appears in the box seat to win an elusive third term after a Newspoll published on Friday night showed Labor on track to return despite a swing of almost 3 per cent.

au’s live blog below.Jump to top.5 per cent to 45.

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The Liberal Party are finished. They are so irrelevant and weak and now simply, cannot mount a decent challenge in either Federal or State Politics. PS: Ian Cooks tilt was weaker than piss. The slug would have done better ☹️ I can’t with him 🙄 hahahaha medvedev_dan Hahahaha Nice red tie jeff_kennett couldn’t even get the right coloured tie! 😂🤣😂

No shit I seem to recall him saying the same in 2014 & 2018. They haven’t learnt anything in 8 years. “Curse you, Doctor!” ...and he just doesn't get it, that he's part of their problem. lol.

‘No deal will be done’ with crossbench if Labor in minority government: Daniel AndrewsVictorian Premier Daniel Andrews will refuse to offer independents and minor parties a deal in order to hold onto power for an elusive third term as voters across the state go to the polls. bulltish Bullshit DanSlide

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Newspoll points to Andrews securing a historic third termThe final poll ahead of the Victorian state election has put the incumbent Labor Party in prime position to secure a third historic term, with Daniel Andrews tipped to defy minority government concerns. Victoria can’t afford another 4 years of DictatorDan - It’s time for a change. GUY & the LNP are ready to govern. Labor/Greens/Teals/Animal Justice/Reason Parties last in the order you choose. DanMustGo PutLaborLast AndrewsMustGo SackDanAndrews CookVsCrook VoteDanOut Let’s look back at the last 4 years of DictatorDan Labor govt It’s time for a change Put an end to the constant lies and corruption Vote 1 LiberalVictoria PutLaborLast to FireDanAndrews VicVotes Not surprised the Vic liberals are a woke joke. Labor lite

New poll puts Daniel Andrews on track to win a third term of governmentThe latest polling puts Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews on track to win a third term of government for Labor. Voting centres in Victoria have opened for people to cast their ballot in the state election. The Newspoll suggests Labor is on track to form majority government. On a two-party preferred basis, the poll puts the Labor Party at 54.5 per cent compared to the Coalition’s 45.5 per cent. Rubbish! Andrews is gone! Victoria has had enough of blind government arrogance…Victoria is sick of the black cloud that has hung over it for far too long and we are sick of woke and fake social consciousness! Vote Andrews out and take back Victoria and our future! If Dan Andrews wins then it's rigged. On January 6 I'm getting my supporters to meet to stop the criminal rig! Aussie Donald Trump 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺