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‘Aggressively ideological’ people impose ‘radical gender theory’ at Inner West Sydney Council

29/07/2021 3:20:00 PM

The IPA’s Bella D’Abrera says “aggressively ideological people” at the Inner West Sydney Council want to impose radical gender theory on ratepayers who “simply do not want it”.

32 minutes agoThe IPA’s Bella D’Abrera says “aggressively ideological people” at the Inner West Sydney Council want to impose radical gender theory on ratepayers who “simply do not want it”.“In 2018 they actually asked everyone in inner-west what their top three priorities were in the Council,” she told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

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“It was congestion, it was roads, it was rubbish – it was all the things you’d expect.“Absolutely nobody mentioned gender theory, nobody mentioned anything to do with equity or equality or anything like that.” Read more: Sky News Australia »

Lunar rover to be the first Australian on the Moon

The rover will be the 'first Australian on the Moon' as part of $50 million project.

As if the IPA is not an aggressively idealistic organisation One could surmise the IPA’s Bella D’Abrera knows all about “aggressively ideological people”... but it's nice to have a hobby.

Vladimir Putin ‘in trouble’ and growing ‘more dangerous’, says Joe BidenThe Kremlin and the White House have exchanged fiery remarks with President JoeBiden declaring Vladimir Putin “in trouble” and “dangerous” ahead of a critical nuclear arms summit in Geneva.

Australia’s hotel quarantine system has done ‘exceptionally well’ in the international contextYea no leaks, safe as the titanic 😎 Why does this failure need to be placed into an international context, at all?

Children’s charm bracelet recalled over ‘toxic chemical’ concernsThe ACCC has issued a recall for Nebulous Stars Mini Charm Set after it was revealed the charms may contain a highly toxic chemical, cadmium, which can cause serious side effects.

‘Expect a greater police presence’, NSW Premier warnsResidents in Greater Sydney’s coronavirus lockdown should “expect a greater police presence” as the stay-at-home orders are extended for a further four weeks. You can apply for an ASUGMA exemption. Why is this never stated?! This is tyranny. It’s happening

NSW Police Minister: Australia not a ‘nation of dobbers’Given that newscorpaus is running a protection racket for ScottMorrisonMP, let's all take the initiative and remind ScottyFromQanon that we have not forgotten. auspol auspol2021 scottyslockdown PLEASE FEEL FREE TO RETWEET

NSW Police: Anti-lockdown protestors will receive ‘appropriate punishment’nswpolice I thought the most recent protest people were already getting what they deserved are they not now nswpolice WE ARE BEING MANIPULATED AND COERCED BY SCAREMONGERING MANIPULATION COERCION AND FOR WHAT EXPERIMENTAL VACCINES DONOT STOP COVID ONLY THING VACCINES ARE FOR IS TO REDUCE SYMPTOMS OF THE RECIPIENTS VACCINATION WILL SAVE NO LIFE BUT YOURS nswpolice How many died last time?