56k sheep aboard ship to be killed after live export refusal

56,000 sheep will be slaughtered in Perth after the federal government refused an exemption to its live export ban to ship them to the Middle East. #9News

3/06/2020 7:00:00 PM

56,000 sheep will be slaughtered in Perth after the federal government refused an exemption to its live export ban to ship them to the Middle East. 9News

The federal government has refused an exemption to its live export ban that would have allowed 56,000 sheep to be transported to the Middle East, and they will now be slaughtered in Western Australia.

RETWA managing director Mike Gordon said the decision would have significant trade ramifications."Animal welfare is always our top priority," he said."We believe the department's risk appetite is unrealistic and over-cautious."

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WA Health Minister Roger Cook said it was not an optimal outcome."Sheep travelling in the harsh conditions of the northern summer wouldn't be a great outcome for them either," he said."We are just working with what we've got."

The ship carrying them to the Middle East was denied a coronavirus exception.(9News)WAFarmers livestock president David Slade said the industry had worked hard for a resolution after government authorities "entirely mishandled" the situation, but were left frustrated and disappointed.

Mr Slade said it was obvious regulators had no intention of ever granting the exemption."Given the major advances to animal welfare conditions onboard live export vessels, it is extremely clear there are hidden agendas at play."Australian Livestock Exporters' Council chief executive Mark Harvey-Sutton said an appeal was unlikely.

RSPCA Australia senior policy officer Jed Goodfellow said the government made the right decision."Granting an exemption and sending Australian sheep to that fate would have completely undermined the integrity of the new laws and rocked public confidence in the regulator."

The northern summer ban was sparked by thousands of sheep dying from heat stress aboard the Awassi Express in 2017.Almost half of the 48 crew on the Al Kuwait have coronavirus and the ship cannot leave before June 13.WA has recorded one new coronavirus case after a man in his 30s, who travelled overseas and is in quarantine, tested positive.

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I'll take one. I hate mowing my lawn. Stop live exports plenty of land in the central west plenty of people to work and feed is Australia a joke yes Totally disgusting I will take some Farmers complain about drought and cry for help. Australian’s get together and help farmers. First thing farmers do, is sell offshore for money they should not have in the first place. Then the Farmers have the hide to throw rubbery lamb scraps to Australians at ridiculous prices

Dont slaughter give these to me and ill start working as a livestock broker Just stop these live exports pls ... even animals have fkn rights imho 😎 Id guess that slaughtering them here would be more humane than cramming them all onto a ship for ages and then slaughtering them Lamb is the dearest meat in the country, sell it to the Australian market

Sheep’s lifelong dream of a cruise ship trip to the Middle East is over '56,000 sheep will be slaughtered in Perth'. You know the importers in the Middle East weren't going to keep them as pets or something right? 'It's not fair'! It's not fucking fair'! Mutton biryanis coming up? Sheep meats are high demand in PNG. Why export far? Guess New Zealand will always be the sheep meat supply to PNG .

I bet they bury the lot of them rather than putting them on the market. Seems like a waste

Live export sheep worth up to $12 million to remain in AustraliaMore than 50,000 sheep left stranded after a coronavirus outbreak on board the Al Kuwait live export ship will remain in Australia after an exemption to the summer live export ban is denied. Good. Get em off and shear them it’s getting cold. didn't the federal government know there were covid19 cases on ship BEFORE loading the poor sheep? grrrr It looks like a cruise ship for sheep 🐑

Exempting Al Kuwait live export ship will breach heat rules: ClimatologistOne of Australia's leading climatologists has warned it will now be too hot to transport stranded sheep from WA to the Middle East after their transport ship was delayed by COVID-19 'one' of them?.....well what the bloody hell did all the rest of them say.....donkeys Anyone who thinks this is OK should go and watch 4 corners 'a bloody business'' If they don’t won’t the animal slaughtered here, well bugger off?

COVID-19 live export ship banned from sailing in the northern summerExporters who wanted to ship 56,000 sheep to the Middle East after their vessel was delayed in WA because of a COVID-19 outbreak among the crew, have been refused permission to leave after June 1 It’s a barbaric trade that should be stopped anyway. Don't know why they just don't kill and package them here under 100% Muslim control and owned for their religious reasons......less problems and could export more. What's happening to the sheep? Completely inhumane treatment of animals.

Federal Court to make key ruling in landmark live cattle export class actionCattle producers will today learn whether the Commonwealth's decision to ban the live export trade to Indonesia in 2011 was unlawful. BarackObama you are the problem, stop funding AntifaTerrorist like you did fund $140B to terrorist Mullahs of Iran and IRGC_Terrorist to kill innocent Iranians and Syrians.

Court rules 2011 Indonesia live cattle ban invalidThe banning of Australian farmers from exporting live cattle to Indonesia for six months in 2011 was unreasonable and invalid, a court has ruled. So we should continue to export live animals for barbaric torture overseas ? Why do they have to be live? So they can torture them as part of their sick death cult rituals. In this case the Minister got it right the first time. Disgraceful! I hope there is an appeal against this decision

Live export ban 'invalid' court rulesA federal Labor minister&x27;s decision to ban farmers from exporting live cattle to Indonesia for six months in 2011 was unreasonable and invalid, a court has ruled. It is pathetic that nationally we turn a blind eye to barbarism in the name of profit. Live export is an abomination that cannot be conducted humanely. Was due to clear evidence of animal cruelty and poor conditions....