2GB radio host Alan Jones off-air, in hospital

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Alan Jones will be off the air for the foreseeable future as he seeks treatment in hospital for severe back pain


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Get well soon Sir Jones ❤️

he's a pain in the....

WhistlingWhist Mean while most of the state has miraculously awoken pain free this morning...


Poor old duffer. Getting his spine put back in presumably. Whilst you're there add some integrity.

Pain in the back , pain on the arse, not much difference

I cried a small tear for Allan.

Did he pinch a nerve it coming out of the closet

We can always hope he is so bad that he will never be heard of again. He is a National disgrace.

Cant we just all agree he’s gone and got another gold microphone stuck in the poop chute again and move on?

Nothing minor I hope😜

That is something I wouldn't wish on,.. ..Alan Jones, But I am very happy for Sydney.

Well he’s been a pain to everyone else forever

jocasamento1 Shaggers back?

It seems there is a God after all!

How could he be suffering severe back pain when he doesn't have a spine?🤔

My pain in arse will no doubt improve.

Damn Jones! And now he causes me guilt and angst for taking pleasure in his misfortune.



Sure you didn’t mean backside?


So chuffed that the social menace Alan Jones is off the air and I pray it is permanent. I read that he is hooked on heavy duty codeine for the pain so no wonder his venom has become so concentrated in toxicity. If his employers had any morals they'd retire him but they have none.

Who's running Australia while he's in hospital. Is there a standby on-air moron to give SCOMO some direction?

Shit, who will come up with LNP policies now

Was that brain pain?

Yeah yeah the old trick with back pain. Next thing worker’s compo because he tried to reach the waste paper basket.

There is a god!

Lets just hope he doesn’t return to the airwaves or to any other media.

With him off the air everyone else pain free

How does your back hurt when you don't have a spine?

Poor Alan Jones, who am I kidding 2gb will still be just as toxic as it ever was

Who's gunna run the country now?

In Sydney a bitter response to a man who has sewn division and hate. In Melbourn a man who sewed the seeds of love is mourned.

grumpybutgorge1 Backstabbers backpain

Just wondering what most of the over 65 yr olds are doing with their time now Alan's resting up ! Perhaps they are running around in circles and smashing into the walls unable to cope with life ! I know what I'm doing,🎉😂👏


Any excuse will do....

I guess they'll say the same thing 'off the air for the foreseeable future' when he carks it

Is it just my feed, or is Twitter simply full of shadenfreude about the Parrot?


Bloody hell another workers comp case

Oh, now there's my reason to get up today!!!

And now for the bad news

clementine_ford Hey I fixed your headline for you. BREAKING: Alan Jones off air for foreseeable future gives nation time to recover from ass pain.


It is quite severely painful on your back if you have no spine.

Ahh! Finally a good news story!

Blessed be the days

Jones is an excellent example of what happens when your ‘job’ is to sit on your arse all day bloviating at those who hate humanity less than you do. How just it is that a pain in the arse has developed one! 😏

Oh you are are a nasty lot. The man speaks out fearlessly and you don't like that.

It’s not great that he is ill, but so good that he is off air!

Whilst I do not like Alan Jones, I don't wish anyone I'll will. Maybe its time he hung up his mike An concentrated on hil health, as we recover from his vile personal comments. Alan please retire before any more defamation cases send yr employer broke.

Is he in London again?

Oh the irony! The bloke who is such a pain in the neck... 🧐

In a lovely coincidence, at the same time, Australia will get some respite from its severe arse pain

Now how will Tony get his revenge?

Seeee ya cunt

He won't be missed. Now we need Ray Hadley to undergo a lobotomy so the forelock tugging LNP pollies have no safe haven.

I feel so s...s...s...sorry for Alan. Back pain can be such a PAIN IN THE ARSE!

Aushiker Pain in the bottom was it?

I thought the pain was a bit lower


Oh no, what willwe do without his vitriol and racist hate speech? societyfail

Good riddance... adios 'Alan the Terrible'

Pain in the ass

Also seems to have an arsehole growing under his nose.

Due to the kick up the backside he got ?

Severe pain in my arse

Someone should warn the hospital that they will never get rid of the stench.

No doubt Alan Jones' back pain comes for a pain in the neck.

I am sure they’ll find someone else. Ross Cameron’s available

Alan Jones’s audiences plumit due to severe pain in the neck,

paizurizilla Getting the yellow stripe removed

Get well soon Alan. The deplorables need you.

So voodoo dolls DO work then...

Bit too much heavy action in the gimp room?

That’s a shame

Good one, now we can all get some respite from the pain in our posteriors that this shit speaker induces.

Good. Stay away



A crook back?

Make it a very long recovery

clementine_ford Which is odd for someone who is spineless...

That’s funny 😁 My neck pain just got better 🤔

It could be a return of his Prostate cancer. Just when you think you have beaten the disease it comes back in the form of a secondary metastasis. My prayers are with Alan and hope this is not the case.

What’s the docs got him on to cure assholeistis?

Our ears rejoice...

Are you sure it’s not for being a severe pain?

SharonSki666 I sincerely hope that AlanJones he never leaves that hospital.


Fair enough, he’s been a pain in somewhere just below my back for a long time now.

Broadband_ Couldn’t happen to a more deserving insect.

SharonSki666 Sitting on his arse being a shouty old git clearly is bad for his health.

There is a god 👻

Caused by something

clementine_ford Good

how else will he be able to scam the 'good drugs' they should have told him to take 2 panadol and bugger off

Even his back hates him

And Australia breathes a sigh of relief


Alan Jones is the most famous Australian of all time?

verbaliza He is the enemy of our democracy. I hope he never gets back on air.

Good news is that he admits he’s a pain in the arse (sorry, lower back)

Once AJ recovers from rehab i really hope he doesnt prolapse

It takes every ounce of self discipline I have not to take immense pleasure from this man's pain.

Reading the comments on this makes me a proud Aussie surrounded by very very clever funny people!..... i may have snorted a few times reading!

Well he has been a pain in the arse for so long ...

Can he just retire already.

I thought he was just a pain in the arse

Can’t take criticism eh?

Hope he has his butler in hospital.

Too much shouting & Screaming has side effects 2GB873

AlanJones should recuperate in Melbourne. He would be guaranteed complete anonymity. auspol springst

Bending over too quickly

Pain in the arse.

Sounds like punishment

I really really really hope it's nothing minor

Karma he causes severe pain to the entire nation every day

Who knew his colleagues’ metaphorical knives 🔪 could produce physical pain. This is me crying ... 😂 See, tears!


That doesn't sound real good.

clementine_ford Cue music...How am I supposed to live without you...

I suspect it's caused by the stick up his arse.

call_me_tomasso Please god tell me this is not fake news

If he never returns to the air again, that will be a blessing for the Nation. At a personal level, I wish Allan a speedy and full recovery so he might enjoy his remaining years in permanent retirement from broadcasting.

Back pain can be a terrible, disabling condition. We lose 57 million years of work each year to people disabled by back pain. Most of the time doctors can't figure out what causes it! But UNSW doing lots of research on causes and treatments! alanjones spine backpain

I hope the hospital has a chaff bag for him. What a turd.

Back pain, really?

Yes yes yes.

I hate him and I don't even listen to him

That will be a welcome respite ... for the listening public from his bile and negative rhetoric.

Woohooo 👍👌👍👌

Ironic as he is naturally such a pain in the... all jokes aside I wish no one ill so I hope he is feeling well soon

I think it was caused by pushing the bus. auspol AlanJones

If he's going to wear his ankles as earrings he really should get himself in a sling for support ! 😂😜🤣

clementine_ford good

clementine_ford Oh no. How sad.

Oh that’s a shame, I was really hoping it was something more serious.

Quick 2GB. Change the fucking door locks!

What from bending over for elitest cronies

One way of avoiding offending everyone.

I really don’t care, do you?

sally07 Pain in the arse relief for everyone else.

clementine_ford bye

clementine_ford No wonder with that inflated ego putting strain on his vertebra ! 😁

clementine_ford Diddums🤭

clementine_ford Good riddance

That’s great news! Hope he is in a lot of pain!

Goodness me! Does that mean he has a spine/backbone? I'm shocked I say! Shocked!

clementine_ford 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼


clementine_ford Yay! A blessed cessation of his awful presence....

Maybe stabbed in the back with the same knife he stabbed TurnbullMalcolm with,that will give him back pain

Well, he has been a pain in the neck for years, perhaps karma has paid him a visit? auspol TimetoGoAlan

clementine_ford Thank fuck for that.

Phew! What a relief. Good riddance

He’s certainly a pain in the ass so I can imagine it’s affecting his lower back

Whoooo hoooo!! Can we expect the quality to rise? YEP!

I've had numerous scans and injections into the facet joints in my back. Maybe AJ is going to have an OP to fix his.. perhaps they could fix his hateful brain while he's in there.

Not pain in the neck? I don't wish pain on anyone so I am glad he is getting treatment.

Really? Nothing to do with the rumour that he’s about to be charged with the rape of young boys then? 2UE 2GB ABC

Pain in the arse in more ways than one.

And neck pain for unwary listeners?

parrot down

Here comes the HATE speech from the ‘tolerant, inclusive and loving’ left...Show your true colours LEFTURDS. Show it with ‘pride’... 🤓👍


Oh, how sad!

Are you sure it’s not “foot in mouth”

Australia breaths sigh of releaf.

Time to hang up the mic

A pain in the back for a pain in the arse.

Sorry about the back mate.

Mental disorder more like it. The stress of it all being high and mighty and all those Sue's ?

We need him... Without him LIB could move back to becoming a more sensible party. Dont want that...

Let’s hope he stays off air!

Bent down to pick up his wallet.

How the hell do you get back pain when the only thing you use in your workplace IS YOUR MOUTH

call_me_tomasso Which will be a relief for all of us of our severe ear pain every time we accidentally hears this frothing maniac. Don’t get well soon you scumbag Jones. Live for many years in agony.

Yay is this permanant

Severe back pain from holding up the lies, bigotry and hypocrisy that constantly spews forth from his foul mouth. Couldn't have happened to a nicer person.. Personally I think he has been asked to step back and is using his back as an excuse.

It’s all that hate he carries around

GaryFallon2 Is his girlfriend Peter Duttona visiting him? They seem to be great girlfriends!

All that hatred inside him has to have an effect on his body. Let's hope he never returns to the airwaves. GoodRiddanceJones auspol

MayneReport Good news

sorry but Australia is better without him on air.

Good. 🎉🎉

GaryFallon2 Oh dear! Now I know why Tony Abbott tweeted from the manly ferry on the way to circular quay yesterday.

MarekRivers 🤣

That should improve the tenor of public debate for a while

No great loss , Sydney people should get a life instead of listening to fossils like him and Hadley

Has he finally realised what an absolute pain in the arse he has become? auspol

No joke, could be a metastasis from his other cancer.

Given they usually go on holidays mid December to end of January,his bile may not be heard for up to 3 months.”Bliss”.I do however hope he makes a full recovery.

p_hannam Retire!!!

He didn't slip over in the PUBLIC TOILETS at the OPERA HOUSE did he.

Does not affect me as i do not listen to his show. But his show is the top rated AM breakfast show, so a lot of people will miss him.

call_me_tomasso 🎉🎉🎉🎉

Isn’t that BSBUS aka blush it back up syndrome

p_hannam While Jones is away, perhaps he could explore an 'external career development opportunity'. 4Corners ABCBoard auspol

Can they do a lobotomy while they’re at it?

MayneReport I thought he was a pain in the arse. My bad

Take your time Alan, take your time. Don't rush for anyone's sake, just sit back and recover.

GaryFallon2 Maybe there is a god!

GaryFallon2 Good.

MayneReport oh no

call_me_tomasso Bliss, an early Christmas present!

Removal of his head from his arse-hole is not the problem.. it just AlanJones's back locks up now!

hr4tvausnz shme he didnt pop into me last weekend in the nuthouse lols hettyjohnston hope Alan gets help and recovers too

Bliss, Radio Liberal has had its power cut and is off the air. Makes a change, when on air it always looks like an appliance suffering from a power surge.

call_me_tomasso Alan has my sympathy but I can’t help thinking that sometimes every cloud does have a silver lining 😁


Wishing him a long & slow recovery

AlistairPDBain PITA!


Good, he has been a pain in the arse for ever.

MSMWatchdog2013 Perhaps 2GB should just sack Jones altogether. He is constantly taking days off due to his deteriorating health and the stand-ins suffer no loss of ratings in the shift. 2GB also has to pay millions in compensation when Jones decides to shoot his mouth off.

Thank heavens for that. He's a pest

Thank god. I’m sick of his rants. But I hope he recovers well.

So karma is real

MSMWatchdog2013 Yeah!!!!

I am trying my best not to have evil mean spirited feelings of gladness

Hope it hurts like hell!

Good retire obselete fosil

Best news I’ve had in a while


I feel sorry for anyone in pain. Maybe it’s time for him to retire.

I think the pain is a bit lower down than that.

MSMWatchdog2013 Presumably the pond will be less full of scum during his absence!

He’s left Scott Morrison in charge while he’s off sick.

Hopfully he never leaves

Hope he makes a quick recovery and finds an epiphany re life out of the spotlight!

Well he’s been a pain in the arse for everyone else

The back pain was caused by the heavy weight and burden of his own ego and self righteousness is 😂

MSMWatchdog2013 Early Xmas gift to Australian polity?


And a VERY Merry Christmas to you too!

No loss... if he is not on air... but get better soon

MSMWatchdog2013 Hopefully it's the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. If I never heard drom him again, that would still be too soon.

MSMWatchdog2013 Why is he not seeking treatment for fork in tounge disease ?

Thank God for that. Who is going to run the government while he is away

This is a good news story.

Dummy spit from the Parrot after his Macquarie dressing down and the loss of his recent legal stouch.

Thoughts & prayers...


Narjen53 But he is supposed to be going through ‘retraining’.

Great news 👍 Hope it’s permanent

I do hope it's nothing too trivial.

Back pain sounds fair AlanJones considering You are a constant pain in the arse for the rest of us.

Back Pain? Sure it's not Mental health issues and that he's been sacked because the Public is tired of his Racist Neo-con Politics?

Another stuck jam jar

Hopefully retirement will follow.


Speedy recovery mate

What’s Jonesy been up to in Melbourne 🤔....Peta Credlin said he was down there “running amok”.....PETA not really covering his arse ay?.....

mmmm.. get's rapped over knuckles reportedly.. next day in hospital with severe back pain....mmmm just thinking...tanty

Get well mr Jones 🙏🙏🙏

hopefully he is off air forever. I am over his hate filled spew

My great hope is that any Jimmy Savile style exposure will occur before he dies

The Butler did it.

Fantastic news!

And we all get relief from a severe pain in the arse! 😂🤣

carrying that head around must be a real strain

That announcement has immediately alleviated the pain in my neck

bsadams25 Is that what they are calling rehab now?


Great riddance!!! Took too long but great news!

The gerbil has run amok. He has to have exploratory surgery to fish it out. 🐀🐀

Off the air only! What about off Earth too? Is he an Australia born Welshman as his name suggests? How many generations here? Why did they come?

The pains in my neck and arse are already feeling much better...

Well let’s hope he now BACKS down from being a bigot. Or can the doctor remove his bigotry like an appendix?

The pain Alan causes is a little lower down! May he never return.

Back pain. Yeah, right....


Pray it 🤔✝🛐

newspoll has crippled him. I wouldn’t wish backpain on my worst enemy, but I’ll make an exception for Alan Jones.

He went down to the toilets in BroadwickSt SoHo to convalesce.

Hes been a severe pain in our arse for ever

Thank goodness for small mercies. A respite from his bile.


Must be hard carrying all that bullshit

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