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The UAE aims to raise the air quality to 90% by 2021. Read about other efforts to improve air quality. @MoCCaEUAE #UAE_portal

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The UAE aims to raise the air quality to 90% by 2021. Read about other efforts to improve air quality . MoCCaEUAE UAE_portal

Vision 2021 aims to raise the air quality to 90 per cent by 2021. The UAE established Air Quality Index (AQI), an artificial intelligence-based platform that monitors and analyses air quality . The National Air Quality Platform uses the (AQI) platform and displays information on air pollution . You can check the air quality in each area, learn about the health risks associated with each level of air quality and decide if a certain area is suitable to visit depending on the quality of air.

Stay at home during restricted hours as per the regulations in forceDuring restricted hours, step out only if absolutely necessary, for health emergency, or if you work in a vital sectorMaintain physical distance; stay 2 metres (6 feet) away from others.

الإمارات تُشيد مستشفى الشيخ محمد بن زايد الميداني بالسودان لتعزيز جهودها في مكافحة 'كوفيد-19' القرية العالمية تحقق الرقم القياسي الـ16 في موسوعة 'غينيس' الإمارات تعزز الشراكة مع كوريا بتوقيع مذكرتي تفاهم للتعاون في مجال اقتصاد الهيدروجين وتطوير السياسات الصناعية والتكنولوجية

Wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds and sanitise them oftenWear simple masks and gloves when stepping outWear simple masks and gloves inside your homes if you are ill or are taking care of a sick personMaintain general health precautions by:

avoiding contact with objects that may have been touched by otherscleaning and disinfecting surfaces like countertops, door handles, furniture, toys, phones, laptops, remotes and anything else you use regularly, several times a dayFollow the precautionary measures at your workplace

Trust information from government authorities onlyCall health authorities if needed.CloseWhat you should not doShake hands or hug and kiss to greet someoneTouch your face; particularly your eyes, nose and mouthHold or attend gatherings or partiesVisit family or friends

Travel in a car that has more than 3 people اقرأ أكثر: حكومة الامارات الذكية »

سر فوز أي فريق..‏ إذا تم تغيير مدربه

سر فوز أي فريق..‏ إذا تم تغيير مدربه..‏ أن كل لاعب يؤدي بجسارة.. ‏

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