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Learn about key airports in the UAE, their locations and the services they provide for international travelling. AUH DubaiAirports sharjahairport fujairport UAE_portal

Sewerage projectsTo match with the steep rise in sewage generation as a direct effect of increase in the UAE's population, the government is investing in upgrading and extending sewer systems to ensure a sustainable sewage disposal and treatment system. Some of these projects are mentioned below by emirate.

شرطة دبي تُلقي القبض على فنانة عربية نظّمت حفلين لعيد ميلادها في مطعمين أبوظبي وإسرائيل تبرمان اتفاقية تاريخية لتعزيز التعاون السينمائي والتلفزيوني أحمد بن سعود القاسمي يفتتح مركزا لإجراء فحوصات فيروس كورونا في رأس الخيمة

Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company (ADSCC) launched an AED 5.7 billion (USD 1.6 billion) Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Programme (STEP), which includes building 41 km of deep sewer tunnels.In 2014, an ambitious environmental plan was revealed to treat and re-use all of the emirate's wastewater to irrigate farms and parks within four years.

DubaiDubai is planning to get a new deep tunnel sewerage system costing AED 12.5 billion in the next five years, to replace more than 121 sewerage pumping stations. The new deep tunnel system makes use of gravity for the collection of sewage.In addition, a project to expand the Jebel Ali sewerage plant has been approved and will cost AED 1.3 billion. When it is completed, it will serve 1.35 million people and will bring the plant's capacity to 675,000 cubic metres daily, which is double its current capacity.

Northern EmiratesSharjah Municipality opened a new underground sewerage treatment plant in April 2012 to cater for residential areas, in addition to the AED 227 million sewerage treatment plant at Al Sajaa area. The main sewerage treatment plant at the fifth industrial area will undergo an expansion to increase its capacity from 30, 000 cubic metres to 50,000 cubic metres daily.

had its first sewerage treatment network in 2009, which was built by Ajman Sewage Company, one of the first sewage projects' PPPs in the region. اقرأ أكثر: حكومة الامارات الذكية »

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